Chapter 7

[Chapter 7]

-Black Rose-

The ancestors of the Elves are people who emigrated from the Spirit world, which exists in an entirely different dimensional plane, into our Material world. In a way, the Elven race could be called Spirits living in the Material world. There is more than one kind of Elf, ranging from Grass Elf, Sea Elf, Mountain Elf, etc…. Each race of Elf lives in their suitable habitat. Wood Elves live in the forest, with plants as their friends. (T.L. This is just sad.)(E.N. Not really, since they can just smoke weed and get high all day).(getting high without friends = sad. -masa)

By putting down our weapons, we had shown no intention of being hostile. In response, the Elves did not attack. I sensed four Wood Elves nearby. However, three are observing us while quietly hiding further under the cover of the forest.

Considering the fact they are hiding their presence from us, at the very least, I will keep their movements in check as a precaution.

From the stories, the Wood Elves who once negotiated with Bern did not express a dislike, nor any hostile intention towards mankind. With the imminent threat inside Ente however, their worries must be taken into account, and the result is their overly cautious behavior toward the slightest signs of abnormality.No one can really blame them.

One of the Wood Elves appeared directly in front of us, but maintained a distance of around ten steps. He is a young man with eyes as sharp as a hawk, pale golden hair pushed up with a dark green headband(bandana)(a bandana is not a headband.  – masa). He spun down the vine extending from the big tree, wrapped in clothing with a leaf design made from the forest they love. As he descended, his long and thin fingers held onto a short bow. Upon landing on the ground, he did not draw the bow. However, his hand is resting on his quiver and he will attack us in the blink of an eye if we make any suspicious movement.

In the youth’s eyes, there is an unusual sense of unease, but he placed his trust in the other Elves keeping watch over him. When an ally is in danger, its only right to keep a look out for him, that much I can easily imagine. To the Marl looking in puzzlement between them and us, the young man spoke out with a worried tone.

“Marl, come here and move away from them.”

“But Gio, these Humans helped Marl.-chu”

“I understand. We will not harm them unless they attack first. So, come over here quickly.”

Marl did what the Elf called Gio said, and turned toward us, lowering her head. As she flew to the Elf, she kept glancing back many times. Flying past Gio, when Marl was some distance behind him, the happy voice of a female Elf from before reaches our ears, and is multiplied with the voices of other Elves. Judging from that, they must have been very close, and worried about Marl a great deal from the bottom of their hearts.

“Marl, I told you not to venture into the forest alone. The forest is very dangerous right now.”

“I’m sorry, Fio.-chu Even if it is dangerous, I wanted to know how everyone is doing in the forest.-chu”

“I know Marl, I have the same worries you do, but it’s not good if you go out alone. If something were to happen to Marl, I would be very sad.”

Gio’s features somewhat resemble the Elf girls. At the corner of the girl’s eyes, large drops of tears are forming. Marl apologizes many times over, for worrying her cherished friends. Watching the two of them, I feel good knowing we helped Marl. Then Gio turns away from Fio and Marl, looking much more relaxed than before, and faces us. Gio’s green eyes, similar to the color of the leaves, focused his gaze on my face. Those eyes look straight into mine searching for our intentions.

“Humans and Lamia. First of all, allow us to express our gratitude for saving our friend, Marl. Thank you. However, this forest is where we Wood Elves live. As long as Humans do not violate our forest, we will not violate man’s area. Those were the terms forged with the man who once ruled the area near by. Why did you step inside the forest and break the agreement?”

First, honestly express gratitude, and then follow up with duty, I like this fellow called Gio.

Their bows won’t be drawn, and fights will be avoided if I explain the circumstances properly. When beasts living deep in Ente started to appear near the village, we suspected something must have gone wrong in the forest and decided to investigate. I told them the same explanation I gave to Marl. Our guess was correct and we found out that Demonic soldiers; Zeruto, had infested the Forest of Ente.

While Gio heard my explanation, his eyebrows squinted and a deep wrinkle drew across his forehead. I think I hit the mark perfectly, Gio must have understood the reason we set foot into the forest. Briefly after explaining, I felt an unsettling feeling emiting from the hidden Elves, through spiritual senses, like disturbed water. Fio’s innocent facial expression clearly showed her grief as she recalled what happened to the forest filled with misfortune, and what is happening to the outside world.

