Chapter 16

Chapter 16[Incomplete]

The Fire Dragon and the Water Dragon


At the present time, while taking form of a dragon, I’m relaxingly flying in the skies. Below, aside from the long abandoned village and Bern, both of which are located at the northernmost part of the kingdom, lies an enormous mountain range that extended far to the east and the west. It is called the Morris mountains. Looking at the soaring mountain, of which the peak is covered by the clouds, I use the power of the wind current under my wings and quickly fly higher. From up here, overlooking town where a few thousands of human lived is like looking at a small grain, tiny. Even a large lake seemingly looks like a small puddle, but all soon disappearing the higher I go.

This body, this dragon body, is not my real human born body. It is a product from which my magic gathered the elements that surround me to create a body. This is my first time doing this, and the idea came to me recently. Recalling the degree of freedom when meeting with my old friends Mairahl and Karavis in spiritual form, as well as the sensation when taking flight in the battle against Georg, compelled me to create this separate body. Even now, my consciousness is shared between my human body, which is tending the field back at Bern, and this dragon body. Soaring up high, I thoroughly enjoy the nostalgic feeling.

Before this life, I was living in this world as one of the Ancient Dragons which were the pinnacle of our race. Back then, in order to live in this world, we had to suppressed our power greatly. As time went by, dragons belonged to the True Dragon class and higher gradually disappeared from this world. Even I, who was the last remaining Ancient Dragon in this world, was subjugated by the seven heroes. Since this has been what many believed, it would only bring unnecessary commotion if I travel with the appearance of my old-self. Thus, I decided on an  appearance of what human would consider a normal dragon.

Thus instead of six wings, there are now two, and the length of the wingspan approaches that of a large sail ship.* The color of the scale is beautiful snow white, the same as my original body. The color of the eyes are now blue instead of rainbow, the same as my human’s eyes. Two big horns grow atop my head and arc slightly backward. This body shouldn’t attract too much attention now that it is not the bizarre Ancient Divine Dragon from, and instead of a regular white dragon.(T.L. Wingspan, from one end of the fully stretched wing to the other, approx. 200 ft. or 60 m.)

Dragons can often be categorized by the color of their scales, and determine what they’re capable of. Dragons with white scales like myself, have high compatibility with (all) magics except for darkness type. A few more examples included; fire dragons which has red scales and highly adapted with using fire, earth dragons with brown scales and highly affiliated to the earth, ice dragons has ice-like transparent scales and highly specialized with the ice element, gold dragons with golden scales which can light attribute magic very effectively. However, there are more to it than meet the eye.

Dragons with multiple bloodlines do exist and this complicated things. These dragons, their abilities do not reflect the the color of their scales. A mixed-blood dragon may have red scales but they could also house the ability to use lightning, even their Dragon Breath varies from the usual element type. This is how it was even back when I was a dragon, especially among the younger generation, since the number of pure-blooded families have greatly decrease, it was only reasonable for two dragons of different bloodlines to join and created anew. Thus, marriage between two different bloodlines became the norm. Ever since I was reincarnated, I have yet to encounter even one dragon fellow, and so while flying over the mountain ranges, I kept keen senses in hope of spotting one or two who chose to made the mountain their home.

I continued to fly, and began circling around as I saw what appeared to be the shadows of seven small flying dragons. Unlike dragons, their forelegs are instead replaced with a membrane resembling that of a bat’s wing membrane which connects to the wings, and had an arrowhead like tail and hook-like claws which both secreted deadly poisons. Among the older ones of various species of demi-dragons, Wyverns are of the same class as Pterosaurs. The shape of the horns and the shape of their limbs do not vary much from dragons, apart from their gray scales.

However, their intelligence is far lower than dragons, and they have no dragon breath nor the ability to use dragon magic. Their only edge over dragons is their reproductive ability. My eyesight as a human is far weaker than before, even when I use body enhancing magic on it, so the wyverns appeared no larger than a pea. But from here, I could see they had be caught by humans, a saddle attached to their backs, being ridden like a horse.

Selia had visited the Moresu mountains before and said that there was a human settlement there, it seems that settlement is taming wyverns as mounts. The low temperatures of high altitudes are harsh on humans, so during the spring, the riders wear fluffy rabbit fur hats and other such cold resistant clothing as to leave not an inch of skin unprotected.

To see a place which bred and raised Wyverns to become fighting mounts was rather surprising. I had heard of Wyvern riders before, but I had never seen them, as the kingdom in which I live has no Wyvern riding force that I know of. I know not of the neighboring kingdom’s situation however, as the Moresu mountains separate them from us.

The humans riding the Wyverns had yet to notice me, I was too high up for someone with normal eyesight to be able to see. Since it would be troublesome to be seen, I quickly moved my wings and leapt to a higher altitude. Piercing through the sea of clouds, I enjoyed the feeling of the scorching sun on my back. Although it isn’t my real body, being able to fly freely again after so long is extremely liberating. I let the wind currents in the atmosphere carry me as I let all other thoughts drift away, feeling only the pleasure of flying. Suddenly, I sensed an approaching hostile presence.

