Chapter 1

[Chapter 1]

-Death and Life-

A story about the life and death of a Dragon.

The sky tonight is beautiful. I thought while looking up at the sky filled with stars. If I think back about it, it has been a long time since I had a calm sensation like this while looking at the sky. While lowering my gaze from the sky, I see seven shadows of Humans insolently step into my territory. Seven shadows, seven Heroes. Each and everyone of them possess both power and wisdom that are capable of sending chill down the spines of numerous demons and monsters. Behind them, around 1,000 soldiers are ready to slay the monster in front of them, me. They are emitting, rather weak, killing intent toward me.

Looking at the young man leading them, I open my mouth to speak. (T.L. Not sure about this one, it seem like he open his mouth to get stab? does that make sense?) Suddenly, pain spreads through me. At the same time, the ground beneath me has become a puddle of blood, my blood. It makes me a bit happy. When was the last time that I was wounded?

“I have not done any evil deeds to Humankind, as far as my memories serve me. In fact, I think of myself as an allies to you Humans. So answer me, why?”

No reply.

This young man, with the sword that has just pierced my heart in hand, the Hero whose name is the most well known in the world, Hero-tan, on his handsome face floats a sense of sadness. I understand that it was never his intention to defeat me with that alone. He was prepared, nevertheless. In disbelief, the expressions on the “back up” forces’ faces are filled with surprise. After all, in the Humans’ eyes, defeating me is something that is impossible to do even for the Heroes.

“To go to such an extent to kill me. Hero, to make the sword in your hand, how much wealth and time were used? The labor and resources put in to make it, just how many people do you think you were able to be save?”

No reply again.

As comrades in the past, I know that this young Hero, and the six that accompany behind him are kind-hearted young lords and ladies. They must have been ordered to do so. Anyway, my action just now is best described as suicide. Oh my, will this become a joke throughout the Dragon race?

While thinking, my eyelids have become heavy. This must be the effect of the spell that was developed to absorb the life force of a Dragon by stabbing a Dragon in its heart. Well, it’s not too bad, to kill this elder creature, preparations need to be made after all. Rather, I am surprise that this works at all.


“Listen well, Humans. Your minds are precious and beautiful. Your heart, however, is weak and full with desires. All of you are just Humans that can barely be distinguished between men and beasts. All of you who are not useful, may very well be eliminated just like I am tonight. Let my death be a lesson for all of you! This is my last advice to you, my little friends.”

Even though they are not proud of what they did, they still lower their heads and try to absorb the words that are filled with eons worth of wisdom, into their heart. I don’t mind if any of them mock me, rather, why not? I insist. It is boring to be alive for so long, my kind has reduced their number of off-springs because of it. It’s not so bad to die under such beautiful moon light. At heart, it makes me pass away calmly.


I take my last breath and close my tired eyes. To be honest, it is a boring way for a Dragon, whose strength rivals that of Gods and Demon Lords, to end his life. I’ve lived for a very long time. My brethren who roam the world along my side eons ago surely have not met their end yet. I feel relaxed and ready for the end. It is a strange feeling, one that not many Dragons feel towards death. Oh, God of Death, may you guide my soul to the Sea of Souls, and grant me eternal sleep. Otherwise, prepare yourself and your Hell, to be engulfed in my raging fiery flame! I thought.


And so I hum. Actually, that was not supposed to be muttered aloud and it shouldn’t be since Dragons’ tongue cannot produce such a sound. We cannot communicate via vocal speech, but through our mind. What the hell?

In front of me, I see a pair of legs, they are small and bare. It take me a few minutes, then I realize that those are my legs. I, who is supposed to be drifting in the Sea of Soul forever, have just been born again, presumably as a Human. I jump to such a conclusion.

Why…why…..Why am I alive, again?

