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3 retpahC nrobnU – Why? Because I can.

It’ve been awhile. Sorry for all the lies I;ve been telling hope you forgive me now let’s go on to why I lied. In 3. 2. 1. Start: Yada yada yada. I didn’t feel like working. End. 100% satisfaction I … Continue reading

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Unborn – Chapter 2

The first person and third person screw me over quite a bit. I could have finished this yesterday but….I was lazy. Anyway, this story wasted no time what so ever! F***! P.s. For those asking for Bu ni mi, just wait, I guess. At … Continue reading

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Unborn – Chapter 1

Yes! No need to read through all of the ‘growing up’ bs!!! Time skip is the best! Here’s chapter 1, enjoy~ P.s. The story is from a small magazine publisher. The author is either ‘in training’ or just getting his … Continue reading

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Unborn – Prologue

Here ya go, a little treat for you Dragons lovers.

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