Chapter 9

[Chapter 9]

-The Four Vanguards from Hell-

I let out a small sigh of relief, knowing I was able to save Diadora from danger. The Demonic Flower Spirit who directly took my bolt of energy is motionless on the ground.

Although it should not have been a fatal wound, surely a few dozen cushioned blows got through.

Rafflesia’s small body lies in the dirt, there is also an unknown shadow flitting over the location where I shot the magic.

The beautiful shadow dashes swiftly through the air.

Oh, it is only Christina, grasping her beloved sword.

Magic is being used to manipulate the air and create small vortexes of wind, compressing them into an area big enough to have a sturdy foot hold; the technique is simultaneously being used to accelerate her body.

Christina fearlessly jumps in front of Georudo.

“Let’s go, Elspard!”

Christina calls out the name of her sword, firmly gripping it, transferring magic from the Akira Spirit stone into the magical seal carved onto Elspard.


A subtle sound is caused by pale light wrapping around the sword, from the hilt to the tip of the blade, ringing out. In addition to the common weight reduction and hardening magic, magic such as slash empowerment and body reinforcement were also triggered.

“Nuu, such impudence!”

The spear Georudo aimed at Diadora was blown away by my magic and its tip is buried in the ground. Without his spear, Georudo transforms his left arm into a circular shield and tries to crush Christina.

The sound of the clash is dreadful, Christina’s small figure is tiny compared to Georudo’s; it’s like seeing a glimpse of beauty confront a lump of flesh. Christina must have completely understood how the Wood Elves felt, fighting Georudo is inevitable, it is only right to fight against such evil.


Christina inhales sharply, evading Georudo’s shield by a shockingly close distance. Christina avoids the blow by ducking her body to her right, grasping a foothold on the ground, changing her direction using wind magic and jumps over Georudo’s lower body aiming for his neck at the speed of a meteor.

There is nothing obstructing Christina and she strikes Georudo’s neck beautifully; the blade, Elspard, is embedded deep inside Georudo’s body. (T.L. A slash cut into the body and end up at the neck?)

After taking the blow, Georudo’s appearance seems to be enduring it, however there is no mistake that a gasp of agony leaks from his helmet.

Guooo, how!? How is a mere Human able to wound me!?”

Christina yanks Elspard out of Georudo’s shoulder and kicks off, creating some distance. Where the sword was pulled out, black blood rapidly oozes out, flowing down Georudo’s body. Christina cuts through the air like a dragonfly and lands elegantly, while Georudo covers his wound with his left hand and gives her a glare brimming with hatred.

Even an experienced Hero would cower when met with that gaze, however, Christina holds Elspard with both hands and points her blade toward the enemy; there is no sign of her budging.

The reason which drives Christina’s courage, I wonder what it is?

“Ahh!! I’ll tear you into tens of thousands of pieces!!”

With flames of hatred burning in his eyes, Georudo roars like a beast while yellow saliva drips down his body. Pierced by spears, squashed by his shield, tearing out limbs, chewing up and spitting out into a thousand pieces. To cause eternal pain, as long as one lives, are what Georudo’s eyes are saying.

Selia, who has finally arrived, was shielded from Georudo’s gaze by Christina. Then Selia’s body begins to clad an extremely aggressive dark red aura, with her golden hair blowing in the wind. The form of the cursed snake, dwelling in her blood and soul, starts to manifest itself. Without potent Magical sight, an average magician wouldn’t be able to resist the magic, becoming paralyzed.

“The serpent that is bound to my soul, devour my grief and hatred, the seven headed serpent who holds the power to bring forth calamity, Jaramu Dyuaramu!!”

The snake which appears by Selia’s aria is unlike anything I’ve seen up until now, the chant creates a huge snake with seven heads resembling that of a Hydra. The seven heads connected to one body reach out and wind around Georudo’s four legs, two arms, and neck, strangling him with a steel-like grip.

“Eei, are you planning to hinderance me again!?”

Selia skillfully jumps down from the wall, facing Georudo and have her back turns against from Diadora to protect her, she calls out to me, standing on top of the wall, without hesitation.

“Dran-san, please help!”


While Georudo is struggling, I take the opportunity to shoot a magic spell, choosing a chant which rolls off the tongue. Speaking the words of power, the magic I’m trying to invoke begins. However, the moment I am about to fire, an enormous object was thrown at at me over a great distance at an incredible speed.

Intensely spinning, the axe flies through the air towards me, and cuts through the air with a slicing sound. The object being thrown at me is is troublesome. I change the target of my magic to the approaching axe and deflect it; while I find it annoying, I praise the enemy at the same time.

“They don’t intend to let their ally fall.「Cosmic Ignition!」”

Numerous red lights gather in my left hand, like a group of stars, I continue compress them into a scorching spear, hot enough to melt steel. The plan was to finish off Georudo, who was wounded by Christina, but it can’t be helped.

I throw the blazing spear at the incoming axe and it leaves behind a flaming trail. I watch as the blazing orange spear clashes with the huge axe in the air. The moment「Cosmic Ignition」 violently collides with the axe, flame bursts out in every direction, briefly following, hot wind brushes against my cheek and hair.

