Chapter 15

[Chapter 15]

-Ill Affection-

『All dragons, regardless of form, share the same origin. Their roots can be traced back to a single dragon. The progenitor of all dragons, it was a dragon called the Origin Dragon. Before the creation of the world, prior to the time when the sky and earth fused together and created the world, the dragon had already existed. This dragon would later became known as the origin of all dragons. A pitiful and lonely dragon.

The Origin Dragon existed outside of the world, ever since the universe itself came to be, and that was where it spent most of its time in deep slumber. At some point, it noticed something besides itself and chaos appearing. To be precise, for the first time, something came into existence amidst chaos. From the chaotic vortex, it came forth and lingered around in space just to disappear soon after. It was like a bubble, and when it burst, it gave birth to: the Human God, the Beast God, the God of the Forest, the God of Night, the God of Day, the God of Soul, the God of Light, and finally the God of Darkness. These gods were the first, the oldest, the purest, and the greatest of all pantheons.

For the first time, the Origin Dragon noticed the existence of others besides itself. It was astonished as it slowly woke from its slumber and watched as gods one by one were being born from chaos. In turns, the first gods also noticed the Origin Dragon. However, unlike them who were born from chaos, the Origin Dragon had been existing alongside chaos, never to mix with one another. Thus, the heads of the pantheons only looked at the Origin Dragon and the Origin Dragon looked back at them. The Origin Dragon observed them for a long time. As time passed, the heads of the pantheons realized that no more gods were being born from chaos and started to increase their number one by one.

For example, the God of the Soul created kings, each ruled over one aspect of the world such as fire, water, earth, wind, time, space, ice, thunder, light, and darkness. They were called Spirit Kings and they would play a major role in shaping the world as we know it. However, as the number of gods began to increase, conflicts between them would often occur. The peaceful time was short lived as the gods allied with one another to destroy their opposition(s). Eventually, the chaos settled, and the gods began to create a whole new generation of gods whom served as servants to their respective creator. Meanwhile, the universe continued to change for the better, the sky, the earth, time, and space were less hostile. Thus, these events laid down the foundation for life to be created and with it, death, fate, and much more followed.

When various races of living beings began to live in the world that the gods created, the feelings within the Origin Dragon gradually changed. While it continued to observe as the gods were surrounded by many friends alike, it loathed the feeling of loneliness because it was always alone, an isolated existence. The envy it held was endless. Because unlike the gods, the Origin Dragon was unique, it could not create new dragons the same way the gods did as it was an eternal existence that had existed since the beginning of time adrift in the center of the universe where chaos resides.

Why don’t I have brethren like they do? Why am I the only one of my kind that exists?

It began to think so very hard. And after a long time of tormenting with itself, it came up with an idea. If it cannot produce new dragons, then why not tear itself to pieces and create new ones? After which it would submerge the bodies into chaos and each dragon will develop a mind and soul that varies from one another. However, to do something to that extent would mean that it would loses its own mind in the process. However, it did not fear of its own disappearance. The  feelings of loneliness and envy towards the ‘neighboring’ gods dwarfed its own fear.

Then, the Origin Dragon began immediately tore its wings, rived its tail, yanked out its fangs, severed its head, gouged out its eyes and continuously tore itself into countless smaller pieces. The gods received great shock at the sudden action of the dragon. Afterall, all they did was observe it from afar as they did not know of its intentions, it went without saying that the gods were very confused. Before long, after only focusing on shredding itself into smaller and smaller bits, the Progenitor could no longer shred itself any smaller.

The small bits and pieces of the dragon’s body, its bones, its blood, and its flesh began to mix with the neighboring chaos. Then just as the dragon had hoped, before the eyes of the gods, from one of the shredded bits, a baby dragon manifested and uttered the very first dragon cry, then follow by the countless. The sight of witnessing countless dragons differ appearance further shocked the gods, and to preventing chaos caused caused by the event, they parted the sea and lifted the sky. The world where bodies of water exist and sky filled with countless stars was where dragon first set foot on.

From the Origin Dragon’s blood, bones, and scales, countless thousands of dragons were born and although they were all feeble compared to the Origin Dragon, their power was comparable to the first and second generation of Gods. They were divided into two kinds, the first was called the Divine Dragon, and the second was Dragon God. That was not everything however, from the largest fragments of the Origin Dragon, four Ancient Divine Dragons along with three Ancient Dragon Gods were born, each possessed power far surpassing that of even the first generation gods.


