ProjectsXspeed, and Donation.

Ok, a lot of you had been bringing up the issue of me having too many projects and my speed suffer because of it. I’ve got a few things to say.

First thing you need to know since this is what everyone~ cares about is that I’m not a fast translator. I am not a fast translator. Got that? Records had shown that my updates were irregular and it will continue to be that way. Why? Because my translate schedule is irregular. I cannot, and do not sit down to tank through an entire chapter at once. It’s impossible for me. I get to it when my time allow and take it easy unless I’m hype up for something which don’t happen too often. About the subject of too many projects, I have three. Is that a lot? I don’t know, but the speed was already as slow as you can tell so what’s the harm?

Lets get to the more important problem, and that is donation. This word had been flying around around the TL community recently with the example of Elysion asking for $200 AND he got it, with the promise of providing a SINGLE extra chapter, which he DID NOT release. All the while having rather bad effort put into his work. Now I am not saying that my work is like godlike, or legendary, but there’s is a limit to shamelessly asking for money and providing utter chicken scratch of a novel. Anyway, I don’t want to get deeper into the problems with what’s he’s doing, I’ll link all the sources for that at the end. So, what’s my deal with donation since I do have one? It’s very simple really, the donation box that I set up has nothing to do with speed buffing translation other than made me wanting to continue what I’m doing on this blog. It is purely for the support of this blog, what ever that may be, from buying LN to show to you guys illustrations to getting a domain if that was ever necessary. I do not require money from any of you in order to post the translated materials that I’ve translated and the editors and proofreaders had checked. I will never require money to post. Never. Ever.

I want to offer my thanks for those who had donated and wish that you guys stay awesome. May the G, O single D bless you. Your good will is much appreciated C:



Korean TL Drama links:

Check out this site it’s good~

None of these were meant to hurt anyone’s feeling, they are pokes a certain someone who was greedy and refused to listen to others


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52 Responses to ProjectsXspeed, and Donation.

  1. rizyun says:

    even Binh got side effect of Dona-Syndrome

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  2. Dafriak123 says:

    Good Job man ☺


  3. King says:

    Your grammar is messed up.


  4. hehaaw says:

    lol yeah dont take too many project pls (jk :P), its good to have more material to read and thanks as always


  5. Starfree says:

    I still remember the time where 1 chapter a month is considered a normal speed, how times have changed


  6. Skoll says:

    The drama over lns… maybe make a movie on it called… Light Novel Musical? (play on High School Musical for those that couldn’t tell :P)
    Regardless, thanks for clarifying things Bin, take it easy, GLHF and all those other well wishes :D

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  7. rei_hunter says:

    binh, hire more translators *runs*

    I mean you work on a Google Doc environment, so that should be easy enough to work with.


  8. k says:

    well, do your best


  9. muelproject says:

    ohh,, can’t be help when LN of ASIA became hot,,
    there will come many people that get this virus, and follow other people to read free work,

    but almost all ancient (lol) reader know that many translator do t-ling and share their work so community know about worth work that been around, ancient reader that been around for a long time would have patient,,
    lol, but for newcomer reader well, dunno how to say it,,


  10. madaonexus says:

    Are there dragons in elf novel?


  11. Nu Gundam says:

    Well, as a leecher myself, I could careless about that “case”… I support those who translate as long as I can read it no matter the speed (since it depends on themselves / the translator(s) alone). And that’s what its all about … :3

    Its like… If he (the suspect in the case) dropped his translation, well I don’t really mind as long as there is other translator continuing it then I will support that translator.


  12. Shidō says:

    Donations (asking money for a [supposedly] good cause) or commission (demanding money to do and submit the work), don’t see the difference :V that aside, instead of donations, it’s more like him asking for an absurd amount of money to commission a measly part chapter :V too amusing to hate. Also, take things at your own pace :V


    • Binhjamin says:

      The problem lies in what TL are doing is illegal, technically. Unauthorized TL of novel is illegal. Doing it for free post slight issue but if you do it FOR money, oh it is completely wrong. Also, please do consider that the original materials were given to you for free on a website anyone can have access to. Now do you see why demanding money for a bad fan translation is wrong?

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      • Shidō says:

        Yep (the not seeing difference donation/commission part was sarcasm :Λ) :V which is why I was glad someone took over (this coming from a hypocritical leecher) :V will someone be taking over his other one (not wordmaster)? Also, nevertheless, reading (most of) the comments and posts was still amusing :V


  13. kasinki says:

    Bro, take a chill pill. We’re all here to support you – okay, maybe not all as this wouldn’t have happened if everyone got their traps shut and just patiently wait like the leeches we are, but point being is that you
    So keep doing it. Haters will hate and people always demand more, but remember that at the end of the day you have – at the BARE MINIMUM – made someone happy.
    That someone is me. But I bet there are 1,454,213 other ‘clickies’ (and counting), not to mention the future ones, that respect your work(s).
    I mean seriously. Like, really? Your translations are the only translation which grammar doesn’t give me headache or urge to scroll up for the sake of understanding what the hell is happening in the sentence.
    So chill and relax, k? Know that behind the few douches there are hundreds if not million(s) others praising you and your work and visiting your website on a frequent basis. I am most definitely one.

    Best wishes and regards,
    A fan.

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  14. I know that you are not a fast translator and that you do a pretty good work, but the issue that I have is between two works with about the same release date versus the release of a single work released. I would prefer later, but this is my opinion. I just wanted to clarify that. No matter what you do (within reasonable limitations), I thank you for hard work and respect your choices, youngster.


  15. TamaSaga says:

    I especially like the part where THAT Translator put up a poll with the donation results…

    Let’s see, 92% of the donators said “No need for the donation chapter. It’s just our appreciation.” For the other options, there was a 3x KnW at 8% and a 2x Nidoume at 0%. I’m guessing 3x means 3 chapters and 2x means 2 chapters.

    Aside from the fact that I have trouble believing people honestly donating without expecting something in return (Yes it’s tasteful to say it, but do they honestly believe it?), it’s funny how he decides that the majority wins. I’m not sure what the rules are in this case, but I feel that once money is involved, as long as one donator asks for an extra chapter, you must fulfill your part of the agreement. It’s common sense in the business world if you want people to continue supporting you. Heck, was an appreciation donation even an option?

    But I didn’t donate, so what would I know.


  16. David says:

    After the whole post I had a single question pop in my mind (out of nowhere): Is Binhjamin male or female?
    I always assumed male. Now I can’t keep on living without knowing if I’m right.


  17. zephyrial says:

    >not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings


  18. Haha says:

    Beeing a begger is ok..
    But when that begger began to point the knife at people asking for cash.. its normal that they throw stones at ya!


  19. prongs2mesum says:

    BU NI MI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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