Chapter 10

[Chapter 10]

-The Death Battle Previously in the Evening-

The gaze of the Chief, Deo, is indifferent compared to the looks the Wolf-man and Arachne woman are giving us. After a brief pause, Gio opens his mouth and speaks with a heavy tone.

“I’ve returned. Marl was safely found. More importantly. The result of the battle at the Northern wall has also been sorted out. Diadora skillfully fought the battle. Her opponent was a Demonic Flower Spirit from the miserable world.”

Diadora, who was silent up until now, finally decides to speak up. From the standpoint of an ally, it would not do any good if Diadora remained silent forever.

“Um, yes. I was finally able to face the devil with the ability to drain life force and match her. Although I failed this time, the next time, that devil will be stopped no matter what.”

“Save up your strength and don’t be rash. You should keep your usual calm and composed state of mind rather than letting blood rush to your head and hinder your mind.”

“I will put it aside for now. However, I will not forget what it is I must do.”

“Yare-yare… Now then, Gio, would you mind introducing those people? Vuraiku and Aljen’nu seem to both share the same concern as I do.”

“Please don’t worry, I was going to get to it.”

“I am worried. I do not want to cause an unnecessary quarrel in the middle of dealing with the Devil army.”

That reminds me, before meeting with Marl, I did slay several wolves, but that should not possibly be the reason why Vuraiku is giving me that look… Vuraiku’s strong physique and canine face are all wrapped in fur, especially his thick chest, it is not hard to imagine him having gone through hellish training to attain it. Aljen’nu’s eight eyes carefully observe our every movement, while loosely crossing her arms over her white embroidered tunic. Besides the two eyes with the same texture as a humans but with red irises, there are spider eyes located on the forehead and temple region, three on each side for a total of six, all of which are harboring a cold glint ─ not exactly hospitable.

“These are the ones who helped Marl when she was being chased by Demonic soldiers. Although I think you have already known of this Chief, but they are people settled in the village called Bern, and due to serious incidents occurring, they had decided to investigate deep inside the forest. In the battle in the northern area, their contribution was vital. If it weren’t for them, many lives would have perished.”

“What a nostalgic name, Bern… Yes, surely that is the name of the village, but for someone from there to be capable enough to drive the devils away- no, it is certainly possible. As someone who is in charge, I thank you for your assistance in the fight against the devils.”

“Fumu. Under the circumstances I was able to help. Therefore, you do not need be so humble, all is well. Though it is a little late for our introductions, I am Dran of Bern.”

“I’m Selia. I’m currently under Bern’s care.”

“Christina. I’m not someone who lives in Bern, and I’m simply following and assisting Dran in his investigation.”

“A terrible disaster has fallen upon us, but before we discuss any further, please have a seat.”

Being compelled by Chief Deo’s urging, we take our seats at the round table, and soon, an elf waiter comes out from the back room and arrives at the table carrying a wooden tray and three wooden cups. In each cup, a greenish liquid is served, which is apparently squeezed juice from fruits. A refreshing fragrance rises from the cup, flowing into the depths of my nose when I take a mouthful of the drink. The taste is a refreshing one.

“Having come a long way to the far west of this forest and being involved in its affairs. There is no point in withholding information. Gio, from where do you want to start the story?”

“The ‘gate’ appeared in the north, and from there, the devils came out and started massacring everyone living in the forest, including the area near your village, and since then, all the races living within the forest started to combine their power to fight against the devils.”

“Fumu. From what I hear, there isn’t anything in need of clarification. However, there is something that bothers me. Considering when the Makai Gate appeared, and with it the following disaster, the Wood Elves’ arrival to deal with the situation is rather late.”

“Are you referring to not using the Spirit Pathway?”

Indeed, Deo nods seriously. The Spirit Pathway is a special path which one can take through the spirit world. Traveling through it, one can cover a far greater distance in the material world compared to the distance one has to travel in the other world. It is possible for a few high ranking Elves whose affinity with the forest is exceptionally high, to open a pathway. A probable reason as to why the pathway was not an option, may be due to the devils’ obstruction; the Elves lacked enough manpower to stop them.

“The one who identified himself as Georg has set a deadline of three days, and we will not comply with his demands.”

The countdown until the battle against Georg has begun, but the three leaders’ decision seems to have already been made. Vuraiku and Aljen’nu both don’t seem to have any dissatisfaction toward Deo’s words. It is in situations like these, that bonds of trust are formed.