From the tail: four wings, one head, one tail, no eyes, purple scales
‘One who Overpowers Everything’ Ancient Dragon God Hyperion

From the wings: twelve wings, one head, eight tails, emerald eyes, green scales
‘One who flies the Fastest’ Ancient Divine Dragon Vritra

From the eyes: seven wings, six heads, ten tails, black eyes, ashen scales
‘One who Perceives Horizon and Spire’ Ancient Dragon God Jormungand

From the fangs: ten wings, one head, two tails, golden eyes, silver scales
‘One who is Impenetrable’ Ancient Divine Dragon Alexander

From the limbs: no wings, one head, one tail, sapphire eyes, blue scales
‘One who Never Decays’ Ancient Dragon God Leviathan

From the head: two wings, one head, one tail, silver eyes, black scales
‘One who is Unchained’ Ancient Divine Dragon Bahamut


And from the beating heart and living soul of the Origin Dragon, even after its body was completely shredded, a dragon whose power dominates all dragons, the one who inherited the Origin Dragon’s greatest strength along with all of its thoughts and desires was born. That dragon possessed six wings, one head, one tail, rainbow eyes, and white scales, ‘All that is One’ Ancient Divine Dragon, its name is……

I brought the story to its end, as I was reminiscing about my past, only to murmur the last part in my mind. For the children who gathered on the river bank, which flows from the northeast of the village to the southwest, it signified the end of the tale. Sometimes, when I gather alongside the children, I would tell them stories about the first God to have been born, the most powerful god in the olden time, the creation of the world, the great war between the gods, and about my origin. All of which no one had any knowledge about. The brief outline of the stories I told were from what I experienced and remembered. However, since none had heard of them before, my stories were treated by others as fiction, a sort of made up daydream, and the introduction was as you’ve read.

At first, when my little brother Marco was around three years of age, I often had to take care of him but my knowledge about common folk tales was severely lacking, and so I started to tell him about the history of the world. Though I am not sure whether it was because of the way I recited the history or that people just found the story intriguing, back then only a few knew of the stories I told. Now, it seemed to have spread among the children throughout the village. The one story which always attracts the most young(lings – This Interactive Message Brought to you by George Lucas) audiences is one about the fight between Ardes and myself which went on non-stop for a hundred days and a hundred nights. Whenever I spoke of it, there would always be a large crowd, Marco included, surrounding me to listen. I have a rough idea why it drew in high interest with the children, but to me, it was an opportunity to tell of the events which I went through. Just like that, I came to find myself often speaking of my past to the children here.

It was due to the fact that the village’s main focus was based on agriculture, there were not many things children can do to find amusement. At some point, I realized what I was doing was very much similar to a minstrel who goes around with their musical instrument and telling stories about great heroes to children in distant villages, except that my stories were about events I witnessed. At an earlier time, I was telling them to children at around the age of ten, but as time went by older people, even the elderly, came to listen to my past. Back then, my opinion was that the children here were very disconnected from the outside world. However, since then, the mood had changed. It was partially thanks to the stories I told, and spread with the help of my elder brother Dylan and Risha. At the time, Risha really did put a lot of effort into things. Quite a few times she went without sleep to remember the story, and we could clearly see it in her face.

Gathered around me, who was sitting on a flat rock beside the river bank, were children standing and sitting while paying very close attention. When the story reached its end, several hands were immediately raised. The questions they had, were always to attempt to get me to tell them more.


“Say Dran-san,can you tell more about dragons?”


The one who asked was named Sam sitting in the front. I let out fumu instinctively and answered.


“Let’s talk about the dragon ranking. Besides the almighty Ancient Divine Dragons and Ancient Dragon Gods, there are Divine Dragons and Dragon Gods whose power ranked below them. The last of the dragons are the True Dragons. All of the said dragons lived since the Age of Gods. During that time, the existing powerful gods were unable to live in this world. As they were so powerful that even a small display of their power would easily destroy the world. Thus, the gods refrained themselves from setting foot into this world unless absolutely necessary. The place or rather, the world where they chose to resided in is called Heaven, which can also be referred to as the World of Gods. The same could be said for all dragons. However, some dragons chose to live in this world and in order to do that, they had to suppress a great portion of their power, to the point that even if they go all out, the world won’t be at risk. Before long, weaker dragons were born, and they were ranked right below True Dragons. These frail dragons lived in this world. As time passed, the number of dragons began to increase, and they became weaker and weaker. The changes occurred minutely with each passing generation. At the current time, this group makes up the largest percentage of the dragon race’s population. Within this group, the power rankings are divided by how old they are from infant dragon, adolescence dragon, adult dragon, and elder dragon. In a way, it is not too different from humans, babies are weaker than a child, who is weaker than an adult, and there are the elderly who are stronger in their own ways. At any rate, to categorize the largest group of the dragon population, which had adapted to many attributes in nature, there are fire, water, wind, earth, thunder, ice, light, and darkness. Any dragon that may or may not be included in the already mentioned attributes and possesses other unique characteristics are called Subspecies Dragon. However, some dragons will in fact possess more than one attribute and or unique characteristic within their body, thus it is difficult to determine which species they belong to with the enormous number of dragons that exist today.”