The huge axe spins away in the air, leaving a trail of fire in the air, as if a flower was blooming in the sky; it finally crashes into the ground with a violent explosion. Looking at the axe, I can only estimate it’s weight is equal to five Humans. While I watch the black smoke come off of the axe, Georudo’s body suddenly fills with great magical power and strength, to the point of tearing free from the seven headed serpent wrap.



In an instant, Georudo shreds two serpent heads to a thousand pieces, as they fade, the atmosphere fills with bitterness as Georudo’s glare is filled with a burning grudge. After Georudo displays his strength, Selia let out a small scream.

At least, the snake is now in a better place now. However, Georudo’s comrade has given him a narrow escape from death. Either we possess bad luck or he is blessed with the devil’s luck.

“Georudo, do you and Rafflesia have an excuse for looking like that?”

Georudo is asked by a knight with a huge body dressed in armor, who picks up the axe, which still has black smoke coming off of it. In contrast to Georudo, who has blood covering his body, the knight dressed in black armor and his head is cloaked in darkness. This knight is around three or four times my height, he is definitely not Human and can only be called a giant.

That axe and armour must have been forged from ore, instead of being transforming from their  immense body. The overbearing image created by that massive figure gives off a strong pressure, like a mountain on a completely different level compared to Georudo. Being asked that question by the one who saved his life, Georudo doesn’t say anything in defense.

“This is an event that happens once every hundred years or so. Anyhow, I’m called Geren. Just by looking at the scene I can already guess what happened. Oh! I’m also Georudo and Rafflesia’s colleague.

You there, female Human, daughter of the Lamia race, and the man standing over there, hand Black Rose over to Georudo and Rafflesia. That is what our master desires. Will you comply?”

Christina and Selia put themselves on guard in response to Geren’s words. If Geren’s target is Diadora then we just need to keep her out of his reach, I ready my posture to prepare for the fight that can break out at any moment, as Rafflesia regains conscious and stands up attempting to grasp the situation. There will be no room for Diadora to offer support when Christina takes on Geren. Christina lowers her blade which is emitting bluish white color, Elspard, to the right; taking a breath, she then aims for Geren to attain victory. (T.L. No room for Diodora because she’ll be fighting Rafflesia.)

Despite the touki* being emitted from Geren, Christina doesn’t falter and charges in front of him. The miasma that a being from Makai shoots out is equivalent to poison to the people living in this world. The poison will eat away the mind and flesh, eventually corroding the soul away. (T.L. Touki is fighting spirit.)

Selia who inherited the cursed snakes power in mind, body, and soul possesses a degree of tolerance; it’s amazing Christina can fight without breaking out into a cold sweat.

Just, what on earth did she experience in her life. What did she do to possess so much courage as a female human.

“Selia, cover me!”

“Hai, please leave it to me!”

“Hahaha, excellent, child of the living. Showing mercy to women and children, does not exist in Hell.”

“What a coincidence. I don’t like showing mercy either!”

“That spirit is excellent.Yosh, then you should wield that blade to your hearts content. With that in mind, I shall smash it into pieces!”

Geren, accepts the challenge and charges at Christina with earth shattering strength. With his body frame and weight extremely outclassing a humans, his running speed is far superior, every steps he takes contain so much force that the ground resonates with sounds like an earthquake. When comparing that heavy pressure to Christina’s, it is like pitting a kitten against a savage beast. Even though Christina is the one who should be affected by it the most, there isn’t the slightest sign of fear showing on her beautiful face.

“Lets start with a warm-up, try not to die little girl!”

Geren raises his axe and swings it straight down at Christina, like a jet black avalanche, using his right hand. Just as he declared, the blow had enough power to blow away ten to twenty men.

In that situation, Christina moves to block the incoming axe from above, by clashing Elspard against it. Christina’s strength far transcends an ordinary Human, but against Geren in a test of strength, she is at a clear disadvantage; it seems that Geren knows it as well judging from his expression showing through the gap of his helmet.

Christina also seems to be aware of the fact, so instead of blocking it head on, she shifts Elspard slightly and deflects the axe to the side. There was so much force put into Geren’s swing that when it hit the ground on Christina’s left side, it creates a fissure in the ground. A huge scar was created on the ground, and the shock of the impact reminds me of a thunderbolt hitting the earth and spreading out in every direction.

I can feel the vibration even where I’m standing, it is a wonder how Christina is retaining her balance. However, no matter how much force was deflected, Christina did block the Devil’s attack with both hands holding Elspard, Christina grinds her teeth while bearing the pressure.

“Yoshi Yoshi, you pass.”

From the corner of her eyes, Christina lets out a feeling of pride in response to Geren’s words, and then she boldly runs toward Geren’s feet. In the same way as she ran through the air, by generating wind on the back of her feet as a scaffold, she can reach a speed to overtake the wind itself. The moonlight reflecting off of Christina’s silver hair leaves behind a silver trail as she moves out of Geren’s line of sight, under his body. Geren steps back and thrusts his left hand down towards her. Geren’s left hand is reminiscent of the siege weapons used to break down a castle’s gates, Christina jumps to dodge the arm that’s crashing down towards her at a frightening speed, moreover, she jumps onto his arm and runs up it, aiming for his head.

Not sure if I should I admire her courage or be amazed at that recklessness.

After Christina dodges his attack and runs up his left arm, Geren lets out a joyful murmur, releasing the axe in his right hand, planning to crush her with it. The light armor Christina is wearing won’t be able to consolidate against Geren’s attack. It’s instant death if that blow were to hit, that much is certain.

