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Updates, cuz I can’t go on without being bugged by people.

So, another group decided to pick this up. No name calling but I’d like to offer an eye opener. >Part release here we go. >Chapter 16 Part 1. [I guess?] :v Advertisements

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The chapter that which was destined to come….ACTUALLY CAME!

Here it is. I’ve got nothing to say. Goodbye o/   *running away from reality*

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SRKJ Volume 2 Updates

Well shit. Didn’t finished reading LN volume one and now look where it had taken me, because I listened to someone else telling me where it ended =.=” damn you~ Why am I even still awake…. Screw it, here’s SRKJ … Continue reading

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Quick Thing

A while ago, the guys I worked with asked for a glossary/wiki type of page so I took sometime between breaks and made one. Here it is. I did it purely on memory and so if you sighted anything wrong, … Continue reading

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SRKJ – Chapter 14 Finished (Volume 1 Completed)

Before I give the chapter, I want to show you the changes to names and term. Here they are: Maier ==> Mairahl Aldes  ==> Ardes Super-race ==> Superior Original Ok, I’ve taken a couple days longer then expected but who cares … Continue reading

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Banners and Illustrations

People asked and I deliver, mostly. I’ve put down all the pictures I could remember on the top of my head in this page. After I find out where I got them from, I’ll post the rest. As for Sayonara Ryuu’s … Continue reading

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Here in the airport, nothing to do, thus I finished chapter two. Now you might wonder what I meant by ‘finished chapter two’? Well….long ago, when I was rusty with JP, I started TL. The rest speaks for itself. What … Continue reading

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SRKJ – Chapter 13 Finished + More Stuff to say

Fu*k! Take this chapter and relief yourself. Here. Now then come the most important thing I need to mention. Diadora’s name, ディアドラ is what it is in Japanese and I have chosen to translate it as “Diadora” BUT, it is also … Continue reading

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