Chapter 13

[Chapter 13]

-The Fallen God and the Reincarnated Dragon-

After confirming Georudo’s soul and body had completely disappeared, I look back at Diadora who is inside the magic circle that I made to protect and help her recover. I’ve supplied the magic circle with my own dragon power to help Diadora recover her lost magic and the vigor that she used up. Right now, her status is almost fully recovered. Seeing all six membraneous wings, each with a different color, on my back, the look on Diadora’s face is still filled with surprise, but suddenly, a soft light arises from her agate pupils, then she lets out a childish smile on her lovely lips.

“Last night, you told me to think of you as a mysterious man, however, I never would have guessed that it was something like this.”

It’s hard to tell whether or not Diadora is speaking to me in a mocking or an amazed tone. As for me, I was ready to reply in my defense, but I let out a sigh of relief after hearing her words. However, under the gaze of Black Rose, I feel slightly uneasy, thinking that she would pursue the topic and avoid making eye contact involuntarily.

“Are you curious about these?”

I lightly flap the wings on my back and show them to her. The wings make rustling noises in the process, but Diadora doesn’t seem to have any interest in them.

“Well. For a dragon’s soul to reside within the body of a human, I really did not consider that in the least. Though, I’ve never seen a real dragon before, meeting someone who was once a dragon and who was then reborn as a human, it’s something very unique.”

“I won’t deny that, but unexpected events do tend to happen, and so with your memories of your previous life cleansed, it is not so hard to imagine that even you might have been a living dragon in your last incarnation. Such is how the endless cycle of rebirth operates.”

“It must really be endless then. Speaking of which, I wonder; when are you going to release me from this?”

Diadora says so while she sulks and pokes her right index finger at the invisible barrier. Staring at me with her eyes half closed and through pupils that seem to breathe in one’s soul, it is an extremely childish look that I did not imagine possible, and to witness it, fascinates me.

While I’m still intrigued at Diadora’s puffing and behaving like a child, I extract and apply a little of my power onto my sword and then lightly touch the outer border of the magical barrier with the tip of the blade. I discontinue the magic by doing so and thus allow the space inside to reunite with the space outside. As the magic circle constructed with dragon’s language breaks down, it releases countless light particles up into the air, and in no time, Diadora is surrounded by what seemingly is ‘falling’ white snow.

“Ara, they are beautiful, just like the snowflakes. Fufu, although their behavior is quite the opposite.”

“I’m pleased to hear that you like it, however, now isn’t the time for comforting talk, not while formidable foes such as Geren and Georg still remain. Christina-san and Selia were left to fight Geren, and so I will settle the score with Georg.”

“I, too, shall go, is what I want to say, but it will be impossible to catch up with you since you have those wings. Perhaps, we can go together if you were to embrace me?”

Gently reaching out her arms and caressing my cheeks, Diadora whispers honeyed words into my ears. The alluring voice makes it feel as if I’ve fallen victim to a lewd demon, whom visits men in their beds in the midst of night and bewilders them. Personally, I don’t think Diadora has any such ulterior motives, however, with such extraordinary and inhuman beauty, it wouldn’t be wrong to question if there was magic used to produce such charm and sexual appeal.

As a healthy, living, human male, with Diadora in front of my sight, and being tempted as her finger moves closer to my lips, for just a moment, I’ve completely forgotten about the imminent threat that the devils are posing. I muster up all of my will and suppress my desires, then I gently take Diadora’s hand and pull it away from touching my cheeks.

Regardless of the fact that the hair on the back of my neck is standing up, I have full control of my body. My body was captivated by Diadora. At times, being too beautiful can be quite a problem. Diadora’s hands are soft and slim, they feel as if they would break if I was to apply even the slightest bit of strength, and so I treat the grasping of her hands the same as handling roses.

I’m dealing with the Spirit of the Black Rose after all, I can’t make any mistake now.

“I’m sorry, it is easier if I go and fight Georg alone. And it seems like there are still enemies here that have yet to be dealt with. Diadora, you need to stay here and help the Wood Elves in putting an end to the demonic soldiers.”

“Alright. If you say so. As long as you pay attention to your surroundings, I doubt anyone here will be able to defeat you, and so I’m worrying about a different matter. Won’t the forest be blown away if you use too much power?”

Diadora speaks jokingly and I could only let out a smile, obviously understanding the joke, which I rarely do.

“It’s one of the things I’ve been mindful of. I will not make the mistake of wreaking havoc when I was the one who proposed to help. Now, it’s time for me to get going.”

“Yes, I pray you’ll have the fortunes of war, Dran.”

“Thank you.”

Leaving behind these words of gratitude, I spread my wings and take off. First, I think I will destroy the encircling wall, then I am going to assist in the destruction of the Makai gate that is here. After that, I plan to destroy each of the gates Geren and Georg are guarding. The group which Olivier and the Chiefs led must have gone to where Georudo was since they were not here. Since the destruction of this Makai gate here is almost finished, there is nothing more for me to worry about here. Thus, the safety of Christina-san, Selia, Gio, and Fio flashes through my mind.


♦ ♦ ♦


Christina is worrying about Dran’s well being. After he left, the group continued to advance at a steady pace. The demonic minions continuously ambushed them but were successfully repelled, repeatedly. The Wolf-men are blessed with a strong physique and have a high aptitude for being warriors. Arachne can use magic and possess great agility and excellent situational awareness through their eyes, they are a very well-rounded force overall. The Wood Elves received some help from the spirits they’ve bonded with, on top of being capable individuals. Despite being a force consisting of many different races, there are no difficulties coordinating formations and attacks. Everyone is advancing through the Makai-like landscape with uttermost seriousness, but the longer they stay within the toxic surroundings, the more it wears away at their strength and spirit. The medicine brought along was specifically for this reason. They borrow the power of the wind and earth spirit to purify the miasma. The things that they can do is lie to themselves and to keep moving forward, step by step, deeper into the forest as its turning more and more foreign.

With the unexpected reinforcement from Christina and Selia, they displayed excellent combat efficiency and thus the three races reconsidered the fighting capabilities of Humans and Lamia greatly. The demonic minions would always clash with the frontline first before scattering, thus making the fight easier and ultimately ending within a short amount of time. If the enemies were only made up of low-level devils then, even with Dran being absent, it will only be a matter of time before the gate is destroyed. Dran is an existence worthy of being feared by all invading devils, not just the low-level minions. With steady progress, they finally make their way to the gate and here is where their biggest enemy awaits.

Countless voices combined together, all in agony and suffering, leak from the Makai gate. The gate is easily spotted since it stands out and the area around it has been completely cleared of every tree to make way for the battle. Every tree is either uprooted or cut down and their logs and branches are piled up to the side like a mountain. There is nowhere to hide. To fight around the gate means that the Ente forces cannot use the forest to their advantage, and so they hail down arrows imbued with magic at the defenders.

“What’s wrong? Is that it? The people of Ente! Is this the only trick you scums are capable of?  Huh!? Fuhahahaha! This Geren can stand here for days and you still won’t be able to scratch me with such half-hearted tricks!!”

As if his body is darkness itself, the black giant, Geren, stands as he easily swings his axe with his right hand and sweeps away any magic imbued arrows that are aimed at him while feeling disappointment. Geren is in the open, like a boat in the middle of a storm, and he sweeps aside the arrows heading toward him like blowing away leaves. Throwing spears, rocks, and even flame shell magic, they are all crushed by Geren without ever touching his armor. Due to the outrageous way Geren handled his axe, Ente’s forces surround Geren, while taking care not to step too close or risk being blown away and killed. The momentum of Ente’s force is barely holding up.

