Here are all of the drawings I used as banner:


水龍の巫女 by 藤原 on pixiv

魔竜討伐 by KIRAKIRA on pixiv

【PFFK】王女の咆哮 by 酒屋 on pixiv

Monster Hunter Artbook

Dragon Age Inquisition

Bahamut from Final Fantasy

Dragon Prophet

[I’ll post more once I find out where I got them from :3]


27 Responses to Banner/Artworks

  1. Skoll says:

    Dragons…. *drools*


  2. muelproject says:

    urgh,, can’t load it….


  3. flatmo says:

    I thought he was a boy. So why does he have boobs?

    Is he a trap because of his mother?


  4. brightxdarkness says:

    Too damn much dragond is one post.


  5. Kaiflame says:

    Thought you would have a dragon from GW2 as well.


  6. kasinki says:



  7. acouvis says:

    For fun with alyschu (translating Ni Tien Xie Shen) you should make this a banner temporarily:


  8. Kensei Seraph says:

    Thanks for sharing the banner artwork.


  9. kasinki says:

    not to be picky but… what about the elf girl that’s now acting as your banner / artwork? Do you have a link / pic of the too? :D


  10. Dezzter says:

    Your current background I recognize destruction power guy in bottom right, ice power crazy yandere general above him and that’s it for certain (top left is 1 hit kill girl maybe??) who are the rest and what anime they from.


    • willtellr says:

      Top left is Akame from Akame ga Kill, the same as the yandere general Esdeath. I also know bottom left is Shichika from Katanagatari (mmm, loved that one, watched it 4 years ago, but still remember some). Now I have no idea who the armoured dudes are, and I wonder who the blue bikini girl is (she seems like a ball of fun), but I really want to know who the blonde vampire looking onee-san is (those red eyes -> must be vampy). Though every time I look at her I think of Campione for some reason must be the shiny sword).


      • Panda-kun says:

        Top right bikini girl is Shiina from Angel Beats.


      • willtellr says:

        can’t remember anything from Angel Beats. Loved it and recently dled it again to watch once more.
        But then we have only 3 left to identify – the armour dudes and the red eyed blonde (mmm, red eyes)


      • CBuHoKoT says:

        The armored dude between Izayoi and Esdeath is Berserker Lancelot from Fate/Zero, and woman (lol) with red eyes and golden hair is genderbendered Gilgamesh from Fate franchise xD Enuma Elish is very recognizable.


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