“Reinforcements also won’t be arriving within three days time. Therefore, we must concentrate all of our remaining fighting force into bringing forth the destruction of the Makai Gate so the forest can be cleansed of the invaders thereafter.”

The battles on the western side of the forest not only affect the Wood Elves but they also determine the fate of the neighboring villages of other races as well. Deo’s face deepens with solemnity, while the expression on Aljen’nu remains unchanged.

“The devils can maintain their existences in this world due to the power constantly being supplied through the Makai Gate. If the gate is destroyed, the miasma leakage will cease. Afterwards, the forest can regenerate, and in due time, it will regain its former beauty.”

There is no mistake in what Aljen’nu is saying. If the destruction of the Makai Gate connecting to the material world can be accomplished, then the devils cannot stay for long and therefore their demise is set in stone. However, approaching the gate is problematic, the closer one gets to the gate, the stronger the demonic soldiers will become and the environment will grow harsher, until it is unbearable for living creatures. Taking this option, the enemy will grow even stronger while accepting the fact that allied forces will weaken as the result, but the leaders seem to understand the consequences of their decision. It requires them to accept a bitter sacrifice.

“We have three days time, it is best to use that time wisely to prepare for any possible events might happen. It may be the arrival of even more powerful enemies or the arrival of an entirely new army, those are a couple of possibilities. If this urgent matter can’t be settled, then only a dark future awaits everything living in this forest.”

“I understand the situation you all are facing. I’ve also spoken with Gio, and I am intending to fight in the upcoming battle. Of course, what I mean by this is to fight against the devils since there is always a chance that the devils can break through and then commence to slaughter my village and possibly invade the Kingdom itself. That is a possibility I cannot overlook.”

This is something that Christina-san, Selia, and I had already agreed upon. After once again hearing my affirmation, Christina-san and Selia don’t seem to be raising any objections. As someone who lives in the forest, Deo seems to hold doubt towards receiving assistance in the fight against the devils,  when the help comes from those who are not native to the lush forest. Gio also had a hard time accepting our help and once again hesitates to speak, letting out a small groan. Just when I thought the silence was here to stay, the Wolf-man Vuraiku speaks up and gives me his approval.

“Our powers alone aren’t sufficient, it is not at the level we hope it to be, and as unbelievable as the report on your battle defending the northern wall sounds, such abilities are what we desperately need.

Yo Deo, we require the strength from the other party. We are in a difficult situation, many of our warriors have lost their lives. With our forces so few in numbers, it is unwise to refuse their assistance.”

Generally, the Wolf-man race as a whole is strong and possesses a great sense of pride, because of this there is hardly anything that would compel them to rely on other races. As “neighbors” living in the same forest, there is a certain camaraderie between the different races and they would happily join forces. For the proud warriors to ask outsiders for help, the matter at hand must have worn them out considerably. Although Diadora might be able to fight against Georg on equal grounds, even for those who possess exceptional power, it is quite reckless. While Varaiku’s words are forcing Deo to decide on an answer, Aljen’nu opens her mouth and presses Deo to make a decision. All eight of her eyes, filled with cleverness, are reflecting Deo’s face in them.

“I agree with Varaiku on this matter. Dran, Christina, Selia… Your proposal is an unexpected fortune for us. Let us try and ask for help in a normal manner that won’t trouble anyone. Deo, Varaiku, don’t you all agree? The fighting has temporarily ceased, but dawn is when we must finalize our decision. Anyway, they did uphold the terms once forged with the village Bern, no? Up until now, they have enjoyed many benefits from the trade of lumber by cutting down trees within a tolerable amount, we can additionally allow them to trade for the game the Wolf-men catch and the threads we Arachnes produce, even the Wood Elves can trade medical plants, flowers, and herbs. Even if it is on a small scale, the humans now have many valuable goods among them. In order to put one’s life on the line fighting, I believe we need to thoroughly consider their needs.”

Aljen’nu’s proposal gives me, as an individual, something to look forward to. Even without receiving any collateral, I will not hesitate to offer support in the fight against the devils, but now that the suggestion concerning Bern receiving compensation in the future is up, I feel fired up and ready to fight, all excited like a horse looking at carrots hanging in front of its eyes. Similarly to Lamias, Arachnes also require males from another race to breed with. As Chief, Aljen’nu is most likely planning to familiarize the Arachne with the humans to create new opportunities, specifically targeting males outside the forest.