“Fufufu, you pieces of trash can’t defeat me even if there are ten thousand of you. You’ll have more hope if you were to prepare one thousand heroes against me.”

Bearing the axe on his shoulder, Geren steps forward, anticipating another fight with the formidable opponent from the night before. The number of the demonic minions is slowly being reduced, but they are only sacrificial pawns that can be replenished later.

The warriors of Ente are confident that if they completely killed off the minions, they can combine their power to take down Geren. Being surrounded, Geren more or less finds it annoying but he realizes it is futile to complain about such a useless matter.

Gio, who has led the Wood Elves up until now with attacks like bows and spirit magic, is now stumbling in front of Geren. The sense of helplessness and frustration drives him to grind his teeth and cause wrinkles to show on his forehead. Although the Wolf-men and Arachne boldly confront Geren, they cannot topple his mountain-like figure. Moreover, on the contrary to how he looks, Geren is incredibly agile, his swift movements outclassed both races, and so they cannot land an injuring blow.

Doubts start to surface as they face the monster that is blocking their path. In addition, they had consumed much of the medicine already and are now continuing to exhaust their magic in order to continue to fight in this miasma. As they continue to struggle to no avail, their breathing becomes heavier and heavier to the point where it seems like their necks are being strangled by ropes. For those that become impatient and start to act carelessly, they meet with their inevitable end. Now, the morale of the group is being destroyed. One of the frustrated Arachne with burn marks on her beautiful face suddenly launches herself at Geren’s leg.

The Arachne is young, and on her black exoskeleton are three yellow marking lines. Peeking out behind her shoulder length trimmed pale blue hair are six spider eyes. Those eyes are those that most humans can sympathize with, as they are filled with hatred and anger towards the enemy that had brought destruction upon her home.

With the explosive jumping ability provided by the spider legs, the Arachne thrusts out a shiny black spear, grasped firmly with both hands, and aims for Geren’s ankle. Among the group, Gio is the first to notice the reckless action. He instantly understands her intention, more or less, and shouts out the order.

“It won’t work, not alone!! Back her up!”

Unfortunately for the Arachne, just as Gio’s order to help her reaches the other Wood Elves’ ears, the speed at which she is moving is too great thus she soon finds herself alone within Geren’s grasps.


“Tch, you insect. I’ll exterminate you right now.”

Even for the skilled soldiers, it would have been difficult to read the Arachne’s movements, but against Geren, the Arachne’s relatively small figure never leaves his sight as she crawls, leaving her shadow below him. Casually, like an annoyed human would have paid just enough attention to an insect while exterminating the pest, he swings the axe held in his right hand right in front of the Arachne. The axe comes straight down, as straight as an arrow. Although his attack was sudden, the girl’s spear’s tip unexpectedly managed to touch his body, but it did nothing to him. However, it allowed her to evade the decimating axe and ultimately escape death. Inside the Arachne’s mind, she understands that she’s nearing her final moment, her eyes are open wide and full of terror. No matter what, the Arachne is but an individual who acted out of frustration, and soon she would become the latest death toll. That is until someone dashes in, leaving behind a quick silvery trail as she arrives right next to her in order to help. Swiftly wrapping an arm around the Arachne’s small and feminine waist, they jump away and the quicksilvery trail is once again seen.

Where the axe struck the earth, cracks resembling a spider web can be seen, as well as large chunks of scattered rock. What’s more, it wasn’t a technique of any sort, the strike only had pure power behind it. Such power would have easily demolished even the most well-built house. The one who was moving like quicksilver through the wind as well as helping the troubled Arachne is none other than Christina. Christina looks back at Geren without any emotion, at which Geren is delighted. The one whom Geren wants to fight has finally shown herself.

“Are you alright?”

Unfazed by Geren’s blood red eyes looking at her, Christina asks of the Arachne she’s holding in her left arm. The Arachne, still in a daze, looks at her savior who swiftly helped her escape her life threatening situation, and eventually manages to slowly speak out.

“H-hai. I’m…alright-desu.”

“If so, I’m glad I made it. I’ll take that one. You need to fall back.”

Hearing the trembling voice of the young Arachne, Christina takes her sight off of Geren, smiling warmly and speaks in gentle tone to the now meek child. Facing Christina’s warm smile, gentle voice, mesmerizing beauty, and atop of being rescued from death just moments before, the young Arachne’s soul is seemingly enraptured by Christina. Her vision is charmed and her cheeks are dyed in the colour of red rose. The young girl holds some kind of feeling for Christina, that much is apparent to everyone.

While she was coming to the present battle ground, Christina had fought among the vanguards and kept the formation in check, she had helped dozens and not just this young Arachne alone. Regardless of race or gender, whenever Christina helps someone, she would show the same expression, similar to what she’s displaying now. Before the passionate stares of the girl, Christina releases her embracing arm from the girl’s waist. Christina understands that, right now, she is like a single rope that can be used to pull others out of the pit of death, her heart’s aching as she quashed out such thoughts.

“Hai, I’ll do as you told. My name is Ijeri-desu. Thank you very much, Ane-sama.”

“Ah, quickly now, please fall back.”

Ane-sama? Christina thinks as she turns her gaze to, once again, look at Geren and his red eyes. Even Ijeri at this time understands that Christina does not have the leisure to help others in the upcoming clash. The Makai Knight picks up his axe with both hands, holds it sideways, and silently gazes at Christina.

Before them, Christina and Geren are confronting one another, and Gio orders the present Ente’s forces to halt all magic and arrow attacks. All of those whom had witnessed Christina’s display of abilities in the defensive battle the night before quickly ceased attacking in panic. It’s not that they are doubting Christina’s abilities, it’s because they know that bombarding the fight with arrows and magic while calling it ‘support’ will do more harm than good. Their judgement is absolutely correct.

Taking a stance with her sword, Elspard, lowered on her right side, Christina then checks the flow of magic within her own body, making sure that it is well-distributed and there are no odd disruptions. Although she is wearing the same armor she was wearing at the start of the journey into Ente up until this moment, it does not change the fact that taking a direct hit from the axe wielding devil is a terrible idea. In one way or another, she will have to defeat the devil without getting hit by him and his axe. Everybody present here admitted that the requirements for Christina to be victorious is very difficult.

“Oi, if it isn’t Christina. Looks like these fellows of yours are rational enough to stop causing a disturbance. So, did you eat well enough? Had a good night sleep? Fully replenish your spirit*?

I was looking forward to having an enjoyable fight against you. Don’t worry, neither my troops nor your friends will interfere. That said, let’s go all out in a battle to the death, little Superior Original.” (T.L. Geren is referring to her ‘will’ to fight.)

“I’m honored to hear that you’ve waited eagerly for this fight; however, I’m sincerely asking that’d you refrain from calling me ‘Superior Original,’ for I feel troubled when hearing it. Regardless, this time, the fight will be settled. I will defeat you with all my might.”

“Hahahahaha, really now, then it won’t be boring for sure. It’s relatively easy for you to destroy the Makai Gate here. Of course, that can only happen once you’ve defeated me, which is the hardest part.”

“As long as I remain standing, this forest’s landscape will continue to transform more and more into the likeness that’s of Makai. The longer I remain, the more devastation this forest and those who live in it will suffer. Now, with that in mind, come at me with all you’ve got.” (屮゚Д゚)屮

“I knew that already. And because I know, I will come at you as such!”