As one would expect, when it comes to dragons, I knew everything there was to know. One thing that caught me by surprise was how smooth and talkative I’ve become in educating others. As I spoke, Sam listened to the fine details while blinking in surprise. Several children were sitting with their backs resting against Selia’s coiled tail. Retisha-san was also present in the middle of the gathered group. She wore a necklace with the symbol of her faith over a simple piece of white religious tunic. While listening to the story, she would tilt her head in puzzlement, but other than that, she seems to enjoy the story just as much as the others.

In contrast to the teaching of myths regarding Mairahl in the church, my stories might have some discrepancies that caused Retisha-san to feel conflicted. Till the end, she did not interrupt, and I was thankful for that because after all, I was reciting the tale of my origin. This was not always the case. Before, Retisha had asked me about where I heard such stories and I happily answered that they were some various pieces of imagination that I put together, something along those lines, and since then, Retisha had ceased questioning me about the origins of my stories. However, there was something that made me feel a little awkward, that I did not understand up

until now. Perhaps, it’s because she’s been watching me with a warm gaze?

Today, I had new audiences that one usually doesn’t see often. They came from deep within the forest of Ente to visit. The guests are the Wood Elf Fio, the little fairy Marl, and the Spirit of the Black Rose Diadora. Recently, after the crisis which took place in Ente ended, the people there, especially the ones from Saiwest, began to exchange culturally as well as commercially with Bern. Fio, along with a few others, brought the goods and along with Christina, Selia, and myself, often engaged in friendly, often mindless, conversations on various topics. As Retisha lead the children back to their homes or to the fields, Fio came closer while applauding.


“The origin of our God, Yggdrasil-sama, would you be interested in hearing it, Dran-san?”

“Marl likes happy things-desu. Christina’s song was very wonderful, and Dran’s story was very fun-desu.”


There’s something about the pure and joyful Marl that always seems to invite my smiles.


“The origin of Yggdrasil, the god whom the Wood Elves put their faith into. Naturally, it peaks my curiosity, but I’ll take up your offer at another time. By the way, how is the situation in your village and the forest?”


“Um, that’s alright. The other tribes and clans had sent out people to help and the purification of the forest is going smoothly. Another thing is that there are many children who are interested in visiting Bern, the ones that were selected to come are often at odds with those who didn’t.”


“Fumu, since they live in the middle of Ente, a very remote region and greatly differ from the world outside. It’s no wonder that the thought of venturing out would attract the young ones. Fortunately, it’s only the beginning so both villages are still a little shy, the atmosphere will change for the better. Hopefully all deals and negotiations go well between our villages.”


The goods that are traded between my village and the people from Ente are rare goods that are not usually seen throughout this kingdom. They are desirable in the eyes of artists or merchants, thus they could be sold for a rather unreasonably hefty price. The relations between Bern and the people from Ente are good but the problem lies with the merchants from outside that are aware of the trades between Bern and Ente. Those merchants main focus is profit and they would definitely step over the line. Luckily, including our village chief, there are many other experienced veteran merchants that traded in the northern frontier so the possibility to exploit will be reduced. Still, since we do not have any experts, the chances of unfair trades happening do exist.


“Olivier-sama has been telling me that, with her connections at Galois, she will help with the gathering of information about trades. It can be worthwhile, at least to some degree. I mean going there doesn’t sound like a bad idea as long as there are people who are willing to corporate.”


“Is that so? But at this rate, we will be owing Olivier-san more favors.”


“But if you do that, then you won’t be able to refuse entering the Magic Academy the next time she asks~”


I find it slightly difficult to disagree with Selia’s words as my body was warming up, bathing in bright sunlight. I couldn’t help but let out a sigh. Fumu.