Currently, Bern’s most profitable source of income is from timber, it outweighs the profit from the mining of Akira Spirit stone and the Elixirs that Maguru Obasan and I produce. If the magical plants in the forest of Ente can be traded to us, and the supply of the herbs is stable, then we can produce better Elixirs and our income would increase dramatically. Aljen’nu’s proposal stirs up my will to fight while pushing Deo to decide. The signs of hesitation are no longer visible on his face.

“That’s right. We ask for your help and compensation will be given in return. In that case, we shall accept your help, let us work together. We will be in your care.”

“We’ll try our best to meet your expectation with our poor abilities. Have any arrangements been made to inform the human kingdom of the situation? Getting help from human mercenaries may be a little dangerous, but in the worst case scenario, reaching out toward the kingdom for help is definitely something to consider…”

While we do not plan to let the situation turn into the worst possible scenario, there is a chance that this western stronghold might fall. If the Wood Elves are defeated, then the devil army will invade the regions surrounding Ente, that much is certain. It is safe to assume that the devils are currently organizing their forces, but if they come out on top in the end, then there would be piles of corpses and rivers will be dyed blood red. A reply to my question comes from a woman who appears from the back of the room.

“An envoy is being arranged by me and is set to go to the kingdom soon. Please focus your thoughts on fighting the devils without worries.”

A new Wood Elf showed up, and naturally, I turn my gaze at the direction the voice came from. The first thing I notice is her dazzling golden hair flowing down behind the back like gold threads and a dark green robe. Long and narrow eyes with irises the color of radiant emerald, skin as white as snow giving off a sense of transparency, I am almost unable to move because of the appearance entering the room, the resplendent female Wood Elf gives off the impression of a beautiful statue meant to be gazed upon. She seems to be in her late twenties, but for the long-living elves, one cannot guess their age by their outward appearance. But if I have to guess, I would say that her age is below that of my soul, which trumps every living being in existence.

I keep my eyes on the female Wood Elf as she makes her way over to Deo and stands beside him on his right. Vuraiku along with Aljen’nu, Gio, and Fio all nod at their acquaintance’s claims. As I am about to ask Gio or Deo who this newly arrived woman is, Christina who had been sitting on my side raises her voice in surprise. It is rare to see someone with her personality to behave in such way.

“Academy Director!”

Widening her deep blood red ruby-like eyes, Christina-san stares at the Wood Elf woman’s face calling her Academy Director. The Wood Elf is the Director of Christina-san’s academy it seems, those pretty emerald eyes glance at Christina’s beautiful face showing rebuke.

“Christina, you must not speak in such a manner. That isn’t how a lady expresses herself. Furthermore while we are here, I am not a Director but one of the many Wood Elves. Please call me Olivier casually.”

“Christina-san, who is this?”

While Selia’s split tongue is making small “ChiroChiro” noises, I ask Christina.

“She is Olivier, the Director at Galois Magic Academy where I’m attending. I knew she was a Wood Elf, but could it be possible that the Director’s birthplace is in this very forest?”

“I am the Director of the Academy. As for the answer to your question, this village is my birthplace, that is correct. I ventured into the world outside and left the village and the forest a long time ago, but when I came to know of the situation I immediately rushed back. Since I had sorted out what needed to be done back at the Magic Academy before my departure, there is no need to worry about the circumstances there.”

“H-hai. Is that so…”

It seems Christina-san doesn’t know how she should act in front of Olivier as she can only smile with a troubled face. Fumu. This is the first time Christina-san has behaved like this, I’ve seen something unusual but interesting. As I think to myself, Selia brings her face close, and whispers into my ear:

“Dran-san, What is this Galois Magic Academy Christina-san speaks of?”

“Fumu? Galois is a city located south of Bern, and there is a prestigious Academy that specializes in teaching magic there. They named the Magic Academy, Galois, after the city’s name. Geographically, Galois is located in the northern area of the kingdom and is a major economic cross-road, where news and special products gather from various northern regions. To sum it up, it is a city where money is gathered and distributed commercially. Naturally, lots of humans gather there as well. As for the Academy, they’ll invite those who can use magic and educate magicians to work for the Kingdom.”

Almost all of the students at the Magic Academy have large financial and political support. The students often have relatives who are aristocrats or wealthy merchants, but only a few of them can make it and become a court magician. The cost of attending the Magic Academy is just impossible for commoners to afford, in fact, the academy has scholarships which cover tuition and living expenses in place, but that only applies for those who have talent and were invited at an early age.

