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Updates, cuz I can’t go on without being bugged by people.

So, another group decided to pick this up. No name calling but I’d like to offer an eye opener. >Part release here we go. >Chapter 16 Part 1. [I guess?] :v Advertisements

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The chapter that which was destined to come….ACTUALLY CAME!

Here it is. I’ve got nothing to say. Goodbye o/   *running away from reality*

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Bu ni mi – Chapter 4 Finished

Refer to title, nothing much to talk about except that neither you, or I expected me to finished this chapter so soon.  Bu ni mi chapter 4 here. Till next time. Bye. ;) P.S. Chapter 4 come with your favorite … Continue reading

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I’m thinking of quitting. Just saying.

Hello guys, and girls. Sorry for being shady with my announcements. It seems like this life just hate me q.q Anyhow, finally~~~~~~ finished chapter 3 of bu ni mi with moderate difficulty and a lot of hair yanking. Damn I hate … Continue reading

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3 retpahC nrobnU – Why? Because I can.

It’ve been awhile. Sorry for all the lies I;ve been telling hope you forgive me now let’s go on to why I lied. In 3. 2. 1. Start: Yada yada yada. I didn’t feel like working. End. 100% satisfaction I … Continue reading

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SRKJ – Chapter 14 Finished (Volume 1 Completed)

Before I give the chapter, I want to show you the changes to names and term. Here they are: Maier ==> Mairahl Aldes  ==> Ardes Super-race ==> Superior Original Ok, I’ve taken a couple days longer then expected but who cares … Continue reading

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Unborn – Chapter 2

The first person and third person screw me over quite a bit. I could have finished this yesterday but….I was lazy. Anyway, this story wasted no time what so ever! F***! P.s. For those asking for Bu ni mi, just wait, I guess. At … Continue reading

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Unborn – Chapter 1

Yes! No need to read through all of the ‘growing up’ bs!!! Time skip is the best! Here’s chapter 1, enjoy~ P.s. The story is from a small magazine publisher. The author is either ‘in training’ or just getting his … Continue reading

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Unborn – Prologue

Here ya go, a little treat for you Dragons lovers.

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SRKJ – Chapter 13 Finished + More Stuff to say

Fu*k! Take this chapter and relief yourself. Here. Now then come the most important thing I need to mention. Diadora’s name, ディアドラ is what it is in Japanese and I have chosen to translate it as “Diadora” BUT, it is also … Continue reading

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