Christina lowers her stance and charges straight at Geren like a gushing torrent of water. Each step Christina takes pushes her forward at a speed far surpassing human standards, the term ‘Superior Original’ mentioned by Geren is very fitting. Her long, sterling-silver hair flutters in the wind as she runs while bathing in the sunlight. It shines a brilliant silver, as if countless polished pearls were mixed within. Then, looming over Christina’s head, a phantasmal serpent simultaneously attacks with it’s sharp fangs. Selia had been encamping behind Christina and is now offering support. Remaining composed, Christina backs off slightly to allow the magic, unique to the Lamia, to activate.


“Nuhahahaha, of course its the Lamia girl, your name is Selia if I’m not mistaken. I remember you. With the two of you presently here, it will serve as a continuation to our unresolved fight last night. This is much better than single combat. This was what I truly wished for!”

If there were any adult humans present here, the serpent could easily swallow three or four of them without any difficulty. Even though the cursed serpent was made with magic, Geren thrusts out his left fist, the size of a huge boulder, and mercilessly embeds his fist into the serpent’s head. The serpent’s head then literally explodes and the pieces, once part of the head, are sent flying everywhere. It disappears moments after.

As soon as the bits and pieces of the serpent disappear, Christina closes in. Facing off against Geren’s great physique, it is extremely difficult for her blade to even reach his torso. Naturally, Christina targets his lower body, his legs specifically. As for Geren, having someone like Christina as an opponent, who’s not even half his height, is more troublesome than someone who has a similar build to himself. After all, being on the ground, Christina is very mobile. However, his overwhelming physical strength made up for it, and even Geren is confident that one good blow will be all it will take to kill Christina.

Elspard already had magical characters engraved in its blade, and with the glowing blue magic crystal fitted inside the end of the handle supplying magic, the sharpness of the blade rose to an absurd level. Last night, when it went up against Geren’s sturdy body, Christina demonstrated that the sword does possess the power to kill him. As Christina fearlessly closes the distance, Geren, being frank, dully slams his axe into the ground in front of him. It can hardly be considered physical labor, since he only moves his shoulder, elbow, and wrist, with minimal effort. When such an individual steps onto the battlefield in this world, it’s no wonder there would be mountains of corpses laid across the land.

The axe packed enough power to send even someone of the Giant race to the next life, but Christina nimbly takes two steps to the right and evades. The axe passes down her left flank with wind crushing momentum, the strong gust blowing and disrupting the silver-haired lady’s momentum. The wind is so strong that Christina feels as if it’s peeling away the skin on her cheek. Christina goes past the axe, but she stays strong and dashes between Geren’s legs. With all her strength, Christina slashes at his exposed left shin. With Christina’s skills, power, and her enhanced sword, even slashing through armor is basically the same as slashing through water, much less flesh. As one would expect Christina to damage Geren, Geren then lifts his left leg as he uses his right foot to balance his body to evade the sharp blade. Next, he shifts his right foot and shoots a downward left leg kick at Christina, the speed of the kick rivaling Christina’s sword slash*. Goor, hearing the sound of Geren’s powerful incoming kick transmitted through the wind, Christina ducks to the side and dodges it by a hair’s strand. She manages to not become a scattered mass of meat and bones. Geren’s powerful left kick goes past Christina without doing any harm and shifts his vision away from her at the same time.(T.L. Estelion’s beautiful illustration.)

After doing a body rotation, Geren turns his head and looks down at Christina. The ground beneath his right foot is gouged out and buried up to his ankle, all due to his sheer mass combined with the incredible amount of force when he shifted his foot. While this exchange was happening, Selia, with her snake pupils looking at Geren, is finishing up her chant and is ready to unleash the magic at Geren.

「Oh the will of the earth. Hear my voice. Unbind the unseen chains restraining thee power. Giveth form to the calamity that will bring forth destruction ‘neath the heavens.」

Using powerful magic that outclasses any magic she had used the night before, Selia held both hands high above as a heat haze covers her entire body. As she’s chanting, her melodious voice sounds more and more malicious, until it’s finished. Thereupon, the soil and rocks gradually start to raise all at once. The materials are attracted and gathered by an invisible spot formed high above Selia’s head. Soon, all of the debris accumulates, gaining in size, eventually becoming a huge mass of earth that is easily three times as massive as Geren. Manipulating gravity’s attractive property, Selia is planning to drop the enormous boulder which she is making on top of the enemy, and its makeup consists of dirt, soil, and rocks. In terms of ranking, magic that allows one to manipulate gravity is superior to other earth based magic.

“「Gaia Strike!!!」”

The enormous earthen mass accumulated over Selia casts a huge shadow over the ground. Bringing both her arms down to the front, the massive boulder’s shadow shakes and trembles. Soon, Geren was completely covered by its shadow as it’s falling on top of him. The boulder is  relatively low off the ground, and so the enormous earthen mass comes crushing down on Geren very quickly. Normally, this magic would be used against a large enemy force or to destroy a castle, even a fortress would be reduced to rubble.

As soon as she failed to slash Geren, Christina immediately retreats. On her face, a smile could be seen as she did not expect Selia to cast such magic. It would also suggest that Christina knows how terrifying the magic is and quickly gets out of its effective range. As the oversized boulder is coming down towards him, not even a single trace of fear is visible on Geren’s face. Holding his axe which had accompanied him through countless battlefields with both hands, he takes one great step backward and concentrates massive amounts of touki into its blade.

“Casting such cheeky magic. Nuuuahahahahaha!!!!!”

Geren roars! As if resonating to his voice, the jet black axe is then instantly wrapped in flame. It’s not flame by its true meaning, it’s Geren’s touki taking shape in the form of burning fire. Taking shape, a huge amount of concentrated touki is poured into the axe, then, Geren throws his axe at the「Gaia Strike」 that’s coming down from above.

This Makai Knight is so reckless, even if he does that…

Christina’s feeling conflicted as she thinks to herself. In the next moment, the answer to her doubt is revealed in broad daylight. It is slightly delayed, but the thunderous and eardrum breaking sound rings through the air. Geren’s axe clashes with the massive earthen mass. Altogether, the earthen mass that was formed through Selia’s magic shatters and crumbles in mid-air, scattering pieces that come raining down onto the ground.

Absurdly, Geren obliterates Selia’s「Gaia Strike」with a single blow. Rocks and other debris fall on top of everyone, regardless of whether they are Ente’s or Makai’s forces. Besides Christina and Selia, those who are watching in the distance look at Geren in complete disbelief, wanting to quickly distance themselves from him. As the debris from what was made by Selia’s magic still comes pouring down, Christina weaves her way through them at an astounding speed towards Geren, filled with intent to kill. Venturing into the danger zone and inspite of red-hot chunks of rock raining down due to Geren’s smashing the mass dead center, no fear surfaces on Christina’s pretty face.

Christina looks like a wind spirit as she skillfully speeds through and evades the debris simultaneously. Geren stiffens up his body to defend since it’s too late to try to evade the opponent’s blade. Christina comes in at wind shattering speed, slashing Elspard at an even faster speed than before. The blade cuts into the back of Geren’s right leg, spilling fresh poisonous black blood. The second time around, Christina managed a clean hit, despite having to deal with slightly problematic obstacles. Turning Elspard over and slashing from the right to the left, she leaves an abnormally large open wound in the back of Geren’s right leg.

“Too easy!!”

Before Christina gets another chance to swing Elspard, she takes notice of Geren’s axe crashing down, and moves her body away hurriedly to avoid a would-be surprise counterattack. Geren’s right hand grasps onto his axe handle in mid-air and swings its edge in a crescent moon shaped motion, scrubbing into the ground in the process. From Christina’s perspective, she sees the massive axe being swung at her like an enormous pendulum, and easily imagines that it would cleanly slice her into two.