“He~. Well then Dran-san might get an invitation to the Magic Academy too. There are lots of people talented in magic in the village of Lamia where I grew up, but Dran-san is much more amazing compared to those people.”

“Fumu, thank you. Well, the path which leads to becoming a court magician will be open to those who entered the academy and demonstrated profound results, it is one way for those who wish to improve their social standing to tread.”

“N~ b-but if Dran-san leaves Bern, then I’ll b-be lonely.”

“Yes. I, too, will be lonely if I was to part ways with Selia and leave the village. Well, it is a far away talk for a farmer like myself.”

I feel comfort in hearing Selia saying that she would be lonely if I am not around, in fact, personnel from the Galois Magic Academy do visit Bern, they set up entrance exam several times to find the talented ones and invite them to the academy. For now, I do not intend to enroll in the academy, but I need to think about it a little, for it could benefit the village in some other ways. Nevertheless, what is happening right now takes precedence. Crushing the devil army is currently the top priority.

“For now, we’ll leave the job of contacting the Kingdom to Olivier-san, is that alright?”

“Yes, please leave it to me. I’ve already spoken to the few who had left the forest at one point to go. Otherwise, including me, everyone is going to fight to protect our home. The burden is not on Dran-san alone.”

“Is that so, that’s quite reassuring.”

Then I’ll destroy the gate so we can have an advantage over Georg. Tomorrow noon when the sun is at its peak, we will depart along with our allied forces. After the meeting, Deo let us stay in a vacant room inside the patriarch’s house, we are guided to a large room.  If we follow our common-sense, men and women that aren’t family members nor lovers shouldn’t be staying in the same room overnight, but we will have to since this is what was given to us.

Selia is feeling a little shy, Christina-san has already taken off her gear and is sitting on top of a bed, she doesn’t seem to be bothered in the least. Although her womanly appearance is boastful with supreme graceful beauty and is giving off an elegant and noble atmosphere, her personality doesn’t reflect her as a noble at all, I feel that she is closer to a commoner. My envisionment of nobles from stories could be wrong, or Christina-san is greatly different from ordinary nobles. I’ll go with my intuition and pick the latter guess.

“Christina-san, I’ll go outside for a little bit. I’ll be back shortly.”

Taking my armor off, I walk out while keeping my sword with me, “Haiii~~” says Selia, her voice full of vigor. I walk out of the room that was given to us inside the Sai-West village, the reason why I head out is to find a certain someone who headed off before we did during the meeting. It was a good unexpected turn of events that the devils ceased their raid and retreated. Tension is high within the village and there are less guards patrolling within, due to the majority of them now being stationed at the wall as protection  from the overbearing Devil threat. As I walk I would sometimes receive a suspicious glance, but the patriarchs had declared that I am an ally so I move on without interruptions.

I wander my way to the base of a large tree, and soon find the ground beneath my feet is covered in countless flowers. Taking care of flowers is what the Wood Elves love to do in their everyday life, but instead of admiring the flowers, I have business with the figure standing there. Red, white, purple, blue, yellow, and green flowers in bloom, surrounding a black rose in the middle, the beautiful beyond compare Black Rose ― Diadora’s figure, I approach her, careful not to step on any flower.

“I wonder what business you have here so late in the night, Dran?”

Diadora’s voice rings like a golden bell* and I stop roughly ten steps from her. I can only see Diadora’s long black hair, what kind of expression she is having on her face I do not know. (T.L. Possible One Piece ref.)

“So you remember my name. I was simply looking for you.”

“Me? What is it, I am not in a very good mood. If it just trivia talk, I will decline. Please head back and rest for tomorrow. Unlike me, sleep is essential for humans like you.”

“I am grateful for your concern. Are you perhaps in a not so good mood due to the loss of your friends’ life to the enemy?”

Zawa, all the flower petals shock slightly even though there is no wind. For a moment, murderous intent emits from Diadora’s entire body inconceivable by only looking at her shadow on the ground, the flowers swing only momentarily and return to their natural point.

Fumu, Rafflesia is a very sensitive topic it seems. Those sturdy and thorny whips would be quite painful if I was to slip my tongue.

Diadora speaks in a voice filled with killing intent, it is as if the dead themselves came back from the realm of the dead and lash out.

“Yes, that is so. Thinking about that Demonic Flower Spirit, my amusement ceases and my anger wells up to no ends, that’s how I am right now.