“Spirit of the Earth, please stop that person’s movement!”

Selia calls out to the Earth Spirit and interferes with the ground where Geren is standing, hindering his balance.


Geren’s gigantic lower body begins to sink into the ground, to stop it, he moves his right hand to the side, keeping himself atop. Selia stopped Geren’s movement for a short time, furthermore, she plans to land a blow on the black knight.

“「Energy Bolt!」”

With his right arm occupied and his movement restricted, four arrows made of pure energy hit his head in quick succession. Geren’s big cylinder shaped helmet receives a great shock, and while this is happening, Christina has finished climbing up to the shoulder joint.

“I have him!”

Pulling Elspard from behind, Christina pours the power of her heart and soul into it. The sword flashes in the moonlight, it was certain that it got Geren’s neck. However, Geren’s right hand remains stationary, he jerked his shoulder and avoids the attack, then he pushes off the ground with his hands and anchors himself. Christina, who was standing on his left shoulder, is thrown into the air, as Geren lashes out while upside down. (T.L. Imagine an upside down handstand kick. I’m not into martial art so I have no clue what else to tell ya.)

“Haha, did you think I was a blockhead?”

Geren says light-heartedly to Christina as she twists her body in the night sky and prepares her landing like a cat; as she is doing that, his left leg comes through the air. Geren’s leg arcs toward Christina.

It is easy to imagine Christina’s body being blown away like dirt by Geren. Geren generates the momentum of the kick by digging his right hand into the ground! The sound of his knee coming down is solemn.


However Christina, who was supposed to be blown away, is clinging to Geren’s left foot. As Geren’s foot closed in, Christina positioned Elspard in front of the kick, cutting into Geren’s foot, reducing the force and avoiding a direct hit. Christina’s enigmatic acrobatic performance is difficult to comprehend.

After that mistake, Christina nerves must have been shaved off, because a cold sweat starts to shine on her pale face.

“Good grief, your spirit has grown cold!”

Geren tries to crush her by slamming his leg down but Christina removes Elspard and jumps away simultaneously. Geren lowers his right hand close to the earth, making a hmph sound as he does, and grab the axe which was dropped onto the ground. Although black blood, the same as Georudo’s, is coming out of the wound on his left foot, he doesn’t seem to be in pain. He seems to be rather comfortable with it.

“Christina-san! Help her, Jaramu!”

As Christina makes her landing, Selia retriggers the spell which summoned Jaramu, increasing the force; she tries to keep Geren occupied so Christina can gain some distance. It is noteworthy that the caster invoking this technique can sense the position of magic.. The technique can reveal nearby enemies by showing the spirits vision, up to a certain distance. At the same time, Selia is making the spirit serpent coil and tighten around Geren’s body with a bone breaking force, but Geren is unfazed.

“Ha ha, this is rather comfortable. The Devil snake that lived in Makai can’t come close to this degree, so this is the cursed snake that was inherited by the girl.”

The snake heads start to spit a poison-like mixture in Geren’s face but he simple swing his axe and obliterates the snake’s form. The white bones, red meat, and eyeballs of the snake scatter everywhere, and the snake dissolves into the atmosphere, the bindings on Geren’s body are gone. Geren tilts his neck left and right, the sound of his bones cracking is very loud. It is like the sound of breaking trees. Geren’s focuses his eyes now, looking down on Christina.

“Your overall physical strength was reinforced by magic to a certain degree. Evidently, your mind and body seems to be in rather excellent condition despite being surrounded by my touki. You, are you of the Superior Original?”

“Superior Original? I don’t know the full detail oh what you’re talking about, but I’m sure we would enjoy discussing it.”

With a fearless smile of her beautiful face, Christina replies to Geren full of sarcasm; Geren doesn’t seem to be mad about it.. His loud voice shakes the surroundings as he bursts out laughing.

“Fuahahahaha, the amount of guts you possess, I like it more and more. Now lets see, it is about time for both of us to get serious.”

“Selia, do not relax your guard.”

“H-Hai. Christina-san, please be careful. He is not an ordinary opponent.”

Christina murmurs something very quietly.

She’s making a sour face, like eating a hundred insects . However, she seems to be enjoying herself if I’m not mistaken. Christina doesn’t realize what kind of existence I am, this shaved soul also enjoyed fighting in countless battles, I will surely enjoy the upcoming battle as well.

♦ ♦ ♦

Gio and Fio arrive at the northern wall after Dran, and witness that blood has been drawn earlier in Christina and Selia’s battle against Geren. There is no reason for the outsiders to press the battle upon themselves, especially not against that Geren when there are demonic soldiers ready to swarm the wall again and need to be repelled. Once Gio’s comrades arrive at the northern wall, Gio and them draw their bows, ready their magic, and set their sights on the Devils.

“Onii-san, do we need to give Dran-san support?”

“It is regrettable, but that battle isn’t a fight we can interfere with. We will do the things we can do. Fio, you should call out your spirits too.”

“I understand. Marl, you too.”

“Marl will stay here, too. -ni Marl may be tiny, doesn’t have much power, but Spirit-san will help if help is requested. -ni”

Hearing Marl’s determination on her shoulder, Fio wiggles her long ears, which resemble bamboo leaves, and nods with her head. Already, the elder brother released his arrow along with his comrades onto the demonic soldiers.

