The chapter that which was destined to come….ACTUALLY CAME!

Here it is. I’ve got nothing to say. Goodbye o/


*running away from reality*


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43 Responses to The chapter that which was destined to come….ACTUALLY CAME!

  1. Mincheriit says:

    Welcome back~ Thanks for the Chapter LAWL ^^


  2. ryve16 says:

    You ran away from reality the moment you play videogames…at least thats what i do


  3. fallenpanda says:

    I will catch you
    i will drag you back to reality
    its not fair to run away by your self

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  4. hehaaw says:

    need the re-read the previous chapter, kinda forgot the story, thanks for the chapter anyway


  5. agildude says:

    You come back here and let me give you my thanks dammit!!


  6. MochiMochi says:

    Oh hey! You’re alive! I had thought you got ran over by a truck and reincarnated into a fantasy world as a dragon. I had reserved a spot for you in the obituary section of my local newspaper. Guess I’ll have to cancel it.

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  7. runsing says:



  8. Pablo AS says:

    =OOOOO AT LAST the profecy has been made!! after countles years! lool…


  9. Countrymage says:

    Thanks for the chapter :)

    Whats with this line though?
    “Shouldn’t you hafter reincaave become weak and feeble rnation!?”


  10. ryuuseigami says:

    fumu~” very weak but still OP… the heck is that lol~ ^^


  11. Oh shit chapter let’s gooooooo!😸


  12. notder says:

    dude~ good luck with fate go event lol

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  13. lett303 says:

    Its a miracle


  14. So she like him but also hates him what do you call such a relation?


  15. Yay!!! Thank you very, very, very, very, very much!!!!



  16. and says:

    thanks for the chapter. finally.


  17. All Night says:

    3 days later max :3?


  18. ♪ɱἇᴌįᵰᶵờờᶵṩ♪ says:

    Is she a Yandere? ’cause it sounds like she is.


  19. goblinrou says:

    yay for Yandere goddess?


  20. Iric Alexis says:

    Thanks for the update!!! T_T


  21. jorgelotr says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

    I’ve found that there are some weird artifacts in the text that I don’t know what hystrionic autocorrector may be the cause for:

    5came into existence amidst chaos. From the chaotic vortex, it came forth and lingered around in space just to disappear soon after. It was like a bubble, and when it burst, it gave birth to: the Human God, the Beast God, the God of the Forest, the God of Night, the God of Day, the God of Soul, the God of Light, and finally the God of Darkness. These gods were the first, the oldest, the purest, and the greatest of all pantheons.5 <- the 5s at the start and the end of this portion.

    The one story which always attracts the most young(lings – This Interactive Message Brought to you by George Lucas) audiences is one about [..]<- I believe this one is obvious.

    However, there was something that made me feel a little awkward, that I did not understand up

    until now. Perhaps, it’s because she’s been watching me with a warm gaze? <- there's an out of place line break (if anything, it should be before the "perhaps"; also, as a sidenote, the comma after "awkward" shouldn't be there.

    “What kind of joke is this! How are you so strong! Shouldn’t you hafter reincaave become weak and feeble rnation!?! Seriously! You didn’t let me do anything-desu!”(T.L. Karavis be like “Hax!”) <- the "after reinca" part got moved from right before "rnation" to the middle of "have" (more like it prts it in the first quarter).


  22. vasiliassy says:

    Catch benjamin and bring him back to reality*


  23. Thanks for the chapter ! And you will forever be my hero !


  24. harshrox3 says:

    so is this the end if translation………..beacuse if it is it truy is a shame to bring such awesome novel to end


  25. Freeze says:

    I feel for you here bro! I have been studyng japanese for a year now and i can finally sort of read/translate `ゼロの使い魔 but i takes my half an hour to finish a translating a page. These chapters are massive and way more complicated vocab/grammer.

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  26. retsurai says:

    Thasnk youuuuu soooo much for the chapter~~ it was totally worth the wait!!!
    Yandere Goddess gg, also what you mean by “goodbye”??!?!?! :<


  27. Mack Schlicht says:

    Thanks for the chapter. Your great.


  28. NomangaNolife says:



  29. noxyaer says:

    I thank you for the update!
    Now til the next chapter, I shall wait.


  30. luislock says:

    Thanks so much for this chapter!

    And I really hate to be THAT guy, but how often do you plan to do more chapters?


  31. starltyz says:

    Uhh seems like noone gonna make hitogami reference?
    Doesn’t matter, IT’S DRAGONS!!WOOHOOOO I’M LITERALLY JUMPING WITH FULL SMILING FACE HERE!!! Thanks meat, uh i mean mate.


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