“I’m not done yet!「Titan Fist」!”

Selia’s angry voice echos across the battlefield. At that moment, Geren takes notice of an enormous rocky fist flying at him, its size equaling his entire body, and quickly brings his axe up to guard against it.


Unable to withstand the force of the impact, Geren gets knocked out of balance and is blown away. He skips across the ground while letting out a serious sound. After a few bounces however, he twists his body while in mid-air, repositioning himself, and lands on two feet with little effort. Literally getting pounded, the feeling of pain spreads all over Geren’s body as the attack leaves him quite surprised. (T.L. Selia The Rocky Balboa.)

“Mahh, that was a surprise. In that brief moment, I definitely felt remnants of magic belonging to a dragon that was mixed in with the cursed serpent’s own magic. Fufu, this is even more interesting than I thought!”

For Selia to be able to continuously use high ranked magic like「Gaia Strike」, Christina feels completely amazed, unlike Geren. Christina tries to grasp an understanding of Selia’s ability; Selia invoked another magic right after「Gaia Strike」, I expected her magic to be exhausted and for her to require some time before being able to use magic again.

“That was amazing. Completely on a different level compared to yesterday, it’s like you’re not even the same person you were yesterday, Selia.”

“It’s strange and I don’t have an explanation for it myself, but I feel terrific today-desu. It must also be thanks to the Magic Crystal and the Earth Spirit stone Dran-san had given me!”

Selia cheerfully disclosing her ‘secret weapon,’ showing Christina the Magic Crystal as well as the Earth Spirit stone in her hands. There were provisions Dran had prepared before going off to help Diadora. The Magic Crystal Selia is holding onto was one that Dran himself crystallized with the power extracted from his dragon’s soul, and so one could say that’s that Magic Crystal is very unique. In addition to the vigor Selia absorbed from Dran while sleeping, Selia also received from him an extra amount of vigor in the morning.

Selia had absorbed and is controlling that vigor with little difficulty, her state of mind and body had never been better. The Magic Crystal which contained the dragon’s vigor is very special. Even now, it contains magical power many times greater than all of the magical power Selia had used since her birth put together. In spite of her usual gentle and obedient nature, having her hands on a stupidly powerful source of power, she became much more aggressive than normal.

“I can do better-masu!

「The cursed serpent’s blood flows in my veins. It’s cursed soul is one with my own. O I beseech thee, let thy accursed roar be heard, spit out poison, and detest all life.」”

Powerful reddish-purple colored magic starts gushing out from Selia’s body and in turn causes both Christina and Geren to be taken aback. Drawing out magic from the enormous power reservoir within the Dragon Magic Crystal, this enhances Selia’s Lamia hide(scales) to a level rivaling a true dragon’s hide. The reddish-purple magic then gives form to an eight headed serpent and all its necks are connected to one body. Last night, Geren had fought against a seven headed serpent, which was a unique and very powerful magic only the Lamia are capable of using. Now, Selia is using the strongest inherited magic spell she’s currently capable of.

“「Eun Jaramu!!!」”

Eun Jaramu’s features strongly resemble a hydra, each of the serpent heads is filled with a dragon’s power. The serpent approaches Geren, pushing through the thick miasma that fills the air as well as the earth with ease. Shivers runs down Christina’s spine as she watches Eun Jaramu’s power, and she is glad she wasn’t the target of such magic. Geren holds onto his axe, full of unyielding determination, and confronts the beast. Emitting dark red magic from its scales that are reminiscent of flaming embers, some of Eun Jaramu’s heads spit liquid poison at Geren.


Whereas the first phantom serpent was effortlessly destroyed by Geren with a single swing of his axe, Eun Jaramu now had a considerable amount of dragon class magic mixed within, the magic is so dense that it can no longer be called phantasmal, illusional, or anything of the sort. This eight-headed hydra would not be defeated with one or two hits. Geren stands his ground against the hydra, sweeping away the toxic poison with his axe while knocking away some of the heads that try to take a bite out of him, entangling the heads which grew from the same body. Where poison drips onto his armor, black smoke comes out, and it corrodes away in an instance.

As three ferocious heads try to dig their sharp fangs into his body on his left flank, Geren, in one fluid motion, puts all three under a choke-hold. His skin burns as it’s making direct contact with the hydra’s reddish scales. Under the monstrous strength of Geren’s muscular left arm, the sound of breaking bones can be heard under the scales of the hydra. The three heads cease moving in Geren’s chokehold as their necks are crushed by him. Geren forcefully rips the heads off and drops them on the ground. The heads do not fade away and remain intact along with the remaining magical power. Thus, the ground is soaked with wet red blood flowing out of the severed necks.

After Geren dropped the three lifeless heads, the five remaining heads glare at him full of hatred, and from behind Eun Jaramu’s back, Christina jumps over. Toward Geren, Selia commands Eun Jaramu to be extremely hostile, and to try to kill him with its all. However, she takes care as not to harm Christina, and orders Jaramu to take care not to injure her by mistake, especially by its poison. Now, Christina attacks Geren while Eun Jaramu is keeping him company. Geren swings his axe at Christina, Selia predicted as much and orders two of Eun Jaramu’s heads to coil around his right arm and sink their fangs deep into his upper arm.


Kicking strongly off of Eun Jaramu’s back, Christina flies through the air like an arrow released from a bowstring, and closing in on Geren, she cuts into the right side of his neck.

I’ve only managed to cut through a third of his neck, it’s still insufficient for killing him. Hmph! He’s groaning since there are eight holes on his arm, that’s the work of Eun Jaramu’s sharp and black fangs that has sunk into his flesh.

Trembling from the pain and feeling angry at being bitten by Eun Jaramu, he plucks all of the remaining serpent heads off of their body and soaks the ground in more blood. The severed heads of Eun Jaramu along with its body slowly fade away into thin air along with the dragon’s magic.

“Wha..? Are those ribs!?”

Selia widens her blue snake eyes, fixating on the ribs of the one who defeated her strongest magic. Geren’s black rib bones are ‘pushing’ themselves outward.

“Fufu~ you’re quite right. With some simple flesh manipulation, I can harden my skin to the same level as armor. There’s no problem with manipulating my bones either.”

Not so boastfully, Geren speaks as he shows Selia his broken ribs. The curved bones grow as it’s in perfect condition. Then, eight rib bones grow out of his body and come flying at Selia at breakneck speed. Selia finished a defensive barrier chant and deploys it in a hurry. She crawls away, trying to dodge the incoming bones.

One bone, two boness, avoid the bones, avoid, avoid, avoid!

Unfortunately for Selia, the bones didn’t simply fly in a straight line but turned in mid-air while chasing after Selia. Just like that, the bones are relentlessly chasing after the lovely snake maiden.

“So close!”

“Give it up and die, daughter of snake!”

Four times, five times, six times Selia had avoided the attacks, but she won’t be able to avoid anymore if they continue to come after her. She needs to think of something quickly to cut the bones off. Each of the bones can easily go through thick armour like paper, the barrier Selia put up didn’t even slow it down, it’s not possible for her to defend against them. Selia’s body stiffens once she realizes that death is imminent, thinking about what a horrible way of death it is to have her body skewered with bones. Suddenly, the Dragon Magic Crystal Selia’s holding in her hand shines brightly in a different colour, white.

“Eh? Whoa! The Magic Crystal Dran-san gave to me is defending me?”