“Come Marl. Spirit of the Wind.”

“Hai, Wind Spirit-san, please hear Marl’s voice.”

“Become the blade that cuts through our enemy!”

On top of the wall, not only Fio and Marl, but the Wood Elves also cast spells which create violent wind blades sharp enough to  tear through the Zeruto, who are trying to breach the wall; their sharp talons could not save them. When the Zeruto, with a lizard like face and thin arms, climbed up the wall they were cut cleanly in half and fell down helplessly to the ground. It is not an exaggeration to say that Gio is an expert marksman and he is always hitting the bull’s-eye(infallible), further more, his arrows were strengthened using magic so as he continued shooting, they all found their marks and the devils burst into ashes one by one.

The great thorny spear that was used against Georudo and Rafflesia, created an obstacle the incoming devils had to go through in order to breach the village wall. The demonic soldiers are also avoiding Geren and Georudo’s battle field as well, so their detour is even longer. Gio leaving the commander of the Devil army to Dran and Diadora, while he and his comrade deal with the common devils. Fio was entrusted with the job of leading other Wood Elves and defended the northern wall, but her voice trembled whenever she spoke. Those Wood Elves are seniors and are at least a hundred years older than Gio. Their whole bodies are covering in small wounds and the smell of blood being carried through the air, moreover, they all show sign of fatigue. Diadora was here to fight at the northern region where everyone was anxious to go, because it is a large concentration of devils.

“Eshutaru, you are safe.”

“Gio, the fact remains that I want to know more about those Humans, but right now is not the time.”

“Yes. We have entrusted Dekabutsu the task of holding back the invader. So now that the southern region is holding up, what about the east and west?”

“In the east, Oliver had successfully repelled the devils. There wasn’t any problem mentioning  it in the report. As for the west, they are managing somehow, but it seems like the devils from there are mobilizing over here. It would be very bad if the commanders[those big guys] come out on top.”

“Is that so? I understand. The village chief will gather/assemble everyone here, we must defend this place at all cost/till the end.”

“Understood. In that case, I will smash the devils coming over from the west.”

“Affirmative. Let this crisis fade away, like the wind brushing through the forest.”(T.L. I think they means the forest will recover and thrive and try to cover up the past.)

In response to words of prayer for the safety spoken in the people of the forest’s manner, Eshutaru reorganizes his subordinates who were notching arrows to shoot at the demonic soldiers, turns his back on Gio and runs off.

It is because Dran and the others are suppressing Georudo and Geren, it was possible to disperse the forces, but if they did not come into the forest of Ente today, and if they did not offer to help, and we did not happen to stumble upon them by chance, then it would not be possible to get help from anywhere—.

“This place, which has suffer many sacrifice. This is [shall be] the divine protection Yggdrasil shall grants.”

Murmuring the Tree of Creation’s name, which the Elves believe in, Gio noch a new arrow. The Wood Elves in general are expert archers, in their hands the bow would fire the arrow with deadly accuracy, as if there were some kind of thread connecting the arrow to its target. While the Wood Elves fight to keep the devils off the wall, Rafflesia, who was laying on the ground, finally stands up; the life-absorbing blue fog gushes out of her body. In Rafflesia’s eyes, hatred has been compressed over and over, to the point where insanity seems to have materialized.

Rafflesia turns away from Diadora, whose right cheek has a vermilion line(scratch?) of blood flowing down and looks at Dran who is confronting Georudo. After observing Dran and Georudo intensely for a few moments, she refocuses her eyes on Diadora. Suddenly, Rafflesia’s firm flower like lips twist. Rafflesia’s smile is the shape of a crescent moon. A smile that harbors a cold sensation and a tinge of madness, capable of deceiving a person’s heart.

“Hey, where would you like me to start breaking you? Shall I dry your arms and expose your bones? Or should I absorb your feet and crush them into sand? Maybe I should dry your whole body out until it withers away and dies, leaving behind only your pretty head? So, which do you prefer? Hello?”

Diadora, who was listening to the words of Rafflesia, which could shake a person’s soul in fear after hearing it, stands up under the moonlight, an antithesis to Rafflesia; she looks very charming and has a glossy smile. Then, she raises her right index finger to trace the scratch on her cheek, which anyone in the world would be furious wondering who dared leave such a mark there. Her arms sway with grace, like a brush dancing on top of paper, and in an elegant manner, she replies.

“I’m thankful for the offer. To express my gratitude, I’ll rearrange your face and make it more beautiful. If there’s a person who needs to be shredded, that would be you.”

In an instant, blue fog gushes from Rafflesia’s body explosively in every direction after she heard Diadora’s mocking voice. Rafflesia’s explosive emotions seems to have reached a limit. Diadora’s words seem to have become the sharpest blade in the world, Rafflesia’s pride is cut off and thrown away.

“I do not need that, AHAHA!!!! Oh Oh OH!!! I’ll make you feel regret, wishing that you never put a scratch on me.”

“You unattractive Demonic Flower. I’ll make you regret you’ve ever set foot inside this forest!”

