Random Diary



Get on Reddit and now I’m asking for Translator Flair :D

Since I decided to go by Binhjamin, I made my reddit username Binhjamin.


What’s going on internet!?!?? Why are there so many Hestia fan art ?_?




Lel, maybe I should have give another clue like DxD or something.

Sigh. For any dragon other than ‘him’ to have this name…it got guts.

Enjoying the struggle :D


First Life, and now Death followed me. The banes for which I cannot escape.

Aldnoah.Zero ended QQ good ending, left lots to the imagination. Neither Slaine nor Inaho ger Hime. She honestly wasn’t that important. Could have been fine if they just duke it out till the end.

Salute Commander Inaho!

Slaine Pain Train.


While I was looking at the thread for Bu ni mi on animesuki forum, I spotted a QQ leecher. Thus, I put this together:

Woahh Woahhh Woahhhh….


10 Responses to Random Diary

  1. Halfling Runner says:



  2. zekeinferno says:

    Was a nice ep, action packed thru the roof! Inaho~ ftw


  3. Takatathien says:

    Lol, you wanna start a forum war? Because this is how you start a forum war.
    Seriously though, I do not see why the ending of the anime is good at all. The Princess just NTR both of the main guys who sacrificed so much for her. And she even had the nerve to refer to them as “friends” to her “new husband” in the end when she talked about Earth, which is literally a slap on both Inaho and Slaine’s faces.


  4. tomonex says:

    nice diary march has at least 38th days for you xD


  5. Magikarp says:

    I’m gonna try work under the assumption that the four letter word could end in ‘s’, so maybe we should be looking at 3-letter verbs instead. For example, the word ‘hug’, adding an ‘s’ after it makes ‘hugs’ which would fit in the context of DxD.


  6. fateturns says:

    Fuck man i give up @_@


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