“You don’t have to put it that way, Selia. To tell you the truth, the knowledge and fame that one can obtain at the academy sound very promising and hard to refuse. As of now, I’m still determined not to make the decision of leaving. If I do then I will be separated from the village and you for an extended period of time.”


The warmth of the sun seemed to invite the feeling of drowsiness in Selia, but after I spoke, the tip of her tail pitched upward. An indication pinpointing towards her awakening. Well, it looks like something I said had attracted her attention?


“Ehh!!! There has to be a better way than that?!”


Selia approached me with extreme speed, grabbed onto my shirt while staring up at me with an adorable puzzled expression.


“Perhaps. However, I, alone, am the who’s invited to the academy. Thus I cannot bring Selia along. I’m sorry to say this, but Selia, it would be terribly difficult for a Lamia to appear in the city and be looked at normally. There’re many things which can bring harm to humans, and a powerful demon is one of them. If I bring you along, you will most likely be put into harm’s way.”


“B-but here at Bern, I was able to make lots of friends. Everyone is on friendly terms with me, and it was all thanks to you. If it wasn’t for you, I would still be afraid of making contact with humans, and if we were to separate, I won’t be able to repay your kindness. I would feel awful if that happens.”


The tip of her tail weakly lowered. She looked down and pressed against my chest while feeling torn.


“Selia, I was just saying what would happened if I was to accept the offer and enter the academy. I’m still undecided, as of now. You’ve taken what I said a little too serious. Though, I’m happy you said what you’ve said.”


“Aaa, is, is that so? Olivier-san didn’t even invite you again. I’m sorry, I went ahead and made my own selfish conclusion.”


“It’s alright. Anyone can make a little mistake and misunderstand another’s word. But Selia, as you are on a search for your future husband, are you looking at Galois as a place to visit since there will be a lot of men from a different race gathered? I mean, apart from the academy, this might be something you are interested in.”


“Etto, I certainly want to visit a crowded place like Galois, but looking for a husband there… that’s… I don’t know what to think of that…”


Compared to the sadness from before, Selia was now behaving more bashfully and even started to fidget a little. She avoided my gaze and couldn’t look me in the eye but she repeatedly took short looks at my face.


Fumu~ that last part could barely be heard if you speak under your breath like that.


Watching on the side, Fio let out a wicked smirk, Marl smiles too but she didn’t seem to understand what’s going on, and there was also Diadora who had a mischievous smile.


“If you really decide to enter the academy and bringing Selia is no good, shall I come with you instead?”


While charmingly giggling, Diadora spoke. This caused the fidgeting Selia to react and her tail stands straight up right away.


“What! Why do you want to go with him!?”


“I have a personal debt to repay Dran. My reasoning is much like yours, Miss. Although I’m uninterested in the human’s society, it’ll be fun just tagging alongside Dran, don’t you think? Beside, It would stand to reason that my kind doesn’t bring as much harm to humans as the Lamia do? Then there’s also the fact that my appearance isn’t that much different from a normal human female either. Don’t you agree, Dran?”


“Fumu~ It goes without saying that in the eyes of humans, flower spirits are viewed less dangerous than Lamia. Then there’s no denying your beauty Diadora, but that may just invite a different kind of trouble. However, if it was you and I, we would definitely able to manage.”


“Hora~ Dran approves. So Selia, if he does go, I’ll be leaving with him, and you, will stay here at Bern~”


“No, no way! Such a thing! I want to go with you too! You and Diadora-san together, I can’t allow it! I won’t allow that to happen!”


“Ara~ I wonder why? He and I would be going together. Since you can’t come with, there’s nothing you can do but wait here at the village.”


“But but but but, uuuuuu~~~”


It was clear that Selia couldn’t argue against Diadora, as she tightened the grip on my shirt and let out her frustration in the form of a groan. Looking at her face as it is, her face was all red and it looked as if it was reaching its boiling point. I’ve heard of boiled Kraken, but never a boiled Lamia. However, Selia seemed to have forgotten about my deciding factor yet again, as she lost herself in the argument. It would probably take some time for her to realize that Diadora was teasing her.