Therefore, please don’t carelessly approach me, I do not know what I might do. I do not want to hurt an ally with great power whom we managed to forge a collaboration with.”

“Fumu, I see.”

I murmur but it is already too late since I am already besides Diadora. I drew close to Diadora without her noticing at all, it might feel like I abruptly appeared next to her, as she turns her head at me, surprised.

“Since when? No, did you not hear me when I said you shouldn’t approach me carelessly?”

I answer Diadora while staring into her eyes. To Diadora it might sound like dim speech.

“So I had prepared myself sufficiently and approached. Isn’t that enough?”

“…..Huh? You, are a strange one.”

To Diadora who lets out a sigh, I can only smile wryly. With these speech patterns, I can make the conversation more engaging.

I guess I am a strange one. Iya, I still retain my dragon senses and intuitions, among humans I definitely fit into the strange category.

“Well said. If you are completely fine with it, so be it.”

“I see. I suppose I can share my trouble with a human like you.”

You do not have to share such a thing if you do not wish it so, fumun. Diadora stops talking and silence fills the air, causing me to feel as if time itself stopped briefly. The moon above shines its brilliant white light onto the ground where wet blood was once spilled, the wind picks up and carries the sweet smell of roses, the scent of blood slowly eases away. There isn’t a single word that can describe the wind bathing in the moonlight carrying such a sweet smell, the fight against the devils seems like a bad dream for me.

However, fighting the devils is an obvious reality. Many who fought against the devils got hurt and bled, bearing wounds and losing their lives; hatred and sorrow make their way into the hearts of those who live in this forest. Unexpectedly, Diadora opens her mouth to speak again. During the moments of silence, what was it that caused the Black Rose’s Spirit to move her mouth.

“All of Rafflesia’s victims were good children.

Some were a little stubborn, others loved to do pranks, nevertheless they were all good natured and carefree children, such good children did not deserve to die. They did not have to! Therefore, I will not forgive her. I survived, and I have a duty to clear those children’s resentments. Even if I have to give up my body, I will surely kill that woman.”

Zawari, zawari, again, the roses scream. The wind scatters as if scared of Diadora’s abhorrence, and the clouds cover the moon seemingly hiding it away from Diadora. Black Rose’s face is very beautiful and proud, beyond human’s imagination, but her mind is drunken with negative emotions and it is affecting her very surroundings. My body too, is covered in Diadora’s dreadful aura, my heart is beating slow and unnatural, and my body temperature had decreased to a temperature as cold as ice water.

The dreadful aura is exerting a strange abnormality onto my body, Diadora’s hatred runs deep. Slaughtered by Rafflesia’s hands, are those who Diadora treasured, who must have been like family to her. If I witnessed my father, mother, along with my siblings die through such torment, then I, too, would be drowning in rage and hate, similar to Diadora.

“… I see. Unfortunately, I do not know how to help you.”

Even if I were to exact revenge for Diadora, those who died will not be happy, for there is no hope in revenge, but those aren’t the kind of words that will change her resolve. There also isn’t any reason to dissuade Diadora from taking revenge against her enemy. At the least, she should exact her vengeance without losing her life, that would be for the best.

“It is a little too plain. I do not know the reason for someone of your strength to lend us your help, did Aljen’nu promise you something in return? Or is it because it would be troublesome if our village was to fall to evil?”

“Fumu, I’ll be honest with you. Like Diadora had guessed, the fact that we will have compensations is nice, but reality is that this village cannot be allowed to fall to the devils. Before that, I would be embarrassing my parents, from whom I learned to extend my helping hand to those who are in need. The people living in Ente have a very good relationship with my village, therefore I simply want to use my strength and help. Even if there was no compensation, this encounter of ours is simply by chance, I choose to lend my strength to you. Believe me Diadora.”

“Is that so. You, if you insist… I’ll believe you.”


“Dran, you are a strange person, a mysterious man. When looking into your eyes, I calm down greatly. It feels as if I am looking deep into your soul, but it is not an unpleasant feeling. You, are you really a human?”

“Hahaha, this body of mine is human, and it was given to me by my parents.”

She’s very perceptive. Just for the record, that wasn’t a lie. My body is definitely human, there is no mistaking it. But from the memories in my dragon soul, and while I’m alive, I can strengthen and reproduce my body as much as I want to, but when talking about my race, I am human. Even if I were to say it aloud, regardless, I do appear to be suspicious from other people’s point of view.