♦ ♦ ♦

I hold an anxiety toward the devil army’s movement as we fight against Georudo and the others, but the Wood Elves however, are taking a glance at our fight every so often as they continue to keep the devils at bay. If they can cope with the devil’s attack, it won’t be a problem leaving it to them. While the battle at the wall intensify, so does the battle between Christina and Geren, Georudo also increases his violent nature—

“Guuu, Eei! I will clear the disgrace which has been brought upon my spear and I. Human, this resolution will be achieved by my hand.”

Georudo points his spear at me with an incredible force, setting me as the first sacrifice. A strong wind arise and  brushes against my black hair. With red color touki emitting from his body, Georudo is beyond reason.

“Such a weak resolution. You can’t clear your disgrace with just that.”

While hold my long sword in one hand, I jump off the wall and land. Manipulating the wind to support me during the fall, the landing is relatively safe. Georudo heard my words, feeling mocked, starting to spit out fiery breath down to his beast lower body.

Breathing out fire to only this degree is just a simple trick.

“You human trash, it appears that you do not know your place. I will give you a good lesson in exchange for your life.”

“Hou, what kind of lesson?”

“Your loose mouth is shortening your life span!”

After declaring so, Georudo kicks against the ground and [flies] toward me. Georudo charges on  all four legs leaving traces of red touki in his path. In a blink of an eye, Georudo’s huge figure fully covers my sight.

“It is just a regular lesson, there is some truth to it.”

I grip onto my sword tightly and receive Georudo, whose neck is still spilling out black blood from his open wound. I focus my attention on the tip of the spear rather than Georudo’s massive body. No matter what kind of heavy armor is worn, this spear will pierce through them like paper, but my mind is calm, free of fear. I bring my sword down and touch the tip of the spear, that is being mercilessly thrust, softly through the air. I overlayed my eyes with that I once had, from the memory that was recorded in my Dragon soul, along with the nerves reflex. The moment the sword touches the spear, the magic which I apply on the sword beforehand activates. (T.L. TRAP card activates!!)


The thundering sound rings across the vicinity three times in quick succession, a suitable sound of our weapon clashing, Georudo’s large spear is repelled. Not only that, I also deflect it toward his right side, successfully breaking his center of gravity, despite him having four legs. The technique which I used are generally call Magic Sword. It is a type of improvisational magic that is exercised on weapons, with the intent of activating the input of magic at a certain condition.

Just now, the magic which I applied on to the sword was a lower class magic which was set to generate shock waves of pure energy at a very close(point-blank) range to the wielder. I loaded enough energy for three uses into the sword and it worked out beautifully, deflecting Georudo’s spear. Georudo’s figure is completely exposed, unguarded in front of me. Anger and hatred burns in Georudo’s eyes for making a stupid mistake against me.

“There’s an opening.”

At a time like this, I speak mercilessly, unlike my speech toward my past acquaintances. Reverting my sword, I judge the distance of sword will reach and slash it upwards, from the left toward Georudo’s beast-like head. From the beginning, I wanted to avoid using Dragon class power in front of the others, including Christina and Selia, but facing this kind of opponent with Human ability is unwise. When the sword starts to give off a white light because of the magical power imbued within, I slash it from the earth towards the sky, the crescent light slash moves through Georudo’s body, intending to sever his body in two.

However, Georudo tilts his head to the right, the action leaves him with a deep wound in his neck but increases the amount of meat and bones my sword has to cut through, stopping my empowered slash. In an instant, black blood flows out of the wound I caused and moments after, it pours all over Georudo’s body. Georudo stumbles three or four steps backwards like a wounded beast; his blood is flowing like a waterfall and yellow saliva spills from his mouth. The distance between me and Georudo is approximately fifteenth steps. But the distance can be covered in a blink of an eye. When I am about to deliver another blow, I hear loud voice reminiscence strong wind blowing off tree roots coming at me.

“Eei, HALT!!”

Then, the thought of the fourth Devil commander float into my mind. So far, the fourth commander did not make a rash move, finally they get up and start mobilizing their massive bulk. As I am about to give pursuit, a huge shadow looms over Georudo. The moment the shadow overlaps my own shadow, it attacks me and the sensation feels as if their entire weight is put into the attack. Upon landing on the ground, the figures impact makes a loud sound, lots of power is transmitted into the ground. Apparently, the fourth commander’s power surpasses the other three, or so it seems.

Everyone on the battlefield, both people of this world and from Makai, look upon this. Thus, they see. A humanoid person wearing white phosphorescent armor in the darkness of the night under the brilliant moon light. The humanoid person has already jumped between Georudo and me. With overwhelming stress placed upon the ground, standing in a daunting stance, his feet sink into the ground, up to his ankles. Similar to Georudo and Geren’s body, which must have been triple or quadruple my own, the violent touki being emitted from that body is quite dense.

Nevertheless, that touki is troublesome. It’s quality and effect also seem to differ from Georudo and Rafflesia. Bloodthirst and touki gush from the white knight, it is filled with gruesomeness and cruelty, pain and agony, disgrace and humiliation, all of which can be associated with death, and once one gazes upon the white knight, clad in his touki, a revelation of death and suffering will come upon them. The feeling’s… that of soldier, exhausting all of his energy on a conflict without end and finally meeting his demise. There is no sign of evil, just pure struggle.

The white knight wrapped his entire body in outstanding white and sharp looking armor, curved horns extend out from both sides of his helmet, on top of his helmet, there are slits that resemble gills stretching all the way to the back of his helmet. There are four, tightly packed together, arms connected to his body like enormous rocks rather than logs. Hanging on his left waist is a gigantic long sword and in his left arm, he hold a shield that can easily be misunderstood for a round table. Also, I get a glimpse of two additional swords strapped across his back.