After she noticed, she bent over in defeat, and we went to the tavern at the inn to serve her some of her favorite dishes. While there, Fio, Marle, and Diadora freely helped themselves to the orders, thus my pocket became rather light afterward. For all the faces I’ve seen from Selia though, it was worth it. One of the many things that was brought over from Ente were bells that could ward off evil and bad luck. We distributed these to each individual house in village, and afterwards, we offered them stay at the inn but they chose to make camp in the open instead. That day, I walked together with Selia back to her place.




After parting with Selia, I went to my parents and my elder brother’s house to visit where I had dinner with them. After that, I went home and thought about all of the things I did that day and felt satisfied. I went to bed while feeling peaceful. The nostalgic taste of mother’s cooking, heart warming talks with my family, feelings of happiness after reborn as a human, these gave me that peaceful feeling. But, as I was falling asleep, I was thinking to myself to give it my all for the following day. As my consciousness slowly faded into the darkness, I found myself in a different world in clarity.


“Someone intervened with my dream. The power of Gods to interfere with another’s dreams and sleeps, a simple power yet, one that I do not possess….”


I was now in an open white space in the appearance on my former self; six wings, white scales, and rainbow colored eyes, the appearance of one of the Ancient Divine Dragon. It was an empty space where things are vague and ambiguous, there exist things which aren’t real and also some from which the feeling of touch cannot be felt.

Followed my natural desire to go to bed, someone dragged me into this world while I was asleep. There was a false feeling of my soul being freed from my body, but what bother me more was the unpleasantness of not knowing who invited me here and not knowing what to be unexpected. Well, who will it be? If I’m not mistaken, there was a saying in a certain human country….


“You never know what might happen, so you might as well call out anyway.”


“You know such a saying. No….it’s as to be expected of Dra-chan….”


A silhouette of a woman started to appear in front of me. I then blew a Breath, which contained all attribute magic at it. MyBreath, which has the same color as my eyes, shone brilliantly as it swallowed the silhouette whole. The torrent of power, which transmits the rainbow lights, doesn’t seem to be doing anything more than coloring this strange world. Well, maybe I should try that again, but adding more power this time….ah, nevermind, she has shown herself. That appearance…..


“I appeared. Why did you blew the rainbow breath all of a sudden? Ara, it would have been more effective to do that in the real world.”


“If it was the real world, you would’ve been scattered all over. Pardon me, do you want to fight now that we’ve met? I find it hard to recall memories of when we refrained from doing so.”


“Don’t carelessly use an attack like just now, one that could cause serious damage to the world. It’s dangerous, Dra-chan.”


“I apologize. Now then. It’s been a long time Karavis, my friend as well as my worst adversary.”


The one who pulled me into this ambiguous world during my sleep, the deity who ranked the highest in the Evil God’s domain, the Goddess who governed destruction and oblivion, Alula Karavis. Rich black hair, white transparent skin and underneath, blue blood vessels can be seen through. Red crimson lips that give off the feeling as if she always stand to mock anyone and everyone. A Golden pair of eyes that seemingly exposed a person’s soul if look at for too long.

Her body was no short from perfect, a well proportioned body with no abundant body mass, and no impurity of any kind. She wore a dress made of darkness so dark, it was on par with the darkness at the beginning of time where there was no light. It gave off the impression that would it be cut open, never-ending star light would shine from within. Comparing her size to mine, where her form was no different than a human, and I was an adult dragon, she fit into the palm of my hand.


“You called out my name so affectionately, Dra-chan. I’ve been waiting eagerly for you to be reborn, you know. Listening to Dra-chan calling my name from before and after his reincarnation sure is a wonderful feeling. Fufufu, there are so many things we gods still don’t understand about the world.”


As she spoke, Karavis brought her face closer to mine.


“Even though you said it like that, you’ve succeed in finding me. It has been roughly sixteen years since I reincarnated after all.”


“A good amount of time had pass since you were reborn hasn’t it? Also, you crossed into Makai the other day and rampaged didn’t you? It was thanks to that that I was able to detect your presence you know. From that point on, I relied on my tenacious love and affection to locate you.”


“Fumu, I’m glad to see that you’re in good healthy as always. With Mairahl’s power influencing the majority of earth, I was wondering how her relations with you had taken a turn. Rather, did your form change again?”


“Fufu, so it seems. After all, I am the one who rules over destruction and oblivion.”


Before me, Karavis did a spin, the next instant, she changed into a woman with bronze coloured skin, and hair which was basically fire. Just like normal fire, her hair was like spouting flames raising upward.