“Fun~, my mind has grown a little more cheery.”

“You need to take care of your mind. I almost forgot why I came looking for Diadora while talking, I have something else concerning you. Diadora, Rafflesia wounded you didn’t she?”

“…..I wonder what you are talking about?”


I speak in a slightly stronger tone, then I look at her gently. Diadora admits defeat and turns her delicate neck sideways. Diadora moves her supple right hand fingers from the base of her neck down toward her navel, shururi shururi, the dress fabrics retreat, wriggling to the left and right, like a myriad of little snake. This dress is probably part of Diadora’s body, which appearance she can change at will. Just like that, the moonlight shines down and reveals them, it is as if the moonlight concentrates only on the rich ample white breasts and the modest cave in, the belly button, on her abdomen. And right in between her breasts and slightly above her belly button an area is shown where the skin is dry and darkened black. The once beautiful skin had lost its touch, now it is an exhibit of a truly tragic and ugly sight.

“It’s really not as bad as it seems. Do not worry. This won’t be of a hindrance in battle.”

“Is that so. Do you mind if I touch it?”

“Huh? Sure, if you are fine with such body.”

Diadora shrugs her small shoulders, her gesture doesn’t seem to have any mischievous intention. From where Black Rose was born, exposing her body to the opposite sex doesn’t seem to cause her any shame. I slowly reach out and touch her skin gently, treating it like delicate glass-work, feeling the discolored area of her skin. Sliding my fingers from the middle of her exposed breasts and down to her welly shaped navel, Diadora’s skin feels very dry and rough. It wasn’t just her vitality that was absorbed, her very soul was damaged as well. To be able to damage the soul, that Demonic Flower Spirit Rafflesia, must be a considerably high ranking flower spirit like Diadora.

“Is it not an enjoyable touching experience?”

“That is not the case. Diadora is too beautiful, I am doing my best in enduring my urges, but I feel like I’m about to push you down any moment. That’s because I am a healthy man.”

“Is it like that? I understand little about romance and marriage so I tend to treat them like a breeze of the wind. So, may I interpret your word as you complimenting my attractiveness?”

“You may interpret it so. But please be more vigilant toward the opposite sex.”

“Why do I need to do such a thing? Every Dryad seems to have an enjoyable friendship with beautiful boys and strong men.”

Dryades are tree spirits. The appearance of beautiful women united with trees, they are a different species of tree, the Dryades would have sexual intercourse with males of other races and take their vitality as food. In addition, sometimes, they would drag their favorite partner inside their real body, and they would enjoy and preserve their love in a different time flow ignoring whatever happens on the outside world. Because of that, Dryades are known as dangerous yet mysteriously glamorous spirits who would sometimes deceive men.

“Dryades are different kinds of spirits, it is best to not fully imitate their behaviours.”

Apparently this Black Rose spirit is quite honest and pure in certain areas. You will very likely be deceived by bad magicians if you were to head into a town. In that sense, you’re similar to Selia.

While holding such thoughts, I pour vitality into Diadora’s body, converted from my dragon power. Diadora’s body sucks in my life force like dry ground absorbing water. Thereupon Diadora’s discolored skin glows faintly in rainbow colored light, then the darkened skin changes back to its original white colour.

“!! This is…, I’m becoming more and more suspicious whether or not you are a human.”

“I’ll be glad if you can just think of me as a mysterious man.”

I reluctantly remove my fingers from feeling Diadora’s skin, and let out a wry smile. Diadora doesn’t seem to like insisting in fruitless questioning, and so questions concerning me are no longer being asked.

“A slightly mysterious man. I’ll leave it at that then. And thank you. For healing my injury, I offer my gratitude. As a thank you gift, after the battles end and if all goes well, shall we imitate what the Dryades do? Men like you love those things.”

“It’s not ok to propose such a thing even in a teasing manner. Seriously, my reasoning will collapse. Well then… I shall go back to my room.”

“Yes, it was very enjoyable speaking to you. I, myself, find it surprising. May good dreams come your way.”

“Thank you. Even if you do not require sleeping, it is still good to rest your body and mind.”

That concludes mine and Diadora’s meeting tonight. It would be a relief if I won’t have to witness as many deaths as I did this evening. Tomorrow, I will fight the devils under that watchful sun, and they will resent what they did tonight.