“If that is the reason, we will not blame you for wandering inside our forest. It might be bad to send people who have experience fighting Demonic soldiers away, in case they attack again. It would also be good if we can learn how to fight them. Right now, the fight against the army of Devils from Hell is happening in Ente.

If they break through, the people living in your village may very well be involved in this conflict.”

“An army of Devils?”

Christina wasn’t sure on how to respond to Gio.

People who experience living cross boundary don’t seem to be surprised, but the same thing can’t be said to Christina, a Human that spends most of its life not knowing whether or not another world exists. Of the two possibilities I had expected, one of them hit the mark perfectly, leaving me deeply concerned.


Once upon of time, the Gods who lived in the Heaven and the Evil Gods who lived in Hell were able travel in and out of the Human realm freely. However, when I was still a Dragon, a war between the Gods broke out. When the battles finally settled, Hell, Heaven and the Human world were split into multiple dimensions. Thus, the ways which Devils and Evil Gods could take to travel into the Human world became limited, all due to the difficulty of going through multiple layers of space and time boundaries, as well as the new-found isolation of Hell. My own brethren were also temporarily involved in constructing the boundaries between these worlds.

There was a displacement between worlds, but it’s hard to say if the connections between the worlds were completely cut off. There exist holes that connect the worlds, but even for someone who has high power, to be able to bring an army across the boundaries is no easy task. Even if it was possible for the leader to appear, no matter how much power or talent they have, they would be severely weakened due to the large numbers crossing over, even a high ranking God has their limits. By choosing to send the Zeruto, who are relatively weak, the leader was able to conserve a larger amount of their power, and in turn also able to mobilize more of them.

However, it’s uncommon for a group consisting of a hundred lower class Zeruto to appear at a time.

Is it because the “Gate” connected to Hell has been constantly opening and closing inside Ente? If I had been constantly using my Dragon senses, then I would have been able to notice the abnormal spac…..No, now isn’t the time to feel regret.

It is more important to think of what can be done for the future, rather than thinking about what could have been done in the past. We need to close the “Gate” connecting the two worlds as soon as possible.

If the “Gate” is left open for an extended period of time, Hell’s corrosion would spread further and higher level Devils would be able to cross over due to the ground absorbing a large enough quantity of Hell’s magic. If that happened, the destruction and death they would bring into this world would be immeasurable. In the past, I also destroyed a Legion of Hell out of vengeance. To those who would harm my family and friends, I will show no mercy. I will not hesitate to bring out my full power and reveal my Dragon soul, if it means I can protect the village and everyone in it.

While I was thinking about Hell, the Devils, and how to deal with them, Christina on the other hand had not fully recovered her composure from the shocking news Gio informed us of. That said, there have been times in the past where Devils invaded the Human world, the memory of the damage they caused would make any Human collapse on the ground in a fetal position, weeping for their lives. (T.L. I don’t exactly get what this mean.)(e.g.Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

If what they said is true, and history repeats itself, as a Human being, one cannot help but become restless under the circumstances.

“When did the Devils start to appear? Has the Kingdom been informed of this matter? How do you intend to deal with this?”

“Ku. Christina-san, you shouldn’t be panicking. I’m sure Gio-san also has the same problem.”

Selia said that with her eyes still closed, and her voice an octave higher, trying to restrain Christina from going into a panic. Compared to Christina, Selia looks much calmer, and seeing me perfectly calm next to her, Christina has a confused expression. To sum it up, what Selia is implying is that the army of Devils is still a speculation.

“But Selia, this is an extraordinary claim, it just….no, I’m sorry. I got a little panicked.”

“It’s quite alright, I understand that you are worried, but this is our problem. We, who live in the forest, will without fail, knock down those who invade the forest. It is not something you should dwell on, or get involved in. It would be fine for you to return to the outside and leave the matter to us. Once the fighting settles, the incidents happening near your village will soon disappear as well. I, Gio; a Wood Elf of the Forest of Ente, put the pride of our tribe on the line and promise you this.”

