Unborn – Chapter 1

Yes! No need to read through all of the ‘growing up’ bs!!! Time skip is the best! Here’s chapter 1, enjoy~

P.s. The story is from a small magazine publisher. The author is either ‘in training’ or just getting his name out :P  No link to raw unfortunately. As to how I got my hands on the text, I got some help :3

P.p.s. If anyone sighted a rabbit, kill it, then I’ll buy it for chapter 2.


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Lone TL seeking Dragon's blood.
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20 Responses to Unborn – Chapter 1

  1. uhhuhbud says:

    Sheeprabbits count?


  2. Hajiko says:

    Wait *taking out bow and arrows* will come back with a rabbit * goes off to hunt*


  3. ân hoài says:

    kill it before it lays eggs.

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  4. Rabbit says:

    I see no rabbits :V


  5. arandomdude6 says:

    I got jackrabbits and cotton tail rabbits, which one do you prefer? (I’d go with the cotton tail, too much muscle and not enough meat on the jackrabbit)


  6. acouvis says:

    Well, you asked for it….

    PS: Let me know if you want graphical proof to the idiom “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” (thanks to the internet, I sadly know that to be true).


  7. Mark remedios says:

    I got Peter cottontail does that count?


  8. NIGHT VINTRAL says:

    um…lets capture hugh hefner,he has them ,lots of them,enough to fill a certain mansion


  9. Tanagashima says:

    glad to see this thanks for the chapter! bu man even chapter one has a cliffhanger!!! now idk which i ant more of this or Bu Mi since SRKJ will always be first i love dran. good luck with future chapters and i am excited for anything you get done!!


  10. Chaff says:

    F*** you!


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