Three swords and a shield, the white knights fighting style is going to involve using those.

“Georg, this is my fight!!”

Georudo calls out to Georg in protest, but there is no power in his voice. It probably has something to do with his current appearance, but Georg will rule that out for him. Even without fighting, by appearance alone, Georg shows that he is superior to Georudo, Rafflesia, and Geren, everyone on this battlefield understands this, including me.

“I must apologize for interceding, this fight looks too one-sided to continue. I’m sorry!”

The apology is for Georudo from Georg. It is very awkward having to receive an honest apology from a Devil like this, it seems to be the same for both sides, Georudo looks daunted facing his superior.

“Muu, eei this is very awkward and difficult.”

“By the way, move aside, Human. There, Spirit of the Black Rose.”


Georg’s eyes shine with a golden color and gaze pass me, then pass Christina and Geren’s fight, stopping on Diadora, glee shows from the bottom of his heart. Georudo and Rafflesia’s nature, finding enjoyment from taking away life, seems to be one of the many distinctive traits of Devils. However, that does not change the fact that Devils and the creatures from Makai will never permit other living creatures to survive on this world.

“I take it you did not come here to make the situation more pleasant, Devil.”

“Fu, against such an opponent, there isn’t a need to use military oppression, but rather reason. Against those who are not only unfazed by our appearance, but to go to an extent of wounding us in a fight, it is only true. It has indeed been a long time since we last encountered a strong person living in this world.”

“In that case, fully savor the taste, Devil countrymen.”

“Hahahahawaa! Treating an Evil God or a Demon Lord’s subordinates like they are worms wiggling in the rural area in Makai, this Human’s tongue is quite skilled!!”

In my previous life, there was an influential Goddess who considered Evil Gods and Demon Lords her friends, but to me, the lot and their foundations in Makai, are enemies. Georg’s laughter continues without change, seeing him clad in touki and now wielding three swords in three arms, I watch carefully and once again, ready my sword.

Swords of tremendous magnitude that can slice a house into two, I wonder what they are called.

“Georg, you, thieving bastard!!”

“What, I’m just going to play for a little.”

“Bastard, you always end up slicing up the opponent, you will probably do the same this time.”

Looking at Georudo and Georg exchanging, for my own convenience in this situation, I loose my mouth instinctively.

“This is regrettable but consider the opportunity fair.”

I dig my boots into the ground until it get to my ankle, charge explosively forward to clash against Georg with my sword. It is certain that Georg can take three people head simultaneously, but that is not enough to frighten me. Just like my declaration, I called every devils here countrymen, at the very least, some irritation and anger must have built up in their guts.

“Hou, not so fast, Human.”

Georg says in a joyful voice and swings down the sword in his lower right arm. From the handle grip to the tip of his sword, Georg covers it with his touki, which effectively increases the weapon’s strength and sharpness by several folds. The blow contains enough force and power to cut through a lower class Dragon’s scales, meat, bones and deprive it of its intelligent; with my past living experience, I guarantee it.

“My name is Dran, remember it!”

I meet Georg’s sword coming down with my own sword head on. Having already resupplied the spent energy in the sword, used in the clash with Georudo’s spear, Georg’s sword is deflected away with the the tremendous impact sound. The result is the same with Georudo, however as I reexamine what just happened, I too received recoil and my sword rebounds slightly, unlike earlier.

Fumu, labeling him as the Supreme commander was not a mistake.

“Dran, I’ll be sure to remember the name. A name that no human in this world will ever have a connection with!”

Some will. Probably.

Georg’s lower right hand is deflected to the right, however he swings down his upper arms, holding a sword in each hand, simultaneously. Putting even more power than the first blow, the consecutive attack speed and power pressure is like crashing thunder. The wind pressure from the white empowered slashes that could scatter a human’s body to bits, come at me in white lines.

Nevertheless, since Christina and Selia are focusing their attention on fighting against Geren, I think it is safe for me to loosen the shackles I had imposed upon myself to a certain degree. The attacks aim to cut off both of my shoulders joints―if one of them gets through, it would prove to be fatal―in order to avoid that, it is best to mow him down using my sword. This time however, no playing with Energy impact. I draw out the power from my Dragon soul and clad my sword with it. If someone possessing a magical sight near God level were to observe this, they would see a vision of my sword covered in a White Dragon’s claw.

“Oh, is this, by any chance…”

Sensing the new power that I brought out to counter his empowered slashes, his face is filled with surprise.

However, do you have the leisure to be surprised at this, Devil?

I turn my body sideways, avoiding his attack while at the same time, keeping my sword close to my body and thrust it into the right side of the opponent.


I let out a sound that my human vocal cords are not supposed to make, out from my throat. It is a sound that could be mistaken for a growl from the Dragon race. I pierce Georg with the attack, containing much more power than the one against Georudo; however, he receives it with the shield on his lower left arm.


The tip of the sword was supposed to go through the center of Georg’s round shield, however, he skillfully pours power into his arm and deflect it to his outer left hand side. It is the same method Christina used to divert Geren’s axe earlier. However, the cost of diverting my attack isn’t cheap. While the sword is still stuck inside Georg’s shield, I re-grip it with both hands, take in a short breath and shake it from side to side, pulling it free.