With firm determination and pride shining on his face, Gio made a promise to us; strangers whom he’d just met, putting his and his comrades’ lives on the line to fight for us. However, leaving the Wood Elves to fight against the Devils, I just can’t let it happen. I do not know the fighting capabilities of Ente, but with the disadvantage in numbers, they’ll need every fighter they can gather.

“Gio, it is not because I doubt your words, but I cannot follow your decision this time. If the Devils; the enemy of all living things come, then I simply cannot return to my village dejectedly. I want to at least confirm the rank and numbers of the Devils with my naked eyes. Of course depending on the situation, I will do whatever I can to help. That’s what I have in mind, but what about Christina-san and Selia?”

“I will not answer no. It’s also something I want to confirm myself.”

“If Dran-san and Christina-san both do not come back, then I also won’t go back. When I saw the Zeruto, I had a very unpleasant feeling. That isn’t something that should exist in this world. We also helped a little, I think. Though it is not an impressive amount, we can still help Gio-san. Rather, it is only natural for us to help Gio-san, no?”

I’m not worried about Christina coming along because she made her decision knowing how dangerous Devils are, and being a Human, who unlike the Wood Elves, live with different morals and ethics. Selia also understands the situation more than I thought. I wonder if the fact she has the cursed blood running in her veins has anything to do with it. When all three of us declared our refusal to leave the forest, Gio sighs and shakes his head slightly from left and right.

“I’m thankful for your offer to help. However, the people who live in the forest will be the ones to drive away those who defiled the forest. It is the law of the forest. (T.L. Jungle rule?) This will always be true, now and forevermore, and is something that should not be changed.”

“What is preventing us from fighting together against the Devils which could potentially threaten the entire world. Is there a law which allows only the people living in the forest to fight them? If you insist on it then how about bending the law this one time? Is there a law that said the best way to protect one’s life, is to sacrifice your own and not accept help from others? Let’s work together until the battle against the Devils is settled, or at least until we have an idea of their numbers. Can you think this over?”

“…I’m thankful for the offer. However…”

Fumu. Looks like Gio truly understands the urgency of the imminent threat, but his sense of duty and pride as an inhabitant of the forest outweighed his rational thought. Can you not accept our proposal obediently?

Fio, who is hiding behind Gio, and the rest of the Wood Elves are keeping their breath and waiting for Gio’s judgement. We defeated the Zeruto excellently, and that is exactly what they need, but it will be difficult to ask for help from outsiders.

I understand where they are coming from, but I would rather be helping the world get rid of Devils than pointlessly wasting time. I do not intend to take a break, so persuading Gio into approving the plan is best. In turn I can gather whatever intelligence they have about this. Not only myself, both Christina and Selia are similarly regarded. Then Marl, who is resting on Fio’s shoulder, speaks out.

“Gio, Dran-san, Marl does not think what either of you has to say is wrong-Ni. However, the sun is setting-Ni. Night approaches as we speak.-Ni”

Just as Marl said, the sun is slowly setting on the western horizon. The time which we had spent in Ente has reached one day. Now that we are deep inside the forest, the color of the sky is divided between an azure color and the purple that it is gradually turning into. The Devils prefer the darkness, and as night was approaching, their activities will definitely increase. It is extremely dangerous to be wandering in the forest when it’s dark, no doubt. Thanks to Marl pointing that out, Gio snaps out of the hesitation face he showed us, and puts on a handsome and clear-minded expression.

“Onii-san, it will get us nowhere even if you continue the discussion. It will be dangerous to stay in the forest at night, hence I will tell these people everything we know once we return to the village, just this once. They might also change their minds after understanding the situation to some degree after all. If we do not return to the village before night comes…”

“Fio… Are you and Marl sure about this?… Then it is unavoidable. I will allow all of you to spend one night in our village. As it stands, this forest is too dangerous for anyone to be spending the night here. We are not supposed to allow outsiders to step inside our village, but given the current situation, it would only be appropriate.”

Gio, having made his decision, turned and spoke to me.

“I see. Thank you for your kindness. Should we entrust our swords to you?”

Gio shook his head in reply to my question. If you think about it, there is a possibility of Devils attacking along the way to the village. It would be better for us to have our weapons as we can handle the fight without much effort.

“No, please keep them. I’m sorry but if we are attacked, I will only be able to protect myself. We cannot afford to worry about others when that happens.”

