From the lost cave come….something.

Hi hi! Its been a long time since I was last seen. How have you all been doing? Hopefully haven’t been f5-ing this page >_< Boy do I feel sorry for you. Right! To the main point, I think its safe to say that I simply have no strength left to promise work in progress. ALTHOUGH!!! I might find sometime to hide from IRL, so not all hope is lost. Still, its slim. *insert words here as sad fillers* T_T

I muster all my power and managed to finished chapter 16. My friend, Zeke, helped me edit most of it, but I think he’s busy atm so he can’t finish it up. I tried looking for help but seems like everyone is busy. And so, with me nearly dead, I’m just gonna let y’all have the google doc to read because I’m lazy to post it on wordpress.

TL;DR Here’s the mostly edited SRJK Chapter 16. I might or might not see you soon.


About Binhjamin

Lone TL seeking Dragon's blood.
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5 Responses to From the lost cave come….something.

  1. woozlak says:

    I’ll say this again: eh… You were alive…?

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  2. goblinrou says:

    Guess the sunlight is still too strong for this cave dweller.

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  3. Would you be okay with someone else picking this up if you’re too busy?


  4. Lordaethis says:

    T_T been checking back every now and again i really miss this. also i would like to request information for Unborn as it started of great i would like to read more where did you get the raws from i seem to recall that it wasa small magazine and would love to find out the name of it


  5. jacruz666 says:

    Just came here to say Hi


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