“I even forgot about myself. More often my own appearance. I, with my own hands, destroyed many things in the past, only to forget about what I did short thereafter. I’m such a birdbrain.”


She changed into yet another form. Her fiery hair changed into something bizarre, her face barely resembled  that of a human being. It was strange how each of her appearances was completely unique, not one form would be the same as the other. Her bronze skin turned dark, venomous looking purple, and even more disturbingly, many violet coloured eyes also appeared on her skin.


“It was I who brought forth destruction to countless worlds, only to forget what I did, such a thing. Did those that lived in worlds that were no more even know what happened?”


The third time, Karavis turned back into the apperance she first showed me, a beautiful goddess with dark black hair and golden eyes. My my, this goddess is still the same as always.


“Even so, it is something that you must do, that’s part of who you are. Karavis, my dear friend, is there a reason as to why you summoned me here in my sleep? If it is to warm up our old friendship, I would gladly spend the time with you.”


I felt at ease knowing that my old friend had been well over the time we did not see one another. As for Karavis, she settled down on top on my nose, resting face down comfortably. What kind of person would feel comfortable resting on top another’s nose, this goddess.


“What~ there’s only one answer to that, my beloved. My hated one.”


While lying face down, Karavis slowly rose. When she did, she showed a profound smile.


“Ahh, Dra-chan, Dra-chan! You who transcends divinity! You who is know throughout as the one who gave wicked Gods dread and despair! Since when did it start! It was from the very beginning! It’s eternal! In this eternal flow of time, you’ve killed me countless times, you’ve provided me with endless entertainment, countless numbers of times my dear!!! Oh how much I longed for your demise! When it came true and your eyes closed shut, your body laid lifelessly, I could not help but pray that you were alive. When you weren’t there, the wind felt so cold, no one warmed my heart. Ahh, I was so lonely, so sad, without you. When I found out that you were reborn, and now that I met you, my heart is overflowing with joy! I’m filled with delight! My chest aches with hatred! My body moves with the intent to kill!!!”


Karavis’s power began to engulf the white world at rapid speed. The world’s colour turned into one that was indescribable, countless eyeballs of creatures manifested along with body parts from mouths, fingers, entrails, etc. gouging out and filling this world. This world was the base of what my dream would have built on, thus one way or another, I always have it under my influence no matter how little.


Now, under Karavis’s overwhelming power, with the exception from myself, this world’s control had almost entirely shifted to her. Ah Karavis, my friend, my sworn enemy. If this is what you desire, then I shall give it to you.


“Dra-chan! I will definitely take your life with my own hands!! This time, you are not allowed to go to the afterlife and rest until I’ve finished with you! I’m the one who will take your life! I will be the one who brings your destruction!”


Now, Karavis’s form had became one with the darkness, the darkest part of the sky is where she resided. Intense burning flames are now where her eyes and her mouth used to be. This world, which was supposed to be my dream, had turned into Karavis herself. I wondered if it’s technically correct to say that I was swallowed whole. Me being inside her stomach, or so to speak.


“I hate the fact that you’re alive, Dra-chan. I’m also overjoyed that you live, Dra-chan. Ohhhhhh, I love you!! To you, and you alone, I offer my divine love as the Goddess who governs destruction and oblivion!!!”


Her happiness and her hatred reached its climax as she reveal her true nature as an evil deity. She came at me from all directions. While the world turned itself against me, I mutter like I always do.




And then————

[T.L. Play some music of your choice in the background]





“What kind of joke is this! How are you so strong! Shouldn’t you hafter reincaave become weak and feeble rnation!?! Seriously! You didn’t let me do anything-desu!”(T.L. Karavis be like “Hax!”)

“You don’t have to say it like that. Facing a goddess of your caliber, I had to respond with a little seriousness.”(T.L. Dran be like “Bitch pls.”)

“THIS. IS. NOT. FUNNY! How are you so strong! I thought I would be able to see you to your death but you barely bared your fangs at me! Just what was your mentality when you let mere humans kill you! Everyone thought you became weak when that happened, and you’re supposed to be even weaker after reincarnation! I don’t understand! I don’t understand at all! What was that power! There’s no way anyone can called that weakened!!!”

Ban Ban. After Karavis had been overwhelmed, she started to hit my nose with both hands. She came at me with all the feelings that welled up since we saw one another, but to her disappointment, she was beaten by me who had no intention of getting serious. So she gave up. The control of the world had been returned to me after Karavis gave up. Now, it was back to the white colour it had at the beginning.