This Dragon Magic Crystal Dran had given to Selia as a precaution functions by sensing Selia’s near death situation and is playing its role magnificently. As soon as Geren’s bone attacks get too close for comfort for Selia, they are instantly erased. The Dragon Magic Crystal emits white light and is creating a sanctuary encompassed by divine white light. Bones fly across the border line one by one, all quickly turn into white light particles.

“Goooooaaaaahhhhhhh!! That’s…ancient Dragon race’s….!!!!”

The Dragon Magic Crystal continues to sustain the light sphere which is preventing Geren’s bones from entering while also causing him pain. Seeing as it’s pointless, Geren discontinues his pursuit, and instantly, the pain he receives from the Dragon Magic Crystal stops.

‘No matter the quantity, and no matter the duration, as soon as the dragon’s magic touches your body, you will feel as if you’re being trampled upon.’ (T.L. Assuming pure dragon magic gives the most pain.)

Geren quietly recalls and restates Georg’s warning. He stumbles a few steps while bearing with the pain, such action on the battlefield will most likely result in fatal consequences. Needless to say, Christina did not miss such a tempting moment of carelessness.


“Tsk! Trying to exploit my opening huh? We’ll see about that!”

Coming at him from behind, Christina kicks off the ground, temporarily using the wind to aid her flight, she slashes her sword, aiming for Geren’s head. This time, she’s planning to slice his head into two, vertically, instead of severing his neck. In reality, however, the Makai Knight has no intention of letting his head be sliced off in any way. Enduring the effects of dragon magic on his mind and body, Geren whirls his axe at Christina, the wind pressure created by his action is very strong, even throwing Christina off-balance.

A single swing could kill thousands. Geren wielded the axe with the strength of tens of thousands of men, but now he feels an uncomfortable weight as he lifts it. Geren understands what’s happening. Blocking the axe in mid-air using Elspard, Christina then lands on top of the axe. Her hand touches the rough and uneven surface of the axe’s blade, the feeling transmitted through her hand makes her feels unpleasant. The weirdness, out of this world feeling, in pattern designs on it doesn’t help either. Meanwhile, Geren concentrates his touki into his left arm and tries to roast Christina who’s on his axe. Christina endures the blazing pain and quickly dashes away.

Although in the last battle, Christina was able to run up Geren’s left arm, this time she attempts to run up his right, which is occupied with wielding his axe. Geren rotates his body, trying to do the same thing he did in their previous battle, but this time Christina’s feet are faster, and Selia is also casting magic to distract him.

“「Oh the will of the Earth. Hear my voice. Become the chains that bind my enemy, Earth Chain Bind!」”

One by one, gigantic ringed chains start coming out of the unearthly Makai landscape, each chain seems to contain a mind of its own and starts wrapping themselves around Geren, tightly restricting his movement. Being tied down by chains upon chains, Geren’s moments are sealed. Watching the entire process is similar to watching a horde of countless snakes seizing one prey. The chains are made out of the very ground that Geren strengthened, after a few moments he would be able to break free, however, time is scarce and a brief moment is all it would take for the enemy to kill you.

Christina pushes on with her all and makes sure not to miss the precious chance Selia had created. Despite being chained down, Geren is not completely immobilized, inching his foot little by little, focusing his touki, he’s breaking free. Responding to its wielder’s strong fighting spirit, Elspard’s light shines brighter in the grip of Christina’s hand. Elspard is emitting light bright enough to outshine the radiant sunlight, up until this moment, Christina had never felt such a sense of reliability.

“Prepare yourself!”


Geren’s unable to break free, and the angle at which Christina arrives in front of his forehead is similar to how a spear wielding cavalry, mounting a warhorse, would pierce into their enemy. Geren starts to manipulate the blood flowing out of the wounds on his side but Christina wasn’t so foolish as to not be expecting an attack. Nonetheless, her aim is for his neck. The moment they are both close enough to strike, everyone who’s watching froze and a chill runs down their spines. Christina avoids Geren’s blood strike from his open wounds, her silver hair bundled by a blue ribbon flutters according to her movements as if dancing.

After avoiding Geren’s final attempt in the nick of time, Christina swings Elspard without any hesitation. The feelings of cutting through thick iron, elastic flesh, and bones are transmitted through the blade, and in front of Christina’s vision, she sees Geren’s separated head. Christina’s gaze meets with Geren’s, and as Geren’s head is slowly falling down, he lets out a satisfied smile.

“Splendid, utterly splendid!”

Geren’s head falls onto the ground while muttering in a praiseworthy voice. His head then crumbles to dust, a natural end for those who are not born in this world, his body too disappears in the same fashion in front of Christina. In the end, not even dust remains. Christina watches to make sure Geren had disappeared completely, and loosened up a bit while letting out a small breath. That said, there are demonic minions still remaining, but now that Christina had defeated the biggest obstacle, everyone was allowed to relax, just a little. Given that, their focus is still vigilantly placed on fighting the remaining enemies.

Shortly following Geren’s defeat, the Makai Gate is destroyed, and as soon as it happens, warriors of Ente cheer loudly in unison across the battlefield. After the battle between Selia and Christina against Geren is resolved, their allies let out courageous war cries and literally start to mop the floor with the demonic minions. Christina starts to inhale air deeply which helps to speed up the magic recovery process since she used up so much in the fight just now. She approaches Selia, who’s holding the Dragon Magic Crystal, while feeling worried since Selia doesn’t look tired at all.

“Christina-san, are you alright-desu? Somehow, we managed to beat him, but I don’t think I want to ever do that again.”

Seeing that Selia, who is hugging the Dragon Magic Crystal Dran gave her into her chest like it was a charm, is asking her, Christina hurries over while her breathing is still rough. Although they are still in the midst of a battle, Christina responds to Selia in a soft and tender voice, full of warmth.

“I’m fine. I’ve never faced someone who’s as powerful as him. Speaking of which, I was a little shocked when you used powerful magic one after another, Selia.”

“It was all thanks to the magic crystal that I received from Dran-san. Plus, I’ve received quite a bit of vigor this morning as well. I was able to accomplish this feat thanks to Dran-san-desu. Ehehe.”

Christina laughs seeing Selia’s smile, because it sort of reminds her of the love stories she was told, although she keeps it in the corner of her mind and doesn’t speak of it. After all, it’s not the right time and place for a girl chat. On the contrary, Selia seems to have been disconnected a little from reality after defeating Geren, and Christina now is at a loss on a certain issue.

“I wonder how Diadora-san and Dran-san are doing?”

The question turns Selia’s smiling face slightly gloomy, and the same goes for Christina. On the way here, out of nowhere Dran stated that he’ll head to the same place as director Olivier, toward Georudo. Then, with minimal explanations, he took off, leaving Christina to question his actions.

“I-if it’s Dran-san, he’ll be able to take care of himself, although it’s only a hunch. Well, after all, he didn’t seem to be wary of Geren’s strength at all, even after witnessing it.

However, he’s acting alone more or less. Thus, we have no choice but to believe in his strength and pray for his safety.”

“….Yeah. It’s… like that. I know Dran-san’s strength very well-desu. If it’s Dran-san, he’ll definitely be alright, uhh, definitely.”

“Yosh! Right, we should join the battle at this time too. Since the Makai Gate over here was destroyed, why don’t we join the others?”

While answering Selia’s worry, a question pops up into Christina’s mind, but she refrains herself from saying it aloud.

…..However, what was that strange presence I felt back then, shortly after Dran headed off?