I hear the thump-thump thump-thump thump-thump sound. It takes me another minute to realize that it is the sound of my heart. But I also pick up the sound of another heart? Is there someone else here? My siblings perhaps? No, it must be of my Mother. There is no room and no competition in this belly. Suddenly, I feel tired. Probably from picking up too much information while being an infant, such hard work.

How would you react if you’re in the situation I am in? Not that much better, I assume.

Back to the matter at hands, why am I, who is supposed to be dead, live as an infant dwelling inside a woman’s belly? Just why why why why? Even though I intentionally died at hands of those I feel sympathy to, why can’t I have eternal rest? And of all things, to be reincarnated as a Human infant soul. Of course there is no one here to answer my questions. So, until I am free from my mother’s womb, which will take some time, there is nothing I can do about it. Nothing! But then it strikes me. After regaining the conscious of my thought, I ask myself a question. Will there really be a meaning in living again? My Human parents will surely be happy of my birth.

While thinking, through the liquid in my Mother’s womb, and layers of muscles and skin, I realize that I may have an older brother, the family seems to be talking about what happened today. Will my brother be looking forward to my birth? I will surely steal his spotlight in the family. I was once born as a Dragon, this time, it will be as Human. Should I be born as a Human and live a life as one, will I betray the expectation my family has for me? Even though I am old, ancient, I admit that I am insecure about family. The main reason is probably due to the fact that I have never had a family.


Apparently, according to the conversation outside, I’ve been reincarnated into a world where science and magic have not been thoroughly developed yet. It feels uncomfortable and very difficult to make movement inside such a cramp space. How do babies live with this for nine months? Right now, my physical form is but a fetus floating inside amniotic fluid but my mind is that of a mighty Dragon.

As a normal fetus, there is absolutely nothing it can do inside here, but I am no normal fetus, already I’ve done the impossible at such a physical state, thinking. Even though I reincarnated, I definitely felt that a part of my soul is damaged. It’s not to the extent where my life will be in danger, it is far from it. However, it is definitely noticeable.

So with nothing better to do, while listening to my family talks, I decide to use Chi Myaku* in order to allow me to interfere with the earth and increase the soil quality which will yield better crops and higher harvest where the villagers predict it would. All done, it  takes a while, but the next harvest will be the best harvest this village will ever have. I spent all of my currently available magical power to do so. With that said, the earth will be fertile for the next few years as well.

It has been several months since I realize that I am a fetus inside of a Human woman’s belly. It won’t be too long until the day I will be born into this world as a Human baby. Will life have a purpose? The thoughts of decadence and resignation from living continue to fill my mind. I wonder if my mind would be free from these negative thoughts. I continue to think inside the woman who is my Mom-to-be.

Not long after, my Human mother finally gives birth to me, a strong healthy Human baby.

As the water is being wiped across my eyes, I force them to open and take a look around with my unfocused eyes. When my eyes focus, the appearance of a man and woman with gentle smiles was projected. I am being held along side of the woman and looking straight into the man’s eyes. They both have gentle smiles on their face. I assume they are my parents.

When my eyes focus, I am being held alongside my mother and look straight into my father’s eyes. They both have gentle smiles on their face. Being small, from my perspective, they are giants, and of course with the Dragon’s perspective still in effect, I, for a moment thought they are Titans. My reason helped me back, since I am definitely not in Dragon form and so they are definitely Human being. I think. I can see my Mother’s smile clearly as she is filled with joy.

“Thanks the Gods! My child open his eyes. Fufufu. Hello, my baby.”

As my parents continue to watch me, I feel a sense of ease, free of worries. When my Mother gently touches me, it calms me down greatly.

“He doesn’t seem to cry very much. It’s better if he cry a little more, it makes me want to cuddle him more.”

My Mother caresses my cheek as she said so. Right now, there is still little I can do and so, being held by my Mother is what I will enjoy.

“My child, you’ll be name Dran. I am your mommy. Now, say hello to Papa.”