“It’s alright, the three of us will be able to defend ourselves. Selia, it is alright to open your eyes now. You don’t need to keep them closed.”

I pick up my sword along with its sheath that were at my feet and put them back onto my belt. Christina did the same. After the two groups finished packing up, I checked Christina and Selia’s condition several times and confirmed we were ready. It did not take too long since Selia was allowed to keep her eyes open. The rest of the Elves show themselves and Gio leads the way, navigating through the forest straight for the village.

As we move through the forest, shadows from the tree branches were cast over us as the sunlight quickly recedes and the darkness engulfs us. In the dark, Selia who has infra-red vision, has no trouble following the Elves, but Christina and I are not so fortunate*. However, it would be difficult to move around in the forest with normal eyesight so I applied magic into my eyes which changed them into Magic Eyes similar to Demon Eyes. (T.L. Selia OP spamming sharingan.)

Not too far away,  Christina’s eyes shine mysteriously in the dark, like two full moons covered in a sea of blood. With the moonlight shining on her silver hair, combined with her shining red eyes and beautiful face, she appears to have some devilish features, but at the same time any girl would be full of jealousy looking at her. When compared with other races, Selia is a superb girl in her own right, but when looking at the same sex, Christina has her own mysterious beauty.

The Wood Elves move in a circle(?) around us but Fio, bringing Marl over, breaks the formation. Due to the Wood Elves having the trait of longevity, I do not know Fio’s actual age, but her jade colored eyes are shining with curiosity. Her true age aside, this girl’s appearance is still that of a teenager.

“I’m sorry for involving you in this crisis inside the forest.”

“I’m sorry~~.-Ni”

I answered a disheartened Fio and Marl, who happened to be sitting on Fio’s right shoulder, with a pleasant feeling.

“It is not your fault. You seem to be in a serious situation as far as the story goes. Having an army of Devils to fight against is never easy. Is there some sort of cooperation between Wood Elves and other races in the forest? It is necessary to repel the Devils before Human armies take matters into their own hands. Whenever Humans set foot into a forest, the results usually aren’t very good.”

I myself do not know what kind of person or King is controlling the Kingdom and its politics, but at the very least, what I’ve garnered from my long life is that one cannot expect good things from Humans as a whole. Thinking back, I want to learn about it some more.

“Of course everyone will, without fail, defeat the people from Hell! Not only Wood Elves, but other the races who live in the forest are working together to resolve the conflict. Besides, we are expecting assistance from our close brethren as well. When the time comes, we’ll kick the Devils back to Hell!”

“Kick them! Kick them-Ni!”

Fufu, Fio said it proudly, Marl mimicked her, and puffed out her small, tiny, and pitiful chest. Watching these two being close together gives me a heartwarming feeling.

“I see, ‘Kecchon! Kecchon!’ was it? Haha, you two are full of vigor. If it is possible, I want to help both of you too, but it all depends on whether Gio permits it or not.”

“I don’t know what Onii-san is thinking in his head but the Chief will be the one to decide whether or not it is necessary to borrow your power. Granted, our mission has been fulfilled, and we are returning to our village. We could have done it even without your help.”


Fumu. With the number of Elves being much fewer than other races, are they even making children go outside the village to protect it, by all means? The people from Gio and Fio’s village once set foot outside the forest and met with our founders, we recall it well. If our village were to receive a request for help, they would no doubt help in every way they can.

The Elves around us slow down to a walk as I was chatting with Gio’s sister because of the sudden change in our surroundings. Since even I do not know when the Devils are going to attack, it is safe to take this precaution. Selia, who disliked violence, loosened up after seeing Fio and I chatting and slid up to my left to join the conversation. Fio and Marl don’t seem to be wary of Selia being a Lamia in the least, maybe they have friends from the Lamia race.

“What is your village like, Fio-san? Do lots of Fairies like Marl live there?”

“Our village is located on the far west side of Ente. Fairies like Marl are flower Fairies but there are other beings too, like Dryads living here. There are also the Wolfmen and Arachne settlements near our village and are now joining force to fight against the Devils. They are fighting as hard as we are.”

“Are the non-combatant Elves safe?”