It was Dran growing dragon wings out of his body, and it also happened that the moment he did it, a majority of his body turned into that of a dragon. However, Christina had no idea what it was nor did she suspect that it was Dran, even up to this moment. How Dran was able to transform his body into a dragon, the time for Christina to find out has yet to come.

♦ ♦ ♦

Christina-san, together with Selia, defeated Geren after all.

Flapping my wings after confirming Christina-san’s victory and also the destruction of all the lesser Makai Gates, I make my way over and overlook this ground. Here lies the only remaining Makai Gate along with its defender, Georg. However, the possibility of reinforcements coming through the Makai Gate and turning this world into Makai itself remains.

I must destroy the Makai Gate before any more formidable opponents get into this world, which in turn will speed up the process of turning the beautiful forest of Ente into something detestable.

There are presences of several hundred minions, but they are some distance away from the Gate itself. I’m certain that Georg has purposely arranged it to avoid having anyone meddling with our fight.

I look over to where the Gate is and, sure enough, I see Georg standing in front of the enormous structure that is as big as the elder tree within the village of Sai-West. The forest around here has been cut down and leveled. The landscape looks almost exactly like in Makai. There are high concentration levels of dangerous magic mixed in the wind, and swirling above the Makai Gate are ashen clouds which spark purple lightning every so often.

Although the Gate’s doors themselves are tightly shut, there are streams of various nasty coloured liquids such as purple and yellow flowing out, seeping into the earth like blood vessels. Adding more to the bizarreness, the vessels would lead to areas where the sound of heartbeats can he heard. The environment here almost exactly resembles the world in Makai, but even for the toughest living species in this world, bearing to live here is next to impossible.

As I descend slowly, with each flap of my wings sweeping away the dense miasma, Georg stands watching in silence. The caliber of his touki now is different from last night, it’s stronger. This is what one would expect from someone who showed up with preparations, and I feel eager to test the extent of his power.

“All of your comrades along with the other lesser Makai Gates have been purged from this world, Georg.”

“It’s the destined end of those who have exhausted their power in battle. Please, there’s no need for you to lament. For us, the corrupted ones, all have our time of radiant glory, and afterward, we continue to struggle until our last breath.”

Georg’s attitude right now is different, it’s not the same as last night where he was haughtily wishing for a worthy opponent to battle against. The him now has given me a reason to feel a degree of respect. Now, I may have come to notice another side of them* that I had not known prior to my soul transmigration, during the time when I was living a dragon life. While that may be true, what I’ve set out to do remains unchanged. However, I do feel a need to adjust my attitude and hold true to my opponent’s resolve.(T.L. Evil entities.)

“If you were to place your honor in a righteous way, then maybe we would have to fight.”

“Even if you say that, it does not matter now. I’ve made my decision and I wish to see it through. It’s unnecessary to show me sympathy or pity.”

“If that’s the case, then let us put an end to all of this. You are an enemy whom I must defeat. Nothing more, and nothing less.”

“So, let us begin. Allow me to witness it once again, the power which scorched the entire battlefield in a sea of flames, but, after so long, that power might have weakened.”

“You must have come to an understanding of what it means to challenge my soul in battle, you are one of those ‘battle freaks’ after all. But it is beyond you. You will perish as the feeling of helplessness consumes you whole. Not once has any Evil God or Demon Lord escaped such fate.”

I begin by slowly folding my wings. Georg reaches for his swords. Compared to my past self which Georg has seen, as a human in flesh and blood, I’m significantly weaker. Just because that’s true however, it does not mean that my soul forgets the delightful feeling of battle, and all the more reason for me to not be defeat by a battle freak. While his entire body is emitting touki which looks like rising smoke, Georg draws his swords. The sound of grinding metal, as the swords were drawn, penetrates my eardrums.

“Fufu, I’ve determined my reason to live on long ago, and so I’ve continuously seek out battles. I’ve been hard searching for someone of your caliber, and now that I have, I will finally be able to feel my soul burning. Ever since the first time I witnessed one of your many duels with the Divine God of War, Ardes-sama*, I’ve always wanted to cross swords and exchange blows with you.”

“Recalling from the depths of my mind, you must be one of Ardes’s retainer. Although wasn’t the brightest, you were still akin to a righteous God, now the battle freak had fallen into Makai.”

“I was drunk with bloodlust during the time of war. I remembered being in the greatest of joys as I continued to kill non-stop. In the end, I was cast out from the realm of Gods. Well, to think I would encounter you here, it’s almost a miracle. I’ve only ever dreamt of having a chance to fight against you. Thus, I want to fight with everything I have and wish to relocate. This battleground is inadequate in withstanding great power. If you allow it, then, together, we will travel into Makai.”

At the same time Georg finished talking, from each corner of the Makai Gate, pillars of light rose to the heaven, each shining in a different colour, and different corner of the Gate. Up above the clouds, the four light pillars start to link with each other. Before long, I’m trapped within a light cube. However, Georg isn’t aiming to confine me within this cube of light. The gate’s doors slowly open on both sides, then the passage through space leading into Makai is revealed. The toxic wind from Makai blows through, and then I start feeling that the space within the light cube is gradually separating itself from the space outside.

“Now, allow me to welcome you into my domain within Makai, Ancient Divine Dragon-sama!”

It is as I figured, the space inside this cube will temporarily transfer us into Makai. Although going by this method has a time limit, it is still a very bold act to perform. Regardless, this way, I can fight without having to mind others witnessing or interfering, I’m quite grateful.

While I was thinking, the space inside and outside of the cube is completely severed. In the next moment, Georg and I will arrive at Makai, the world where Evil Gods reside. Without a sound, and a feeling of tremor, the transfer process activates.

“Taking me on a trip without yet hearing my consent, but through your courtesy, I shall tolerate it.”

Immediately afterward, I feel slightly dizzy which might be due to motion sickness since we crossed through vast space in virtually no time. The world and atmosphere outside the cube had also changed. Looking up at the sky with ever changing colours, countless star lights twinkling within the darkness every changing colour of the sky for as far as the eye can see. Each one of them may be a lesser world of Makai, or it could be that they are stars and galaxies existing within this large Makai. Removing my gaze from the sky, I start surveying the land. This place, and even going beyond, is desolated and a complete wasteland.

“Your domain, you welcomed me to a remote and rather lonely place. There’s not even a single castle in sight.”

White dust particles flow past me as they disappear into the wind. Soon, the light cube dissolved completely, then I realize that I am now truly in Makai. It’s been a very long while since I’ve last visited this world, certainly the first time ever since I was reborn a man. You really never know what the future might hold.

“By our nature, we follow the ways of soldiers and live as such. The lifestyle befitted of kings and nobles is far from our cause. On behalf of all of us, I beg for your forgiveness. Moreover, this is where I’d like our battle to take place. So please, by all means you can do as you wish here.

With that, please allow me to show you my hospitality. From the Heart of the Origin Dragon, One Pillar of the Seven Dragons of Origin, The Bane of all Evil Gods, The Seven Colours of Catastrophes, The Rainbow of Ruins, The Dragon whom all Evil Gods fear above all else!!”

Makai’s miasma magic power starts to overflow from Georg’s body. Cracks then start to appear on his body, they look red hot as if there is lava flowing within his body. Although his body appeared to be covered in wounds, there is no sign of even a single drop of blood on his skin. Furthermore, as a result of his transformation, Georg’s build became even bigger than he already was. That’s not all, dense touki spews out of the wound-like cracks from within his body. His head, his shoulders, along with his elbows all grow in size and length. Here in Makai, Georg is able to take on his original appearance and power.

“Your spirit is commendable. Thus, I shall make your wish come true. However, in exchange, your whole existence will be annihilated.”

