Meds for your, now with cancer, eyes.

Right…..that god awful art. Lets just pretend we all didn’t see that. Although I do like Selia’s design……just a little. VERY LITTLE THAT I LIKE. Anyhow, this is obviously not a chapter release but more like a LN’s progression update which now has a total of 4 volumes published. I tore the characters page from each volume and translated their brief info. All except for vol 4 because of reasons. Without further ado, here they are:




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30 Responses to Meds for your, now with cancer, eyes.

  1. rizyun says:

    why georg look so badass so cool?
    and christina really look like saber OAO
    well . . . minus her antena tho =_=


    • I don’t see how she looks like Saber. She doesn’t even have the bun thing going on.


      • rizyun says:

        with those bang and side hairs are enough to be one alike, moreover she tied her hair in pony styled so except bun an ahoge she complete alike saber for me


      • Ehh I still don’t really see it. You said without her bun and ahoge, but those are kinda the two biggest defining points of her hairstyle, and sure her bangs and side are kinda like Saber’s, but you could say the same for soooo many female characters. Also, Christina’s eyes are a lot sharper than Saber’s, and their faces are just pretty different in general.


  2. thanks, this is heal my eyes!!


  3. goblinrou says:

    Georg – power rangers villain
    Jio – Garp, dat you?

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  4. madmann135 says:

    “Dran: the pimp of this novel, Nuff said”
    That made my day. He’s no pimp, he is closer to the charmer.


  5. sundasherino says:

    thats not christina, thats sabre\\


  6. fallenpanda says:

    now i can sleep again after being cured and not having nightmares from reading whatever that this was
    now all i need to do is w8 for the next chapter of the novel and i really want to see his adventure in the academy

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  7. vasiliassy says:

    … dont wanna see the translate of the chara page =3=
    I just wanna read new update


  8. Omelette says:

    Diadora == Yennefer from da witcher


  9. Nyamsus says:

    Compare both dran from both art..
    LN-cool headed teen like fumuu
    Manga – too much youth energy for who knows how old he is


  10. tarmizie34 says:

    WTF…. They all too handsome/cute.

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  11. Asf says:

    Diodora still my fave


  12. Mack Schlicht says:

    I am looking forward to the school story arc.


  13. NomangaNolife says:

    Why are you going to update? It’s been a long time now


  14. Annonius says:

    Binhjamin: I am a rogue translator that will not divulge my name. I’m getting sick of people like you that start a project, and then don’t translate anything for months and disparage others works. I will start translating SRKJ without notice if you do not release a chapter within the next three weeks. Yes, this is a hostile action in the world of translation, but I’m getting kinda sick of people that pull this crap on me and other readers. NOTICE: I am not Japanese nor do I speak it, so I will be translating from a translated Korean version. If you have problems with this, go duck yourself and reflect on readers point of view.

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    • All Night says:

      This is standard Binhjamin though. We’re almost all used to the one chapter every 3-4 months by now.

      It would be easier to help then to take it from under him with his dragon and fumu fetish :P

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    • Moneng85 says:

      Binhjamin can be barely considered safe i guess, the translations hasn’t stoped in the duration of 6 months anyway, still even though that would make many people(fans) happy, you should discuss it with binhjamin first anyway in a peaceful manner.
      As someone who had followed binhjamin from the animesuki forums he does at least seem eager to translate(even though it is in a super snail pace)
      Still, why not make a colaboration with binhjamin rather than highjacking the translation of series?

      What are you thoughts of this binhjamin-chan?


    • christianns says:

      When you said without notice but you already said it in your comment


    • Read DxD says:

      Its been 3 weeks, you gonna deliver?


      • xias1 says:

        “3 weeks” already?
        Make that 3 months. XDDD

        That guy probably forgot he ever wrote that comment one day after posting it and one day after forgetting about the comment he forgot about the novel altogether.

        The reason why he doesn´t give his name maybe isn´t because he wants to stay anonymous but because he has simply forgotten his name since long ago… ;-pp

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      • xias1 says:

        P.S.: I know that it´s only been 2 months so far. But by the time anyone reads my comment it´ll be 3 nonths. XD


  15. Tomas Senn says:

    If you posted chapters then people wouldn’t need to read the manga


  16. eduard34 says:

    Are you still translating this novel, cause there are several translators who are looking for novels they can translate would it be alright if someone else continue this?


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