“Yes. The distance between the villages and battle ground is quite significant and the news of an attack has not arrived. Other villages requested minor assistance so we sent people to help them already. It’s safe to say everything is fine. You’ll only spend one night in our village so afterward, please head back obediently as you were told. There are some people who won’t show courtesy to Humans, and it has been like that since the old days. I’m not sure if they will be any different to Selia, being a Lamia.”

Even in this dire situation, Fio apparently chats with strangers without being shy and opens up to Selia immediately. What’s more, she talks to her like talking to a friend, no honorifics at all. Occasionally the topic points toward Christina, but she only answers as much as needed, nothing more, nothing less. With the conversation going well, Selia finally relaxes and gradually she smiles, and so does Christina, these three have became friends already.

The open conversation between the girls cause the other Wood Elves’ expression to tighten, and Gio, the other Elves, and I all start to take precaution of the surrounding. The other Wood Elves men sometimes glance at Fio’s loose mouth with a complicated expression. I call out to Gio, who is leading in the front. I would think that this young man would be against this….no?

“Do we need to stop the ladies and their stories? If it gets too loud, it could get the Devils’ attention.”

“Devils will attack with or without Fio being cheerful. It’s better to let them converse rather than to stay silent and have fear loom over us. With Fio’s bright smile, it helps me relax. It’s a wonder what a smile can do. Since long ago, she has always been interested about what’s outside the forest. You don’t have to worry too much about their voices. Most of the sounds are being absorbed by the trees and leaves anyway. It won’t get very far.”

I see a warm and caring brother-sister relationship in Gio’s face. It is as Gio said, the trees and leaves absorb most of the sound they are making so it probably won’t be a big problem.

“In that case, I won’t say a thing about it.”

As we continue traveling through the forest with the girls chatting loudly, the sun has already set below the horizon, the dark forest gives off an eerie feeling. The flow of the wind changes, the noises from the branches rattling also increase, the Wind Spirits screams in the air, and the groans of the Earth Spirits transmit through the ground. Gio suddenly stops in surprise and raises his voice in astonishment.

“What the? Their movements became quicker all of a sudden.”

The peaceful atmosphere had vanished and the feeling of surprise and fear has gotten into Fio and creeps its way into the others.

“Onii-san, we need to hurry up and return to the village quickly!”

“A…Ah! The forest, the wind, will everyone be killed-Ni!?” (T.L. Full Fairy Panic.)

Fio and Marl fall into a state of complete panic, on their faces show innocent impatience. Christina and Selia also felt the immediate abnormality. Not only me, but everyone who noticed the screams are fully prepared to attack. Gio starts to talk to the two.

“You two, go on ahead to the village along wit-”

I interrupt Gio and chant my magic. (T.L. The Wizard has shown himself!)

“Oh Wind! Hear my voice, accelerate and grant us speed!”

It is a type of magic that allowed me to interfere with the flow of the wind and can speed up our travel. I had applied the magic on everyone currently present. Gio cannot help but be surprised at me using such magic and even more surprised when he sees everyone has been wrapped in the same magic spell. I call out to Gio who is still surprised.

“It is an auxiliary Wind attribute magic. It will help us move faster. It’s best to use it in situation where we are in a hurry. Has the village been attacked, or is it something different?”

“…Maybe. To survive, it best if you all leave now.”

“I do not intend to go back now. I did not come this far just to turn back at the first sign of trouble. Also, this is in the interest of Humanity.”

“I’m with Dran. We will help as much as we can. We’ve already said it many times already.”

“I share the same opinion as Dran-san and Christina-san!”

“This is a life and death situation. Everyone in the village would understand if we ask for your assistance. I would like to borrow your power. Its can’t be helped, people from outside, please assist us in this fight.” (T.L. Somehow I can hear Dran’s laugh full of satisfaction.)

“Gio, you are quite graceful. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I don’t mind helping you.”

Gio accepted our help and bow his head in bitterness.

“I’m sorry. I’m very grateful for your help.”

I answer the bowing Gio.

“Think of it as a favor. Now, let’s go.”

We run like beasts in the cover of darkness, the miasma of Hell turns the air colder with the Devils invasion. The Elves fighting to expel these creatures out of our world will turn this forest into their grave. I am told, Gio’s village has houses built into big trees and is said to have around 500 Fairies and Wood Elves living together. If the Devils launch a surprise attack, only by being there and watching the aftermath, can one tell what kind of horror the Devils bring.