“Then, if possible, I wish to cross swords with you. Afterward, I don’t mind paying the price. Be it as it may, I’ve already lost. I will wield my blades without letting my pride interfere!!”

I open my wings, filling my sword with dragon magic, and prepare for battle.

Georg makes the first move. In Makai where he can fully utilize his power, Georg’s current power is now in the realm incomparable with last night’s, not that I am saying I’d rather fight him back then. The touki being emitted from his entire body is already functioning as a weapon. If we were in the human world, just a simple touch would have been enough to extinguish a mortal’s soul. In an instant, Georg closes the distance and swings down his three massive swords at me.



With my sword, Dragon Claw Sword, I repel the three large blades with one swing. As my sword meet with his, our power goes head to head. A powerful shock wave is generated and destroys a part of the nearby Makai Gate as it expand across the wasteland. Beneath my feet, a great crater was created as the result. Recovering immediately, he slashes his swords at me again. This time, I repel two of the three massive blades with my Dragon Claw Sword and jerk my body backward as the third blade, aimed for my neck, passes above my nose. In my posture, Georg tries to ram his shield being held in his lower left arm at me. I respond by flinging upright, then kicking against the shield accordingly.

My kick leaves behind a big dent on the shield while also blowing away the one behind it. As Georg flies backward, he crashes into a rocky mountain that borders the wasteland. After some significant distance was put between he and I, Georg manages to decelerate and comes to a stop with his feet dug into the ground. Thrusting his swords grasped by two hands up at the sky, dark clouds start to form above the tip of his swords, and quickly cover the entire sky as well as the land below.

“『The Cries of the Heaven, Shrieking Heaven Annihilation』!!”

Obeying Georg’s commands, the black clouds in the sky start roaring, thunder and lightning start to glitter through the dark clouds. In addition, he impaled the ground with the sword he holds in his lower right hand and injects an enormous amount of power into the ground with the massive sword as a medium. In an instant, the earth, too, comes under his control.

“『The Roars of the Earth, Roaring Earth Annihilation』!!”

Where Georg’s sword pierced the earth, that very spot is the epicenter of the earthquakes which occurs. The ground shakes every so often, and each time, the very ground where we stand would raise. While predicting what my opponent is planning, I take a leap and soar through the sky with my wings. The next attack may or may not be the end of this battle. When Georg is  around a hundred steps away from me, the magnitude of thunder finally increases in the clouds above along with the earth trembling endlessly, gaining in magnitude.

Georg then lowers the swords pointing at the sky and pulls the sword out from the earth. Next, he points all of his blades at me. His eyes shine inside the interior of his red hot and cracked helmet. Already, there is no longer the feeling of reverence toward me, they’re shining as a response to his desire to cut down his enemy with everything he has.

“Take this!『Twin Heaven and Earth Obliteration』!!”

Georg shouts. Then from above, countless purple lightning bolts rain down on top of me. From the ground, countless enormous chunks of earth are thrown at me. Georg gathered magic from Makai, adding it to his own, while also using it as a catalyst to strengthen his own magic attacks. Had we started fighting in Ente, these attacks would have, no doubt, erased most, if not all, of the forest’s western front from the face of the world. I dodge the downpouring purple lightning bolts and use my Dragon Claw Sword to slice apart the incoming earth masses, continuing my advance.

Georg however, had a different idea. The purple lightning bolts he had fired were no normal lightning and do not follow the law of nature. After each lightning strike I dodged, it turns around in mid air and chases after me. It is the same story with the bombarding earth masses. After each one went past me, they would defy the law of gravity and turn around after me just like the purple lightning.

I’ll end it soon, I’m not planning on playing a game of tag forever.

I turn my head around and look at the mess chasing after me. I decide to release my magic through the Dragon Claw Sword. Releasing my magic, I infuse even more magic into my sword and gain absolute control* over it. The sword’s blade then starts gaining in length and stops when I feel that it was enough. Pointing the tip toward the storm clouds above, I shout.(T.L. Meaning everything, its length, weight, effects. etc.)

“I’ll slice it apart altogether!”

Right now, one slash by my sword, infused with dragon magic, contained destructive power equivalent to a million lightning bolts. In a wide motion, I swing it from the sky down toward the earth and cut through every purple lightning bolt and earth shell homing at me. Everything which was in the path of my sword, from the clouds above to the ground below, was sliced — it’s more appropriate to say that they were swallowed whole by the strike. A thunderous sound, loud enough to pierce through my eardrums and penetrate deep into the corner of my brain, rang across the atmosphere. When it was over, the clouds above and the earth below have been sliced into two by my strike. Left over earth shells slowly decelerate and start to crumble as they fall down toward the earth in countless pieces as the result of the magic being cut off. The earth was widely split open and the clouds disappeared completely after receiving my attack. Suppressing my magic once again, Dragon Claw Sword returned to its normal size and length within my hand. I flap my wings and continue closing the distance between Georg and me.

“As expected, you overcame it with ease. Splendid, all the time spent waiting was not to no avail. My three Flash Swords, try and slice through them, 『Three-Thousand Grand Fatal Flash.』 Hmmmmmaaaahhhhhh!!!”

In an instant, all three of his swords glow in dazzling light and he slashes them at my direction. Each sword produces one thousand light slashes. In total, they created a wall of light(slashes) that heads toward me. Each slash of light is capable of cutting through all things in creation, both physically and spiritually. Holding my sword in my right hand and my left palm open, I cross my arms in front of me in an x-shape such that my sword is positioned above my left shoulder. (T.L. One slash looks like this, now add 2999 more.)

I push my left arm, which I morphed into that of a dragon from my fingertips down to my elbow, further out in front of me. My skin was replaced with white scales, my fingers became thicker, and sharp claws grew in place of my nails. Swinging my crossed arms downward, faster than the speed of the flashes, I crush all 3,000 flashes into millions of pieces as they were coming at me before my eyes.

Ggrrrrarrrr. After pulverizing 3,000 flashes, both my hands are now by side and my throat is making a sound like that of a growling dragon. A top tier dragon is capable of manipulating the whole of creation, and twisting the world’s every laws using its magic at will.

I start to alter my vocal cord along with my mouth and change them back to how they were in my previous incarnation. Changing a portion of my throat into a dragon’s, I start concentrating magic into my mouth, then compress it to amplify the firepower and then finally breath it out. Along with the use of Dragon Magic, one can say that a dragon’s greatest offensive weapon is its「Dragon Breath」. It is such the attack of which I am aiming at George.(T.L. Take from this as his Breath contain cosmic’s power in itself. Scary as f*ck if you think about it.)


Opening my mouth widely, one would be able to take notice of two sharp and pointy rows of dragon teeth in place of my human teeth. From the depth of my throat, overflowing bright and radiant pure white light shines. My「Breath」, which looks like white mist, comes bursting outward. Everything, from the fragments of the sword flashes that are still (lingering) in the air along with the dense miasma, is instantly incinerated by my「Breath」as I continue to add power for the attack to completely engulf Georg in my flame.

Seeing what is unfolding before him, Georg immediately puts up his dented shield on his lower left arm to defend himself. Even so, because of my breath, the temperature of the surrounding is increasing very rapidly, and the intense heat haze blows its way around Georg’s shield from the front to the back*. Recognizing this, Georg gathers and compresses the space around him, thick enough to distort the space around him to act as a shield. (T.L. That moment when you realize this MOFO can contain a black hole.)