The sense of danger was a minor one. Plus, I also discover the identity of the incoming. Someone of dragon lineage. Looking forward to meeting another dragon after so long makes me feel relief, but that was when I realized why this dragon was in a bad mood. The Morris mountains were its territory yet I, another dragon, dared to intrude. That dragon surely is coming over to ward its territory, and so I waited, hovering above the clouds, for it to arrive.

Before long, the figure of a young female dragon pierced through the clouds, revealing brilliant crimson colored scales. A fire dragon. No, judging from her scales, she wasn’t just any fire dragon, she was no doubt a powerful fire dragon. Her luster crimson scales shine brilliantly under sunlight just like mine, which indicated that she has yet to mature to adulthood, so I estimated her age was under twenty. I could see the pair of crimson red eyes, filled with hostility, stared at me intensely.

If she were a human girl, with the age approaching twenty, her mentality would be that of late-teen. Her powerful wings, robust body, and strong scales are the thing of envy for any old dragon, an image of the epitome of youthful vitality. She was the very image of why one says to their young that their future is limitless. I could not help but feel pleasant inside.

“You bastard, did you know that this is my territory you’re in right now?”

Before i even got a chance to say anything, the crimson dragon roar at me with a harsh tone. To say that she has hot-temper was an understatement, to begin with, fire-dragon has the worse temper of any dragon kind. I, who had crossed into her territory without regards, should expect no less than to accept the aggressive treatment. Such nostalgic attitude of her reminded me of when children imitating like an adult. It was such a heartwarming feeling. I almost thought that I had forgotten these feelings, especially after I’ve adapted to living this life.

In this world, even the weakest dragon poses enough danger to be able to take the lives of humans and demi-humans alike if they were not careful. Were a slightly more powerful adult dragon take on a single first-class knight or adventurer, the dragon would win every time, even if by a slim margin. However, if a dragon has grown to be powerful enough, to the point where their soul can survive even if their flesh-and-blood body is destroyed, then they could create a temporary body like one I’m currently controlling. If they reached this point, then dealing with the average dragon is as simple as child’s play. In this case, one could say that it’s like having a grandfather watching fondly at a granddaughter acting mischievously.

“Apologies, I did not realized this was your territory. I could leave immediately, if you’re so displeased with my presence.”

I wanted to end this peacefully, but looking at the temper of the red dragon, it seems speaking any further would be quite difficult. While her attitude was abrasive, it had not gone further than a warning, so there may be hope. After all, being angry that another dragon is invading your territory is understandable, and it had not been long since she began living on her own so she had to have prepared herself for this. Hoping to draw from her youthful indecision, I turn to leave with a disappointed feeling. But as I move to leave, the dragon’s jaw opened and I could see crimson flames build up inside.

“Get lost and don’t let me see you again unless you want a beating!”

My my, I turned and fly away without saying a word. As I was well on my way, I felt slightly annoyed at how similar the action of the crimson dragon was compared to what those seven did, both did not bother to take my explanation into account.

“Protecting your territory is utmost important, but stirring up fights needlessly? That’s not an admirable thing to do.”

She spew a massive fireball the size of a two-story house at me. Fire-dragons inherently have a special flame that even many of them are not aware of. Apart from the physical flame, their fire has the ability to burn the soul. I beat my wings to slow down and maneuvered a turn around, and immediately counter with four smaller fireballs of my own against one of hers. While part of the what remained of the fireball hit me, my scales are made of compressed magic power, thereby resulting me taking no damage whatsoever.

“You’ll be shortening your life if you’re being overly rash. Ojou-san.”

“Bastard, our age might be slightly different but I’ll show you the true difference in power and silent that mouth of your! I am Vaje! The Crimson Dragon of Morris mountains! You should engrave my name into your heart into the afterlife!”

“Fumu~ named after the「Great Being of the Flames」the Winged Serpent Vajeto. As I recalled, she was a merciful goddess, unlike you. Nonetheless, it’s a good name.”

Vaje’s only response was to once again spit more fireballs towards me. Countering in a similar way, I began to climb higher into the sky. She was already prepared however, and spread her wings to quickly climb after me, dodging my fireballs in the process. As we burst through the clouds, there were no more barriers between the two of us, and the glittering sunshine once again reflected off of our scales.

I glance backwards, and see Vaje following me tightly. Since this is not the body of a real dragon, I cannot display my full speed with it. However, it still can fly at speeds rivaling an average adult Wind Dragon, the fastest subspecies of dragons. To be able to follow me this closely, Vaje’s speed seems to be quite good. Feeling an influx in magic behind my back, I drifted side to side like a butterfly floating in the breeze, avoiding the fireballs Vaje had aimed towards my back.

“What’s wrong! Do you only know how to flee, White one! The name coward suit you quite well!”

“What? I thought we were having a friendly sparring, Ojou-san. Fumu, I never considered naming myself, however if you’re able to put a scratch on me, I’ll tell you.”

“You little #$@%!”


To be continue :3