Karavis lies face down on top of my nose once again. Her face was red, full of anger, as she repeatedly hit my nose in protest all the while puffing her cheeks. Her dress became tattered, her hair lost it former richness, and her skin was bruised. Since I caused all of that, I called out in hope of giving her some comfort.

“Oh Karavis, don’t feel sad. I’ve become weak, through our brief clash, you probably noticed and have gotten a better understanding of what’s the scale I’m talking about.”

“Nnnn~~ that certainly is true. You became very, very weak, but still! That’s only when comparing with your former self, the fact that no one can rival your power remained unchanged, no? Even I, who’s consider to be one of the most powerful gods.” 

“Well, if that’s the case, then it’s rather simple. I’m stronger than you even after reincarnation. Let’s just agree on this.”

“Eeeeeeeeh? Even if what you said is true, I can’t agree to that.”

“You’re so quick to decide. I was talking about the degree of power in my current life. After my life as a human reaches its end, I will be reincarnated into something different, and in addition, my soul will be degraded even further. My power level at that time would be significantly lower as well. The effect of reincarnation is like a curse which was tied to my soul. Just as it shaved away my soul the first time, it will continue to do so until my soul disappears completely. My end is inevitable. Even if you do not do anything, in the end, I will be erased from existence entirely by this curse.”

“Fufu~ is that so, Dra-chan? One day, you will be disappearing completely, is that so, is that so?”

“What’s this, are you already thinking ahead dancing in victory? It doesn’t seem like a pleasant thought from my point of view though.”

“How unfortunate for you~ But no worries! Even though I hate you, until you’re at your final moment, I will always offer you my wholehearted love. And when you are gone, I’ll be lonely again…”

“Didn’t you just boldly stated that you will take my life? How could you say something so in conflict with your desire.”

I was amazed that my friend had not changed at all since the last time I saw her. However, after I said that, I myself felt conflicted. Karavis seems to guess what I was thinking, she let out a smile and looked as if she had came up with an excellent idea.

“Well now, I vowed to destroy you in earnest, Dra-chan. But why do you seem bothered by that?”

“Well, to be blunt, the thought of me disappearing never crossed my mind since the very beginning of our struggle. But as I stand before you now, the realization that I will one day disappear forever struck me. That and also the things what will most likely happen following that. You see, as time will play out, I will be gone for a temporary amount of time, and come back, but eventually, I will be gone, but you. I have no idea how to defeat you for good. Do you see where I’m getting at? I care for you because we share the deep bond of friendship, but at the same time, you are the one who is committing unforgivable acts as an evil deity. In a sense, I’m just as conflicted as you are about the relationship between us.”

“So that’s it.”

“Is is, and?”


Although Karavis let out a small laughter, there wasn’t a bit of a majestic feeling one would get if a true God was doing the same. This is Karavis as a person, if her believers were to see the things I’ve seen her do, some might just abandon the religion without question.

“Alright, I confronted Dra-chan head-on in terms of power and failed, I guess I should leave for now. It pains me so much to part ways after our quick reunion but that can’t be help. You might be really tired when waking up after all if we talk longer.”

“You’re right, loss of sleep can be very discomforting.”

“I’m so sorry, Dra-chan. Hora! How about I offer you a Goddess’s kiss as an apology?”

*Intense Kissing SFX* Immediately after, she began giving me a deep and passionate kiss right where my nose was. Her action might have been a little overboard but it was her feelings that count. I knew that very well, thus I smiled, and let her do what she wanted.

“The sounds, maybe that was a bit vulgar on my part.”

I picked up Karavis off of my nose and brought her in front of my eyes.

“Good grief, I had hoped that you learned how to behave like a proper divine being.”

“It’s not as easy as you think. Fufu, however, are you satisfied to see me today after so long? Ah! I need to resolve a few issues with Mairahl. Well then Dra-chan, I will bid you farewell for now. Don’t cry when you feel lonely without me okay?”

“I supposed a few joyful tears won’t be so bad when you finally leave.”

“Ahahahaha, you’re still cold as per usual~~. Whatever~ we’ll see each other again soon enough. By~~~~e.”

Before she actually left, She sent me a goodbye kiss, and her figure dissolved between my claws. That was the second meeting with one of my long time friends after my reunion with Mairahl, various troublesome events had happened, and the peacefulness which I yearned for is getting further and further away. I couldn’t help but let out a sigh.


[To be continued]


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