SRKJ – Chapter 13 Finished + More Stuff to say

Fu*k! Take this chapter and relief yourself. Here.

Now then come the most important thing I need to mention. Diadora’s name, ディアドラ is what it is in Japanese and I have chosen to translate it as “Diadora” BUT, it is also a reference toward some Celtic myth woman who’s name is “Deirdre” which be honest with me, you’ve never heard of her. She’s the one so called “Deirdre of the Sorrows” which bring ME to sorrow. Personally, I hate the darn name. Who’s name pronounce “DeerDre”? Anyway, long story short, if you dislike “Diadora” you can go and slap Deirdre as you read. Peace!


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23 Responses to SRKJ – Chapter 13 Finished + More Stuff to say

  1. natsumiloves says:

    thanks for the chpt :)


  2. TLODAN says:

    Thanks for the chapter.


  3. nielsjuh555 says:

    Thanks you the chapter


  4. cursedreader says:

    atlast! tnx !


  5. runsing says:

    i’d rather spank her rather than slap, thank you :D


  6. jorgelotr says:

    “Who’s name pronounce “DeerDre”? ” <- According to wikipedia, in Irish it's pronounced [ˈdʲɛɾˠdʲɾʲə] which, according to wikipedia, sounds like a palatalized dental "d" followed by a short i semivowel, the "e" in "best", the same "d" as first, the "r" in rule (but tapped) and the "a" in "sofa"; altogether is something inbetween "djedra" and "djadra", taking the value of the phonemes in japanese (except the "j", that I'm using to mark a semivowel), so if a japanese person herd it from the correct accent, it wold sound to them as "diad[o]ra". It seems that when the English picked the name, it only picked the writing.

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  7. ser says:

    She is the one that gets duarmaid killed?


  8. nicholaevich says:

    Thanks for da chap


  9. Loli Lich says:

    So are you gonna focus on finishing Volume 1 of Bu Ni MI now like you said you would earlier?


  10. Well done, youngster. Thank you for entertaining this old man with your translation.


  11. WumboCombo says:

    Praise the Sun \o/


  12. Dragon's blood says:

    I hear hear that someone ’round here’s been looking for me?


  13. WumboCombo says:

    Question, the first volume is 14 chapters, yes?


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