We run as fast as we can, without taking a break, we push on through the night as the moonlight shines over us. We stop when we see a wall made of trees covered with ivy and thorns, all tangled up making a rather excellent defensive structure. There are sections of the wall that are breached and the site looks severely damage.

Moonlight shines on the Devils, who let loose a war cry around a bon fire outside the wall. Watching the Devil Army march under the moonlight, it is as if we are living in a nightmare. We simply cannot produce any sound to express our shock, the Elves, Christina, and Selia are frozen in shock and fear as they watch the sinister army, the enemies of all living things, making their move. Selia’s face looks like it has been drained of life, and Christina only manages to let out small noises.

Before the Devils attack, this place would have been filled with blooming flowers of many different colors, red, yellow, purple, white, blue, green, etc,… on the houses and walls,  however, they were all destroyed, trampled upon, and lost their lives and beauty at the hands of the invaders. For the Wood Elves, this wall isn’t just something they created to protect themselves, it is something they feel connected with, because the wall itself is made up of plants. Across sections on the wall, Wood Elves, beastmen, and Humanoid looking insects(?), are attempting to fight back, by shooting arrows, throwing rocks, and chanting spells.

The gate which was supposed to be a weakness doesn’t seem to budge at all, even though part of the wall has collapsed. Zeruto aren’t the only ones attacking the village. There are Devils that are about twice my height, with muscles like steel, and clad in thick armor. Their arms are the size of a log, the Devils possessed immense strength, they are called Zarutsu. Joining them, there are also Devils with the lower body of a beast on all fours, possessing sharp claws, their upper Humanoid body also wears armor. Their red eyes shining through their helmet’s gap, their right hand held a spear and in the other a round shield, they are call Ganafu.

I look closely at the ground where the Devils are fighting, invading their ranks are roots and thorns skewering them through their torsos. Those roots and thorns were weaved by magic and their source are the Elves on top of the wall. The Elves’ ability to handle the Devils exceeds my expectation.

This causes a huge amount of uproar and makes the Devils fall into a state of confusion, making a big cloud of dust. The Devils started to surround the entire village so we collect ourselves and move to the southwest area. Then, taking a glimpse at the north side of the village, we see four huge shadows charging at the wall with terrifying speed.

It turns out to be a huge Ganafu with its lower body of a beast, gripping a spear and a shield like the rest. However, its isn’t wearing armor on its upper body. Its body, spear, and shield drenched in the blood of its fallen enemies. (T.L. Not wounds, just blood.)

The height of the Ganafu is roughly three times mine, not to mention it possesses strength and six sharp claws on each foot which can kill with ease. When the the monster charged, it seems an unstoppable force of destruction. The massive Devil charged, brushing the wind aside and let out an incredibly loud roar. Unlike the lower class Devils, this one has a mind and a clear goal.

“Clear the way!! Hahaha, anyone who stands in Georudo’s path will be crushed into dust!”

As the person who introduce himself as Georudo roars, the Devil forces reorganize and charge forward along with him. Georudo, stomping on many Zeruto and Zarutso, charges forward and violently collides against the wall. The moment Georudo reaches the wall, the Elves reinforced it with magic, but the momentum drives the calvary right through the wall. The shock wave created by the impact is immense and makes some people on the wall fall to their knees and throws others right off.

The shock wave created was so loud, that for a few moments, no one seems to be able to hear anything except a buzzing noise. When Georudo breaks through the wall of trees, and knocks them down, it is as if I can feel the souls of the plants screaming in my mind. When the wall was knocked down, the Devil army cheers, and in their bloodlust become even more excited. Even Christina and Selia feel the trees’ pain as they listen to the menacing cheers of the monstrosities.

Maybe it is because we are a group of Humans and a Lamia, we do not understand the unimaginable pain the nature loving Wood Elves are feeling, as it is something that is beyond what words can describe. Gio, Fio, the other Wood Elves, and Marl all stop and endure the pain of the forest that they are experiencing both in mind and body. Gio’s handsome face is covered in sweat and his skin is so pale it look like the color of a white candle.

