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31 Responses to Illustrations

  1. kirindas says:

    Wow. Looks interesting. Wish there was a character list so I know who they are.


  2. NP-3228 says:

    Wah looks quite hot-blooded. Finally a down and dirty, bloody, manly, fighting spirit, shonen, induced story. lolz


  3. goblinrou says:

    If the white haired girl is his disciple, she looks quite yandere lol

    So far only 2 volumes out but i’m diggin the art.


  4. TheFrostDude says:

    Nice! Thanks for the illustrations, looks like a fun read! :D


  5. Kensei Seraph says:

    Thanks for the illustrations.
    I especially like the one where Slava catches the blade.


  6. [] says:

    who said that elf are elegant and graceful?
    he is one hell of an elf to me.


  7. Halfling Runner says:

    Man I’m liking what I’m seeing volunteer for proofreading I guess you can say that my philosophy is teh more the merrier


  8. Reyfista Pangestu says:

    Did the novel differ from the web novel?

    I actually read the WN quite ahead.

    who is the boy from second last picture?

    *a little spoiler*

    His discipline is now her teacher (she is new appointed teacher)
    The old man is his old rival
    The elf girl is old man’s granddaughter


  9. sherrynity says:

    What’s the name of that silver-hair girl? Sheryl?


  10. Lux says:

    wonder when will she realize that slave is his master


  11. TUSF says:

    So wait, where’s the first B&W illustration go? The second one is in Chapter 2, but the Prologue nor Chapter 1 have the one with the girl..???


  12. otakugamesmaniac says:

    Will Alma find out about Salva in the future chapters???


  13. Palifa says:

    Uooooo the arts are soo cuteee XD. Badass elf…although I can’t get a good look of Slava’s shoes, what kind of shoes he use anyway?
    Does Alma appear in the illustration? Which one? I’m curious XD


  14. Riku says:

    Looking at the illustrations is a wrong decision, the wait became even more unbearable!


  15. Knight Runner says:

    The pictures they move too fast who is the white haired smelt elf and whose that old perverted grinning old fart and why the hell is there a pointy dagger aimed at our MC???!!!!


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