♦ ♦ ♦

While Dran is sleeping soundly in the village called Sai-West, near the Makai Gate located in the northern region of Sai-West, four devil commanders led by Georg gathered. Countless faces are on the Makai Gate’s frame and one could hear the agony in the deads’ voices, all light is absorbed and none is reflected back, it has a rectangular shape and is made up of obsidian. Standing in front of that Makai Gate and acting as gatekeepers are Georg and Geren, surrounding it are countless demonic soldiers which look like worms wriggling from afar. There is not a single tree in sight and the ground’s color had changed to deep violet, with bubbles swelling all over the terrain. Every time a bubble pops, it releases an odor that would make any living being want to vomit. Around the Makai Gate, the miasma corrosion continued to worsen, although this part of the forest had lost all of its overflowing life, the beauty caused by the cold moonlight remains unchanged. Although one can only watch this scenery in silence, the loud roaring sound from the bottom of the devils’ lungs constantly resounds. The wounds that Dran and Christina had inflicted on Georudo infuriated him, and now he’s taking his anger out on eight demonic soldiers.

Bou~tsu. A tremendous sound is heard every time his spear is swung, and with it follows the bodies of five demonic soldiers, scattering into the wind. Furthermore, along with Georudo, Rafflesia also shared the same thoughts of taking revenge upon Dran and Diadora.

Rafflesia sits upon a rock pile, overlooking the eight demonic soldiers. Whom were supposed to charge at the enemy as a vanguard, but slaughtered for failing to flank the enemy due to their incompetence. No matter what anyone says, it looks like Rafflesia is sitting on a rocky throne, looking down on others like a queen, her face emotionless; it is obvious that she is saving up her emotion for when she faces Diadora again.

“Really now Georudo and Rafflesia, eight demonic soldiers should be the limit. The soldiers won’t arise without permission you know that.” Geren says bitterly.

He then sticks his war ax into the ground, and leans against it comfortably. Because his face is mostly covered by the helmet, his expression cannot be seen, his lower jaw however seems to resemble a human’s jaw. Next to Geren is Georg, who is crossing his arms and staying silent, there is no agitation seeing his comrades’ actions, Geren thinks to himself “is this guy sleeping?” but he quickly disperses this thought.

“Oi, Georg, what did our Lord say?”

Fortunately Georg replies. He doesn’t seem to be dozing off.

“The next battle against the two haughty people is going to be exciting . Do as you like. Oh Geren, you look quite anxious waiting to fight them.”

“You could say that. After all, that Christina child is a Superior Original, she has lots of courage and great ability. The daughter of the Lamia race, Selia, has yet to harden her snake scales, the upcoming fight is quite promising.”

“Fu fun, you don’t sound very cheery. I am pleased by that man called Dran. It has been a long time since I last enjoyed fighting that much.”

Usually Georg doesn’t act like this, Geren thinks to himself, he wasn’t lying when he said he admired his opponent. Georg had lived for nearly a thousand years, and this kind of opponent is someone that appears every hundred years or so.

“Best of all. I thought that it would be an unexpected blessed joy that can only be achieved in the battle between Gods and Evil Gods, to think I would be able to experience such joy in the mortal world…”

Thirty or more demonic soldiers were blasted sky high making loud noises, interrupting Georg’s words. Eie, Geren discards his good mood mask, takes up his axe that was sticking in the ground and heads for Georudo. And soon enough, the sound of the quarrelling Geren and Georudo is heard, Geren hits Georudo on the head and his abdomen using his axe, and finally the rowdy noise made by the demonic soldiers is suppressed. While looking at the sight with his eyes, Georg is visualising a different matter. The man who identified himself as Dran, the combat abilities he showed during the fight. His magic and his touki. Something, a fragment of  an undeniable piece of memory….

“There was a time when the people and the Evil Gods in Makai were trampled upon, massacred, shuddering in fear before the might of an ancient dragon. Any Evil God or Demon Lord would tremble in fear just by the mention of its name, no matter what kind of evil deity they happen to be, all they can do is to despair and let out cries of griefs, it could be possible that… that individual dragon might have changed its form or reincarnated into a human being.

In any case, a fight that can get my blood boil. Come now, the sooner the better. I am looking forward to this long, long awaited battle.”


[To be continued ]


Author’s Note

Sorry if it’s boring.


Translator: Binhjamin

Editors: Fate Trooper, Firo’s Ahoge, contagio curiositas, Zeke, Jalen C.

Check out the raw here and rate the author. -T.L.

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