Updates, cuz I can’t go on without being bugged by people.

So, another group decided to pick this up. No name calling but I’d like to offer an eye opener.

>Part release here we go.

>Chapter 16 Part 1. [I guess?] :v


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29 Responses to Updates, cuz I can’t go on without being bugged by people.

  1. woozlak says:

    You’re alive???

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  2. jorgelotr says:

    Thanks for your work. Hope your hell[RL] gets better.


    • jorgelotr says:

      Also, I risked eye cancer once again and went to check and, if I decoded it well enough (just found what seemed an almost readable sentence near the end and counted from there), your “part 1” goes a bit further than their allegedly complete chapter.

      [{Gotta go fetch my eye cancer medicine right now]

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      • Binhjamin says:

        pfft, I stop reading their from the first sentence. Rei from Re:TL told me to do something about it so I just went ahead and did what I never wanted to do. Release in parts.


      • Binhjamin says:

        Do keep in mind that the biggest thing that makes people don’t want to pick this up is because of how long each chapter is and how often you’d hit those long and complicated sentences which the author just spat in yer face every single paragraphs Q_Q


  3. thoraxe41 says:

    So who picked it up?


  4. Kazekid says:

    The other group is TL’ing the web novel. You’re doing the light novel correct?

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    • Binhjamin says:

      not entirely, most of what I translated here are from the WN. I do read LN as well, so whenever i could, i makeshift it by the LN :V If there happen to be a major plot line difference, I’d follow the LN 100%. So far tho, not a lot changed. Just minor details.


      • Kazekid says:

        So should we take this release as your return? Or was this just put out on a whim?


      • Binhjamin says:

        Got most of it done…I just didn’t get around to finishing it, and I mentioned this long long ago that I never wanted to release in parts but now it seems i kinda have it do that. My returns or not let see if i could keep up parts release weekly.

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      • Kazekid says:

        As long as there’s progress, release in whatever way is easiest for you.


  5. Seinvolf says:

    Thank u always for ur great work…

    Nice, someone continue it…


  6. I thought the “:v” stage was over for most of us.
    Looks like it can still go on for a little more ;v


  7. GM_Rusaku says:

    ………..γ ̄ヽ………Thanks!…………
    …….r’-‘| O |…~……..Nepu!!……..
    …………| ,|……~…….(´・ω・`)……..
    ……..,,-/ ̄|、…………O旦と )……..


  8. mlovolm says:

    the other version is kinda funny =))))
    it’s almost not paraphrased(and the like) at all, just throwing bluntly all the sentences as they were from JP to EN :v


  9. All Night says:

    Waited 3 months for one part :V

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  10. lightnovelsworlds says:

    Hey Binhajmin.. :)

    Always good to see a translator coming back….

    I sent you a mail.. Hope you got it…
    Since there was a long break from your side… and LOTS of people were requesting for this lovely novel to be picked up… We decided to give it a try…

    But since you released Chapter 16 P1 here… I wanted to ask whether your fully back or will you let us keep the translation from now on?

    I know we made quite a mess… but it really was complicated cox we relalized the chapters were digest after translating one chapter >.<

    But my translator has already fully finished Chapter 16 undigested version.. .Just needs editing…

    Let me know your decision so we can decided what to do after this?



    • Binhjamin says:

      Oh? Glad you posted a reply on WP since I rarely check my TL mail now. Regarding hosting my fan translation, I have no problem as long as you credit me. On the other hand, the reason why Im coming out of RL is because you guys somehow wasn’t able to see that the chapter was digested. From my point of view it was very arlarming to see it because it indicated 2 things to me. First is that your translator(s) who should be able to translate and understand the language was NOT able to skim and saw that it was digested. Second, judging from the length alone, the go ahead to post chapter 16 was ridiculous, it shows that you didn’t go ahead and read/skim my translation which I recommend doing just to know the references. As for chapter 16, if you could please link it to me, I’ll TL Check and provide some comments if you don’t mind.

      As for whether Im here to stay, i can’t say for sure, probably not. No I actually won’t so that’s that. You have my go ahead to take over BUT I also do request the permission to TL Check if you don’t mind. I can’t imagine you guys will be pumping out a lot of chapters in a short amount of time so my time frame for it is every weekend. We can talk about it more, just post it back here. Sorry I ramble for so long.


  11. Great that you came back!!! Even though releasing chapter by parts is bad, if it’s necessary to be done, so be it.
    But please, if you are going to disappear again, at least tell us, we can’t go on with the everyday expectative of you coming back ;-;


  12. The paragone Where? says:

    Better to have parts then nothing. Nice to see you back translating, And that you didn’t get hit by a truck/bus/mid-sized sedan with leather seats, a chrome finish, four wheel drive, winning best car in it’s class for 3 straight years, AND with a 2016 top safety rating…. that last one was oddly specific…. anyway good to be reading again


  13. Disguy says:


  14. fallenpanda says:

    no our lord and savior why has thou for saken us


  15. fallenpanda says:

    just wondering if your still translating or have dropped SRKJ all together as there is no news on whats going on with this novel from you or anyone els and its a great novel i would like it to continue but if it cant be ahwell all the same.

    also ncode doesnt have the raws anymore whats the go with that? or did i just not go to the right place.

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  16. All Night says:

    6month bump


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