Georg’s body shakes left and right, barely bracing himself as shock and astonishment of what I did wells up in his eyes. The amount of power I just showed is roughly equal to one-tenth of my current power, that much is enough to cause even a high Devil commander and veteran who have experienced many battles like Georg to be astonished.

When my sword is completely free from the shield, Georg’s three arms with a sword in each one come down at me with minimal effort. The three swords do not have a lot of power and speed in them and barely graze my skin as I use my sword to repel them all with one hit.

Georg pulls his swords back immediately and attacks me in quick succession, putting his shield in front for defensive purposes. The power being demonstrated by Georg is a feat that no human with peak physical prowess and cardiopulmonary ability can achieve, this is further proven when looking at this Devil knight showing off his military’s training experience.

For this reason, as I continue to fight off his swords, the colour of wonder and admiration thicken in Georg’s eyes. As the sound of clashing swords continue to ring like music on the battlefield, the three swords come down ontop of me, I deflect all of them upward, forcefully creating an opening.


The Dragon class magical power forms between Georg and me, then an explosive phenomenon occurs and Georg’s entire body is wrapped in it. Georg’s big body is blown away by the dazzling light while covered in black smoke, as he falls onto the ground, there are several places on his armor where black smoke is being given off. Seeing Georg’s previously shining appearance now shrouded in black smoke fumes, I slightly click my tongue.


Georg protected his body by pushing his shield and swords in front to guard against the attack and avoid taking a direct hit from the explosion.

“Uumu, I’m genuinely surprised about this, Dran.”

“Is there hardly any pain or even an itch? I thought it would do a little more damage.”

I reaffirm my sword, as Georg stands up and raises his upper hands, he slowly sheaths his sword in his lower right hand back into its scabbard, I carefully consider the situation. I suspect it might be some kind of technique but his action doesn’t seem to be out of the ordinary. I simply discard my suspicion.

“Wait a moment. Today’s battle has filled me with excitement, however, I do not intend to end it here with a black and white outcome. Shall we stop it here for now?”

“Even if you say so now, I did not see such a suggestion coming. Considering the alternative choice is to fight until we die…”

“There is no rush. It is something I desire after all. Everything has an order.”

After a brief moment, I lower the tip of my sword, in agreement to stop the fight here, Georg also sheaths his two sword he is holding onto with his two upper arms, and in the next moment, to finish things off, in an eardrum tearing voice, he declared loudly.

“Hear me, people of the forest! You can continue exhausting your life against us, or you can join us at the gate of our camp and preserve your life, but if you find another road to walk on beside these two, it is good too.

Three days from now, we will march back to this village with our entire army. Discuss about it to your heart content, and decide your future.

You too human, whose exceptional strength was borrowed to oppose us, the offer applies to you as well, you would prove to be an excellent addition to our ranks.”

Georg’s announcement roar around the area like thunder and reach everyone even the Wood elves inside the wall.

“Fumu, it seems the only path is to oppose you. Whether or not you will sincerely wait for three days, I guess we will have to wait for three days and see.”

Georg must have let out a small grin inside his helmet after hearing my words.

“Fufufu, a reply full of spirit biting back at my own words, as expected of such an opponent. To equally live and constantly experience battle. Decide to fight and see how one’s life turns about.

To be selected to fight, it is one of the few freedoms permitted in life. Do as you like. Georudo, Geren, Rafflesia, that is enough for tonight. Retreat!”

The decision seems too quick, but Georg has already turned away from me and is marching to the northern region. I was thinking, what if they would attack as we turn our backs, and maybe we should attack them while they have their backs against us, but that would be problematic. This fellow from Makai has a firm character and both parties should abide by the agreement. Besides, if someone were to attack Georg from behind, he would have sliced them in a flash of white lines with his three swords.

“Umu. I wonder if we’ll fight again, in such a place.”

Geren murmurs to himself and retreats, obediently following Georg’s order. After he said that, he rests his axe on his shoulder and quickly dashes away. The speed at which all this happens is rather amazing.

“Spirit of the Back Rose, humans, the disgrace and humiliation I’ve received tonight will not forgotten. I will fill my belly with your meat, and moisten my throat with your blood, and rinse away the humiliation I’ve received with your screams!”

While black blood continues oozing out of the wound on his neck and flowing down onto his body that is both evil and unfortunate; Georudo is looks weakened but is still glaring at Diadora, Christina, and the at me with eyes blazing with so much hatred, to the point that it has almost unbelievable. While watching Georg and I fought, Georudo’s emotions must have gone amok, but he obediently follows Georg away.

Diadora quietly draws near me― Rafflesia who just stopped fighting her jumps on Georudo’s left shoulder and gives both Diadora and I a dirty look. With hatred, by no mean inferior to Georudo’s, in her eyes. Her hatred would not fade away, even if a hundred or even a thousand years pass. With a clearly sadistic smile floating on her face, Rafflesia speaks up.

“Wa~ I will come back and kill all of you without fail. Geo failed to kill you, huh? I will make you weep and beg me to kill you out of mercy.”