My Mother carefully rise me next to my father’s face, and then rub my cheek against his. Ouch, shave Father. I am not sure if it is the fact that we are related by blood but right now, I am experiencing a mysterious feeling I’ve never felt before. What Human calls “Family Bond.” (T.L. Family love, love in general)

I am the oldest of the Dragons. I have neither Mother nor Father. There was no one fit to be called parents by me. There were those who I can call brothers and sisters, but it is only in a sense. Therefore. For me who have been reborn as a Human. I’ve received warmth from my current parents and never have I ever felt as peaceful as I am now. I was tired of long life, and chose to be killed by brave men. Instead of giving me eternal sleep. This has led me to experience the warmth of a family. I can’t say that I am grateful toward my killers, but…Thank you. Anyway, how bad can this be? Living a life as a Human, and shoulder their hardships and struggles. This should be interesting.

“Honey look! Dran smiled!”

“A healthy, strong and cheerful boy. I am glad you were born Dran.”

I am laughing now? Haha, since when was the last time I laughed? There may be some worth living as a Human after all.

Chapter 1 [End]


Author’s Notes

Dran interfere with the earth while being INSIDE his mother as a fetus.

Chi Myaku: The veins of the earth. For westerner, this should be known as leyline.


Translator: Binhjamin.

Editors: Takathien (Thien), Masadeer (Albert), Fate Trooper.

Check out the raw here and rate the author. -T.L.

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    Actually enjoying reading this..keep up the good work..and thanks for translating :)


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    Really like this novel now found it on baka manga updates. ;)


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    good story, very interesting by how story began not after he born but still in womb and more importantly Monster to Human, compared to other WN/LN with similar setting as reincarnated. normally their will be Human to Human or Human to Monster

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    Many thanks for translating this work, it starts rather interesting, seems like really good idea.


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    ?Holy shit uber magic already before he was born?
    Thanks for the translation! Can’t wait for the next chapter of Dragonborn er I mean this LN


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  20. M.Mix says:

    First paragraph, last sentence:


    Doesn’t this roughly translate to the following?

    “Each of them better at slaying monsters than a thousand soldiers, these seven heroes possess both extraordinary strength and knowledge”

    I’m also noticing a lot of discrepancies between what I can make out in the WN and your translation. I’m not sure how you got to what you have, unless the WN was changed drastically from what you translated.


    • Binhjamin says:

      There has been changes since the first version of the WN the author wrote, this one was last updated in like September of last year. HOWEVER! I do admit that my Japanese at the time was NOT at the best and I was on the mind set of ‘finishing it so people can read it’ and not going for the 100% accuracy. Even now, I’m not aiming for the 100% accuracy simply because I don’t have the time to invest in thinking through the layer of meaning and so on and so forth and also partially due to the length of these chapters. Do excuse me for being faulty and rough around the edges. Actually, I’ve been going back and forth to change certain small details that I’ve pick up from the LN and changed some of the materials so I’ll admit that I’m being inconsistent at which version I’m choosing to translate. The main story course is still the same though. Sorry if it’s not up to your standard :/

      Also, the editors also played a role in this because of my terrible english, they had to rephrase quite a bit of the stuff I translated but I think the majority of the fault would still be with my part. I did at some point wanted to go back and fix these issues but I never got around to it. Again, sorry if you find it disgusting to read :/


      • M.Mix says:

        I don’t mean to come off as mean or anything. I just wanted to point out things that you might have missed, in order to get a translation that more closely follows the original work.

        Would you be willing to edit in suggestions though? Well, if you think that pulling edit requests from your readers will take too much effort, you might want to get someone dedicated to double-check your translations. Getting a second opinion on the translation would help improve the accuracy.

        Hope this helps.


      • Binhjamin says:

        Oh I wouldn’t take comments about my skills from others to be on the mean side but rather as indication that I need to work to improve. I do edit where the mistake had been spotted from the comments and or emails. I did have a translation checker at some point but he went mia since December and never showed up since :/


  21. Just found out about this…damn, those feels at the end were unexpected.


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