From the lost cave come….something.

Hi hi! Its been a long time since I was last seen. How have you all been doing? Hopefully haven’t been f5-ing this page >_< Boy do I feel sorry for you. Right! To the main point, I think its safe to say that I simply have no strength left to promise work in progress. ALTHOUGH!!! I might find sometime to hide from IRL, so not all hope is lost. Still, its slim. *insert words here as sad fillers* T_T

I muster all my power and managed to finished chapter 16. My friend, Zeke, helped me edit most of it, but I think he’s busy atm so he can’t finish it up. I tried looking for help but seems like everyone is busy. And so, with me nearly dead, I’m just gonna let y’all have the google doc to read because I’m lazy to post it on wordpress.

TL;DR Here’s the mostly edited SRJK Chapter 16. I might or might not see you soon.

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Updates, cuz I can’t go on without being bugged by people.

So, another group decided to pick this up. No name calling but I’d like to offer an eye opener.

>Part release here we go.

>Chapter 16 Part 1. [I guess?] :v

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This weekend….Maybe. Yeah. ~(=3=)~

Got my pay check. Paid off my car. Played enough games. Back to TL[hell] i suppose.

Cya wen icu. – Binhjamin [$$,$$$]

P.s. Im not trolling. Probably.

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Meds for your, now with cancer, eyes.

Right…..that god awful art. Lets just pretend we all didn’t see that. Although I do like Selia’s design……just a little. VERY LITTLE THAT I LIKE. Anyhow, this is obviously not a chapter release but more like a LN’s progression update which now has a total of 4 volumes published. I tore the characters page from each volume and translated their brief info. All except for vol 4 because of reasons. Without further ado, here they are:



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For 300% less eye cancer and 500% less retardation, don’t do it. You’ve been warned. -Depressed person.

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For you Bu-ni-mi-dynamite people who kept throwing explosive questions at me. Also, League of Ladder.

For those who are still wondering if Bu ni mi is dropped, please head on over to Raltzero. I guarantee he has that ‘martial arts’ you guys crave so much for. You shoutacon and lolicon. x3

I’m taking half today off from work to climb the League ladder xD Wanna get to gold….so close yet so far away. Carry pls. >_< Summoner name = Binhjamin

No time to waste, I’m going in!

Sorry buddy(talking to you, slave), I have no time to help you translating right now. Gj on making it to page 3.

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Relevant, but not yet posted illustrations but are now posted. Dafaq? Lost myself in words~

I’m lazy putting these where they were supposed to go so I’m dumping them here. Prob add them lata inta da chaptas but ye. They’re here fo nao. I suggesta 2 not load this ova yer data plan if you care for it. =3

Can’t fly without balloons! -Uts Collaboration between Zephriel X Uts

Uts fucked this one up. Try to imagine it with white background instead of black :P

C-ya all next time. Hopefully my newly acquired part-time slave will get some progress done on chapter 16. He got around a page done so far. #SlowlyButSurely

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The chapter that which was destined to come….ACTUALLY CAME!

Here it is. I’ve got nothing to say. Goodbye o/


*running away from reality*

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Much to do, sigh.

Hello guys and girls,

Its been quite a while since I have even visit this little blog of mine and oh boy, the notification tab just don’t seem to stop loading. Whether it is a good or bad thing, lets just say there are both good and bad comments regarding the you-know-what topic of this blog. Of course all of the notifications were sent directly to my personal email so I was expecting to see 300+ things on that tab. That aside, it’s good to be here again even though most of the things I received from doing blog related stuff usually involved some kind of headache. Most of it has to do with the translating process though, not actually messing on the blog itself :) It’s part of the work I do voluntary so don’t feel bad about it :P Anyway, I wanna take this once in a while chance to laid out what to do for this next seven days(10/10/2015-10/17/2015), just to rally you all up a little so you remember that this blog is still functioning, however little it is at this time.

First, I will get the next chapter of Sayonara Ryuusei Konichiwa Jinsei posted, looking at 3 days max. Second, I will put my blog into private only to do re-customization which will take a day time probably. Third, translate the characters pages in volume 2 and 3, yes volume 3 came out, and posting all relevant illustration based on how far I’ve translated the story. Fourth, I’ll be looking into the author of SRKJ’s newest work and might do the first chapter of it, it’s interesting to say the least, would probably takes another 3 days. Lastly, I’ll sit down and decide whether or not to keep Bu ni mi under my projects hording list. I dropped Bu ni mi, to continue reading where I left off go here.

What I’ve written down above might be shuffle around a bit depending on how much coffee I drink after my working hour during the week. Other than that, there’s one last important thing I wanted to tell you all, Unborn is probably never going to be updated again :/ R.I.P.

To be honest, I do wanna explain why I’ve been inactive so I can stay afloat when this post is posted but it will take too much time so just know that I got caught up in school, work, game, and technical difficulties as of late. More detailed on my next post perhaps, about things I’ve mentioned in this post, so till then, stay…..calm.

P.S. Naked Christina in volume 3

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On August 15, 2015, I became a game addict.

Game in question: Fate/Grand Order

As of August 29, 2015, I’m still an addict(waiting for the support team to give me back my account Q_Q)….but I’ll pull an alnighter to try finish chapter 15. Look forward to September. School’s coming! FUCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheer yourself up by watching a video or something. I’ll take the leads, here:


See this:

Illuminatized by Uts.

Now you can’t unsee it.


Jokes aside, I’ve been busy preping for collage this past week, and before this past week, I was playing Fate/Grand Order like mad for two weeks until I fucked up and lost track of my account xD before that, I was just not into translating for some reasons :/ anyhow, I’ll try and get ch 15 done asap.

See you soon. ‘Soon.’ -Binh

Why the hell did I make this post? Can anyone answer? Thanks.

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