SRKJ – Chapter 13 (2/3) Finished and FYIs

How do you do guys? My last 2 weeks was hell. Lost power for 5 days, work and school works piled up, cramping, etc. It was so stressful D: Anyway, I manage to finished the second part of chapter 13. I should probably mention this, along the way, I made some bad decisions and now, I’ve corrected(most) it. Here are some of the changes I’ve implemented.

First up is the use of ‘Makai.’ This word right here basically mean devil, demon, hell, etc. anything that associate with evil. I’ve been translating this under: Devil, Demon, Hell, Demonic, Evil, etc. but now, I’ve decided to keep it as ‘Makai’ as a given name while if its a mention of said demon or devil will remain as such, in the translation. Here are some examples:

“Demonic Knight” ==> “Makai Knight”

“Hell Gate” ==> “Makai Gate”

Next up are more names/terms changes.

Christina’s sword “Erusupadas” will now be call “Elspard.” Someone, ahem, Sumguy, pointed out to me that the name is a reference to “Elspar,” a drug use to treat cancer or something. I was too lazy to google it but I find that a sword which is use to remove cancer from the world is fitting xD

“Magic Formation” will now be “Magic Circle.” “Akira Spirit Stone” will now be “Magic Crystal,” no worries, the “Spirit Stone” is still correct, I now taking it into account that Pure Magic Crystal is more valuable and more precious than Pure Spirit(magic) Stone.

I think I’ve covered all of the thing I needed to inform you in this update. I will be cleaning our the other chapters soon so everything matches. I’m working on part 3, and may or may not finished by tomorrow :P Best of luck to me folks!


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29 Responses to SRKJ – Chapter 13 (2/3) Finished and FYIs

  1. TheFrostDude says:

    Thanks for part 2!
    Sucks to hear about losing your power and all the busy work in RL. But what happen has happen already so work for a brighter tomorrow! :D


  2. Xias says:

    Couldn´t it be that Christina´s sword “Erusupadas” was named after the Spanish word “espada” which means “sword” in English?
    That would make more sense to me than a medicine against cancer.


    • Binhjamin says:

      Nope, if you Googled the japanese name, it would lead you to believed so, but the spelling is different.


    • mxmach says:

      I guess it would be possible to verify it with how the Espadas from Bleach where kana-ized. Altho it might be a double-entendre, so it actually tries to be both meanings.


    • Sumguy says:

      if it’s spanish, I can easily be wrong in this case (but naming an unique sword… a “sword” in another language is… well, gimme a moment to make a meter long harisen first >.> but it would make sense if this is THAT type of novel, I haven’t read it yet, aho brought me here xP).

      Does the spanish pronounce E with an L or R sound after it? I’m not familiar with the language, the only spanish word with Esp I know is “Espanol” where the Es sounds like an english S (as in the sound from the individual letter S from Q, R, S). I could also be missing an obscure rule of pronouncing エルスパーダ for all I know :s エルスパー is the name of the drug for reference, it wouldn’t be the first time an author grab something and add a letter to it to make it a name. In the same vein, he could actually be grabbing the Espada (エスパーダ) and just slapped a ru into the middle of it. Or as someone mention, a double meaning.


  3. mxmach says:

    Thanks for you hard work as always! Hope it gets better with time :). がんばって 下さい!!! “The stress of school is the stigma of the students.” / “The novels on the net (nsfw also) are the relief of the future generations”.


  4. wanfai says:

    Don’t worry about us, we’re just glad you’re still willing to be a TL even though you have other work! Good luck on your studies, we all know how you feel (about school) at one point in our lives.


  5. muelproject says:

    tq for second part


  6. Whynn says:

    It’s always a bad thing when power goes out in today’s age… Wonder when we won’t have to worry about that happening anymore. Either way at least you got over that hurdle. Good luck to your future works.


  7. Rogal Dorn says:

    i cant figure out who the girls in your background are…. or where theyre from…. especially the ones in the left

    i get the rest tho

    O and good luck.. stay safe and healthy plz


    • Magikarp says:

      On the left: Akame from Akame ga Kill, a genderbent version of Archer/Gilgamesh from the Type-Moon universe, a robot I don’t know where from, and Yasuri Shichika from Katagatari.

      On the right: Shiina from Angel Beats, Esdeath from Akame ga Kill, the knight is Berserker/Lancelot from Type-Moon universe, and finally Sakamaki Izayoi from Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara kuru soudesu yo.


  8. david5cerda says:

    Thx for the chapter. Hopefully you have a better week.


  9. lygarx says:

    Could you add the characters to these changes. I would like to see them. Possibly use it to update my dictionaries.


  10. The Handsome guy and don't be jealous says:

    Show us the illustration?


  11. ftxnexus says:

    Because the 1st April prank wasnt good for my impatient me(others as well i guess?) + 18 have gone by and still no update -.- People got their circumstances, but remember this some(most i guess?) are impaitent as fuck.

    Tho when they see u update again they will all come back ; )


  12. digdug says:

    Thank you for the chapter, sorry to hear about all that bad stuff. Bad stuff not good.


  13. Chuck Norris says:

    I don’t really put comments on any LN sites that i read to but i have to say this i guess we need the rest of the chapters since i’m dying of that Dran vs Geog


  14. Anon says:

    Just a guess, but since it seemed like all of chapter 13 was ready at the start of the April Fool’s joke, people feel like the prank on them is still ongoing. Sorry for the bad rep, but thanks for the effort.


  15. nuo says:

    Hey Binh, its actually espadas, if you google search it it shows up as swords. Her sword isn’t some legendary sword, its just a high quality sword called an espadas. I don’t know japanese, I just assume thats what her sword’s name is.


  16. Falinmer says:

    Any chance it will be done before the 30th? If not that’s going to suck for me, no internet access (or communication of any kind with the outside world) for 2 weeks because of training starting that day.


  17. Anon says:

    It says you’re working on chapter 14 but part 3 of 13 has yet to be uploaded.


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