Much to do, sigh.

Hello guys and girls,

Its been quite a while since I have even visit this little blog of mine and oh boy, the notification tab just don’t seem to stop loading. Whether it is a good or bad thing, lets just say there are both good and bad comments regarding the you-know-what topic of this blog. Of course all of the notifications were sent directly to my personal email so I was expecting to see 300+ things on that tab. That aside, it’s good to be here again even though most of the things I received from doing blog related stuff usually involved some kind of headache. Most of it has to do with the translating process though, not actually messing on the blog itself :) It’s part of the work I do voluntary so don’t feel bad about it :P Anyway, I wanna take this once in a while chance to laid out what to do for this next seven days(10/10/2015-10/17/2015), just to rally you all up a little so you remember that this blog is still functioning, however little it is at this time.

First, I will get the next chapter of Sayonara Ryuusei Konichiwa Jinsei posted, looking at 3 days max. Second, I will put my blog into private only to do re-customization which will take a day time probably. Third, translate the characters pages in volume 2 and 3, yes volume 3 came out, and posting all relevant illustration based on how far I’ve translated the story. Fourth, I’ll be looking into the author of SRKJ’s newest work and might do the first chapter of it, it’s interesting to say the least, would probably takes another 3 days. Lastly, I’ll sit down and decide whether or not to keep Bu ni mi under my projects hording list. I dropped Bu ni mi, to continue reading where I left off go here.

What I’ve written down above might be shuffle around a bit depending on how much coffee I drink after my working hour during the week. Other than that, there’s one last important thing I wanted to tell you all, Unborn is probably never going to be updated again :/ R.I.P.

To be honest, I do wanna explain why I’ve been inactive so I can stay afloat when this post is posted but it will take too much time so just know that I got caught up in school, work, game, and technical difficulties as of late. More detailed on my next post perhaps, about things I’ve mentioned in this post, so till then, stay…..calm.

P.S. Naked Christina in volume 3


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25 Responses to Much to do, sigh.

  1. ryuketsu says:

    Good luck! Dont push yarself too hard!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kazekid says:

    I just glad to know that you are still around TT_TT Good luck with all your stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. perciuslivegaming says:

    *gasp* bu ni mi…
    anyways always up to your own rl issues that dictate what you can and cant do. dont over work yourself if you cant handle the workload. drop some stuff to make it easier ben. itll help a lot especially since youre in school


  4. glad your alive. Shit happens, get busy hey that’s life, but thanks for all you have done and what you plan to do!

    FYI on the Bu ni mi front another person has picked up where you left off and has started translating dunno if you want to get with them and make it a collaboration or just keep trucking where u left off.

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  5. Tomas Senn says:

    I hope unborn will be translated somewhere at least


  6. zerenmi says:

    Its fine at least for me. but bu ni mi *tears*. well cant help RL issues.


  7. antowibowo says:

    the release news is definitely appreciated, glad you’re still around in the translating business.
    don’t overwork yourself in translating and hurt your study in RL though. They’re more important in the long term after all.


  8. That Person says:

    sad to see unborn being dropped =(
    hope it isnt because the author dropped it but some other issue like the publishing company that it was being written on went *kaput*


  9. notder says:

    thanks for continued translate SRKJ


  10. robertdo09 says:

    It is fine don’t push yourself life happens but still thank ya for posting something.


  11. Silva Lau says:

    Hurray for Bu Ni Mi


  12. digitalcielo says:

    thank you for the update


  13. jralvarez1 says:

    Thanks for the update (even though my comment will be ignored like always :D )


  14. PhantomPanda says:

    oooohhhhhh sweet jesus you are still translating SRKJ thats the best news ive heard all week


  15. God Ginrai says:

    It sucked that you weren’t updating, of course. :P At the same time, there’s no point in knocking you for it; It’s your decision what you do with your time. I wouldn’t want people complaining about how slow I released things if I was translating either.

    Glad to see you are trying to become active again, and also glad to see that someone has picked up Bu ni Mi. :)

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  16. Disguy says:

    Hehehe, I dont know who’s the benevolent necromancer that brought u back to life but now i can finally start back stalking this blog, see u next time Bin-kun! *rubs hands together menacingly*


  17. ryuuseigami says:

    ok~ (^_-)-☆
    don’t push yourself too hard man~ take care of your RL~ (b~_^)
    3 Days huh~ eagerly waiting for it~ lol~ ^^
    (´-`).。oO( uooh~ don’t know that thing about Christina count as spoiler or teaser~ >_< )


  18. retsurai says:



  19. Raizu Stash says:

    Will looking forward for the next chapter SRKJ :D


  20. Iric Alexis says:

    i glad this till active.. one of my favorite.
    take your time, thanks for the update.


  21. bakanekokun says:

    Aw man. Life can be tough, so stay strong! How can you drop a bombshell news at then end! Christina!!!!


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