This technique uses space itself as a shield, so unless the swordsman, or his sword, possesses an ability to break through the essence of space, he will not be able to break through regardless of his swordsmanship prowess. It’s that kind of invincible technique. However, whether it is time or space, any and all substance including the soul, will be burnt to nothingness under the breath of a True Dragon. Nevertheless, after reincarnating into a human, my strength had faltered (へ)*. In my prime, my Dragon Breath stood head and toe above all others. With the power I’m currently utilizing however, it’s still more than enough to burn through the distorted space.(T.L. He’s slightly displeased.) (P.F. Still OP as hell.)

The proof of this being that Georg had deployed multiple distorted space shields, and the moment my white mist breath touches them, they quickly burn away so fast that calling it instantly wouldn’t be wrong. When all of his shields were completely burned away, Georg slashes with the sword in his upper arms parting the fire by splitting space itself. Taking the brief moment of the opening, he jumps forward without even the slightest of hesitation. The next instant, Georg appears over my head, having traveled through space and time without wasting a single second.

“You’ve jumped all the way over.”

I stop my breath immediately and look upward. My eyes are now shining brilliantly in seven colours as I take a look above me. I see two swords cutting through the air in a crossed “X” shape, and also spot Georg’s big build behind them.


“My neck isn’t so cheap that I’d give it to you willingly.”

Hwooo, the intense sound of Georg’s big drawn swords cutting through the air, swinging them down toward me.

Your blades, their sharpness and power were meant for those who were a War God and akin to the Gods, to be wielded to slay evil. Now that I’ve grown accustomed to this body with dragon flesh, I will be on the offensive from here on out!

Since my throat is still that of a dragon, my war cry turned into a dragon roar.


Slashing my Dragon Claw Sword in my right hand, it clashes with Georg’s sword in his upper left hand, right in the middle of the blade. My strike causes the blade to shatter into a gazillion little pieces.


Refusing to give in, Georg follows up by swinging down the sword in his upper right arm like a meteorite, but I brush it aside with ease using my dragon left arm. As I am doing so, utilizing my sharpened dragon claws, I cut Georg’s big sword into six different segments. Moreover, as I pull back my left arm, I align my sword and cut off Georg’s upper right arm off at the elbow. Coming next would be his third swing. Pulling his big sword on his upper left arm all the way behind him in a stance, lightning sparks just like before. However, even faster than lightning, I slash and dispel the purple lightning.

I cut off Georg’s wrist with it still grasping onto the sword handle, they are both flung into the air while the blade is discharging lightning. Faster than the blood which had yet to flow out of his severed wrist, I slice off his right elbow. Ignoring all the pain, Georg tries to bash his shield against my face. With the shield blocking my vision, I grip my sword with both hand and swing it down, cutting through the shield.

“My entire existence…..”

The path of my sword ran straight down through Georg’s shield, through his hand holding the shield, and then from the top of his head right down to his groin. A vertical line showing the bisected cut slowly becomes visible. Slowly delayed, black blood starts to overflow like a waterfall down to the ground.

“…could never be a match for you!”

The overflowing waterfall of black blood drenches the ground wet with Georg’s body falling backward while splitting into two in the process. I let out a brief sigh.

The method which Georg had used to pull me into Makai should be over soon. After all, the Makai Gate which was linked to Georg’s soul should have been cut just now, we should be returning to Ente from this world soon.

Georg had fallen, the time we have left to spend in Makai is nearing its end. The method should reverse itself. After some time, the ground would start to change itself back to being the forest ground within Ente.

After I’ve returned, I’ll be sure to carry out the destruction of the Makai Gate, but before that…

I approach where Georg had fallen onto his back. Although both his body and soul were halved by my sword, there are still faint traces of light of life* left.(T.L. He sees the soul glowing.)

“Oh, that was………short……from….perfection, I’m…happy. Al….though….I was….no match, how….was I?”

“Your will and strength were most praiseworthy. You are not at all inferior to Ardes.”

“Ohoho, hoho, is…that so, you’re….I’m….thankful…..your words. They truly….flatter me….., then…..its been….an honor….it…truly…was…”

“The facts remain. The cruelties you’ve committed against this world, mercilessly killing its inhabitant, you will receive your punishment. Fallen War God, the blade which I wielded to end your life is one that represents the innocent lives you’ve taken from this forest.”


After his last words, Georg’s final remnant of life vanishes completely, his body start to disappear as well. Following that, light particles of black and white start alternating and I would soon find myself outside of Makai. In the Fallen War God’s final moments, I had sheathed my sword, stood silent, and paid my respect until his body completely faded away.

Oh those of the forest which had your life robbed from you by Georg, by these hand, I have avenged you. Thus, at least in this moment, I wish that all of you will permit yourselves and give him the recognition he deserved.

[To be continued]


I’m paying my respect, are you?

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Translator: Binhjamin

Editors: ContagiBro, TakaThien

Proofreaders: Ishman, Zeke

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    thanks for the chapter :D
    i wonder after this, will Diadora follow dran to the village ?, she already knows who actually dran is
    cannot wait for the next chap :p


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    Thanks for the battles…I mean the chapters.


  10. Xias says:

    “(T.L. Take from this as his Breath contain cosmic’s power in itself. Scary as f*ck if you think about it.)”
    Well, after not bruching your teeth for several millenia even you would have “Cosmic Powers” in your breath that could obliterate any opponent.


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  16. Thanks!
    That 3,000 slashes reminds me of Rippling Wind (Linley – Coiling Dragon), haha


  17. RagingWrath says:

    Thank you for the illustration, it answered all of my lingering questions about the fight!


  18. jorgelotr says:

    Thanks for your work.

    I’m not an eminence in old English, but the little I know about it is mostly about the personal pronouns:
    So “Unbind the unseen chains restraining thee power.”, in light of that, should be “Unbind the unseen chains restraining thine power.” or “Unbind the unseen chains restraining thy power.”, with the first option being more oldish.

    (Since I’m at it, in “It’s cursed soul is one with my own.” the apostrophe shouldn’t be there, since it’s a possesive and not a contraction of “it is” or “it has”, so “Its cursed soul is one with my own.”)


    • Binhjamin says:

      I need some old/middle english expert ~.~


    • cloa says:

      Subjective Objective Possessive
      1st Pers. Sing. I me my/mine[1]
      2nd Pers. Sing. thou thee thy/thine[1]
      3rd Pers. Sing. he/she/it him/her/it his/her/its
      1st Pers. Plural we us our
      2nd Pers. Plural ye/you[2] you your
      3rd Pers. Plural they them their

      [1]: “Mine” and “thine” were used before “h” and vowels, much as “an” was.
      [2]: “You” had replaced “ye” for most plural uses by 1600.


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    Kinda worried about author naming sense , hope the next evil bos dont have name such as john,smith , michael , or peter


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    lmfao your illustrations made me laugh xD! I can’t take this chapter seriously any more :3

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    Does anyone remember that he actually chose to lower the power his human form was capable of? Doesn’t that mean he can raise it?


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    • Binhjamin says:

      Ah, sorry about that but I find having two places where you can read was rather troublesome since I had to make changes to both if needed, and I did actually need to do so. After a few tines, I decided to take the G-doc down and focus more on WP :P


      • Skith39 says:

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      • Binhjamin says:

        I stopped updating the folder a while back as well, you might wanna take a look through the chapter list if you haven’t do so already.


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    Btw. do you have a regular uploading schedule? Is it one translation (chapter) per month? I tend to follow many translators and i visit many sites daily because they have no set schedule. I only want to know if I should check by here every week/ 2 weeks/ month/ 2 months etc. ^^ Thx for answering me/listening to me.^^


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