I turn my back against the Devils retreating after Georg after I see that they are keeping their word and not chasing after us without warning. Their movements head north. That must be where the gate connecting Makai and this world is located. Ultimately, that place is our objective. The Wood Elves form a line on top of the wall with Gio commanding them, as they watch the Devils retreat after Georg. Lacking a means to commence an immediate counter attack, they silently watch as their enemies retreat, Gio understand this the best.

“Fumu, it is safe temporarily, let’s assess the situation. Selia, Christina-san and Diadora, are all of you alright? No one sustained any severe injury?”

I turn back and ask, Selia and Christina both give me a nod, which left just Diadora giving me a look full of suspicion.

“I came here as an ally. My name is Dran.”

“… Though it seems you’ve already known my name, I’ll say it directly. Diadora.”

Humans participating in this supernatural war, Diadora doesn’t seem to be convinced of that just yet, the situation is still not clearly realized. Fio and Marl quickly fill Diadora in on what is going on, then she finally understands. I let out my favorite phrase, Fumu, as the last figure of the devils go out of sight.

“Now then, the enemy is more troublesome than I thought, so what is the plan for fighting against them, forest dweller.”

According to Georg, they will only have a grace period of three days before the next attack. They can either attack, or yield to the enemy. We will provide support, but what will they do?

I think to myself, and soon, we are lead by Gio and Fio along with other Wood Elves into the village. The village is located in the far western side of Ente, and we are heading over to the west side of the village. It is already well into the night, moonlight leaks through the tree branches, on the ground there is luminous moss, and also luminous bugs serving as a light source in the night.(T.L. Feeling like the world of Pandora in the movie Avatar.)

There are houses inside trees, or they could be called cavities inside giant trees. As we walk, the feeling of battle still lingers in atmosphere, Gio guides us as he explains, originally there were no Humans inside the forest so at the sight of my appearance, some Wood Elves would give me a look of disbelief.

The faint smell of blood, the moans of someone experiencing pain and torment, the souls of the dead being carried off too God of death, the grieving of the living for the dead… A village which should be flourishing with life and blessings of the forest; this is not it. As for Selia, her spirit is still fatigued after battling against Geren and she wal- crawls behind me.

“This place doesn’t seem very welcoming.”

Selia whispers quietly to me from behind, feeling anxious. On the other hand, Christina is checking out the village with great interest, not caring about the overall atmosphere of the village. The fight against Geren should have considerably drained her both physically and mentally, but that is not what it looks like on her face, she is even tougher than I imagined. While answering Selia, I also throw out a question for Gio who is leading in the front.

“It can’t be help, the timing is bad after all. We have no choice but to take it for granted. Gio, would you tell me where we are heading to?”

“The patriarch’s place. There are warriors assembling there too. It is a good opportunity to introduce you, warriors from another race, to everyone.”

“Fumu, that sound reasonable.”

Diadora occasionally gives us a glance when we talk to Gio, but otherwise, she walks silently without talking to anyone. We walk until a gigantic tree is in sight, there are people gathering around it. The tree must have been big enough for thirty fully grown adults to hold hands and encircle the base(trunk) of the tree, and its big green leaves growing out give off a magnificent presence. This tree has the biggest house I’ve ever seen since stepping inside the Wood Elves village. I did not pay a lot of attention to the other houses, but I wonder if it is a flag proving this belongs to the patriarch. In front of the tree, there are all kind of warriors from Wood Elves, Wolf-men, Bird-men, Insect-people, etc. and as Gio brings us over, they all have a suspicious look on their faces.

“I have something to discuss with patriarchs. Are they inside, already?”

“Ah! You are here to discuss about the counter measure against people from Makai I assume. Gio, who are these people?”

A Wolf-man youth with gray fur glances at us and asks Gio. It speaks in a loud enough tone in which everyone can hear it.

“The explanation will be given to everyone now. You do not have to be worry. They say they are from a village called Bern, this human here is the descendant of those whom we had exchanged terms with long ago.”

“The patriarchs are at the usual place. You better hurry.”

Gio nod at the Wolf-man and guides us into the house. Inside the house, with just a glance, the unfamiliar furniture caught my interest, but given the situation, there is no time to be paying attention to such accessories. Gio walks through the patriarch house without being stopped, as we pass some Wood Elves, he would exchange greetings with them politely. After a while, we are lead to a large room in the back of the house. It is probably some kind of meeting hall in case of an emergency. Passing through a white embroidery veil designed with various creatures living in the forest, I see people are sitting around a big round table, and from the look of it, the table was carved from the tree’s trunk.

Sitting at the table are three people, there is a handsome looking Wood Elf with wrinkles on his face who seems to be taking the slight effect of passing time, next to him is a Wolf-man with a big body three times the size of the one from before with white fur, and finally an Arachne woman with a beautiful upper body of a lady and the lower half of a big spider with a red crest. These three people sit facing us, with the Wood Elf sitting in the middle, the Wood Elf village Chief Gio mentioned is unlikely to be one of the other two. The three look at us with piercing gaze, Gio and Fio lower the head a little.

“Chief Deo, Vuraiku-dono, Aljen’nu-dono, I’ve returned.”

Deo is the Wood Elve’s Chief, Vuraiku is the Wolf-man, and Aljen’nu is the name of the female Arachne. The gaze of the Wolf-man carries sense of distrust, while Aljen’nu’s gaze is deeply observing.

Now then, how can I persuade them to at us gaze differently.


[To be continued]

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