Regardless, despite stopping for a brief moment, they pick up the pace again almost immediately. With the crime of hurting their families and friends, the Devils from Hell have now become the target of pure anger from the forest inhabitants. I did not miss Gio’s hawk eyes burning with anger and turning into rage. In my line of sight, after Georudo knocked down the wall, starts to tramples his legs on the fallen trees and pulls out his spear which was impaled into the tree.

“Haa~ Even though this wall withstood countless Devils, it couldn’t even put up a fight against my spear? It’s nice to listen to the sound of destruction. My spear and I triumph yet again.”

The strong wall made up of trees, after suffering the attack of the Devil, now has a gaping hole in the middle of it, and the interior is wide open to the Devils’ onslaught. The magic which the Elves used was something along the regeneration type, but with the speed Georudo pierced through, it was much faster than the regeneration process. Even now, the ivy is still trying to grow and patch up the gap. What’s worst, Georudo is planning to charge again and expand the gap even wider than it was previously. In that instant, I decided to release my Dragon power at Georudo and blow him to dust, but something happened. (T.L. Cockblock to the max.)

The ground where Georudo is standing, splits apart and massive thorns grow out of the earth and binds the Ganafu to the earth.

“Such impertinence!! Do you think this will be enough to bind Georudo down?!?”

Georudo’s massive lower body is being snared and as he tries to break free, the thorns and the ground slowly become covered with in blood. If one pays close enough attention, one can see the thorns which are growing out of the ground are extremely sharp, and whenever it makes contact with the Devil’s skin, dark black blood oozes out under the night sky. The magical black thorns coming from the abyss has many roses blooming on it. The black rose makes me think of a black sun absorbing all the moonlight from the sky.

“Guooo, these disgusting black roses are blooming and absorbing my blood!!”

Georudo shout as he uses his right hand to pull out the thorns trying to free himself, attempting to wreak havoc upon the thorns binding him, however the thorns do not give out. As Georudo continues to struggle, the thorns cut deeper and deeper into his flesh, slowly but surely, Georudo starts raging as his wounds continue to worsen. However, no matter what he does, the thorns remain persistent and hold Georudo in place. Suddenly, a new figure appears in front of Georudo.

The figure looks very graceful, wearing enticing black clothing under the moonlight. It is a woman. Her beauty is first rate and her figure is still in her prime. However, she looks very mysterious. Her black eyes look at Georudo with a cold gaze, as cold as a blizzard in the northern mountains, and the thorns which had roses blooming over them tighten around the Devil. Standing before the wall, her body is revealed to us and one can say that it is a body that only exists in a dream. Her body is perfectly balance, her rich breasts and butt shows no signs of impurities. Her waistline is also nice and thin. She has all the right curves in all the right places. Simply put it, it is a perfect womanly body. It is a figure far superior to Christina’s developed body.

She wears a jet black dress which does a good job of emphasizing her luscious curves. Her dress is split down the middle in a V-shape, stopping just below her groin, and reveals her fair skin colored legs in transparent stockings. Her dress has quite the revealing design, exposing her bare shoulders, and sinful mountains valley which attract the gazes of men to her chest.

She possesses both ideal physical beauty as well as a sensual allure. Her skin looks as white as silk and is superlative, it also looks like it feels like silk as well. The wind seems to be playing with her radiant black hair. In the darkness, her raven black hair flows in the wind like a waterfall, and its color looks exactly identical to the color of the black roses blooming on the thorns binding Georudo. When her hair is brushed aside by the wind, I am finally able to get a glimpse of her beautiful face.

“Rose-Ni! It’s the power of Black Rose-Ni! Iyaaa~~”

Marl, who moments ago was shaking in fear, speaks up lively. What Marl said has some truth to it, there is indeed a spirit presence being emitted from the so called Black Rose.

“Yes. It is the Black Rose, the strongest spirit in the Forest of Ente. Otherwise known as, Diadora.”


The lower half of the Ganafu is drenched in its own blood. Seeing Diadora look down upon the beast, she looks as majestic as a Queen mandated by Heaven. While Diadora overlooked Georudo with her icy gaze, Selia and I looked on with admiration.

[To be continued]


Translator: Binhjamin.

Editors: Takathien (Thien), Fate Trooper, Masadeer.

Check out the raw here and rate the author. -T.L.

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