Verenia looked down at the small child in her arms then out the large window toward the lights that flashed in the distance. Out there, her love Ele was fighting against impossible odds to buy her time to save their son. The day she had chosen to love Ele she knew this day would come. There was only one price for their crime and that was death. For the nobles and dragons of this world it was the largest taboo. It was thousands of years ago when it was breached the child of the two, harmony between human and dragon, that had nearly brought the world to ruin.

“All was well worth it,” Verenia said as she looked to the smiling baby in her arms.

Spirits of the world heed my call and answer my wish. As the words flowed from her mouth she felt the power rising through her body. Among the nobles she was one of the strongest in magical power but the amount flowing through her now was near her limit. Uncaring about her own safety she continued. Darkness and light answer me and build a path that none may follow.

Verenia felt the power course through her body as a small white swirling mass appeared before her. Placing her baby in a small basket she pushed it through and prayed that it would find happiness on the other side.

As the child disappeared and the gate blinked out of existence, Verenia collapsed on the ground bleeding from her eyes, nose, and ears. Her vision started to blur, looking back to where her love fought, she let out a strained smile as the last of her life force left her.


The light was waning and Neil knew that it would be nearly impossible to reach home before nightfall. Sighing inwardly he slightly raised himself in his seat to try and relieve some of the pain in his lower back when a loud roar echoed through the small valley as if lighting had struck.

Great gusts of wind suddenly attacked and Neil was forced to pull the wagon off the road. Getting down from the driver’s seat Neil moved a little way away from the wagon and sat in a small ditch to wait out the wind storm.

After a few seconds the wind died down and Neil was left baffled. Before he had a chance to sort out what had happened a loud crying noise could be heard. Following the noise Neil found a small child laying on the ground. “Now where did you come from,” Neil said with a smile as he lifted the child gently in his arms.

The child in his arms had strange blue eyes with slit pupils and his hair was a bright silver. Neil looked for the child’s parents but when he found none he decided that the child was a gift from the gods. He and his wife had been trying to have a child for years unsuccessfully, and now they had been granted their wish.


Author: Aoiki Strass

Translator: Binhjamin


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  2. Space Wardrobe, the pursuer of space bunnies and space girls says:

    WAIT A SEC!!!
    How did she do it with a dragon?

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    good start, keep going. thanks for the hard work and thanks to those who help you(If any).

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    Thanks for the prologue.

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    I for one am looking forward to a dragon harem

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    So MC is half-dragon and half-human.
    Can´t wait to see him shooting out a dragon breath attack himself totally surprising his opponent. XDD


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    Seems interesting, does this have a novel/pictures yet or is it a web novel? Also, are you going to be focusing on Bu Ni Mi, this, or SRKJ, for the time being?


    • Binhjamin says:

      no picture or anything, it’s new.


      • Ardenn says:

        Where is the raw at? I’m assuming the name isn’t a direct translation from Japanese as I couldn’t find it anywhere I looked. Also, how new is this? Just started by the author and only a few chapters out or is it in the double or triple digits yet?

        Anyway, the prologue was really good, cant wait for more chapters.


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    Ok Binhjamin, ya caught me hook line n sinker. I just hope this TL won’t have tons of abstract references that normally make translation a pain.


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    Binhjamin you have hard time in srkj and now take another projeck that will slow your time more??


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    I liked the synopsis and the prologue intrigues me I hope you work on it. Though if it is too much trouble to work on 3 projects thats understandable


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    it is DRAN X seria son

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    Yeah superman dragon style!


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    Sounds really interesting.
    I look forward to reading the next few chapters to see if it stays interesting.

    Thanks for the prologue.


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    I hope he is not a dragonewt… IDK, they seem just like a horrible joke to me.

    The way dragonewts are usually depicted. Yeah, with tails as wide as 3 arms and about as long as their upper body.

    I really hope he is a were-dragon? Like a were-wolf, but shifting to dragon form.

    Or just normal human, with OPPOWER and dragon-like eyes. That would be fine too.


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    thank for the update


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    T-T them feels and so freaking early!!!

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    High hopes peoples!


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