On August 15, 2015, I became a game addict.

Game in question: Fate/Grand Order

As of August 29, 2015, I’m still an addict(waiting for the support team to give me back my account Q_Q)….but I’ll pull an alnighter to try finish chapter 15. Look forward to September. School’s coming! FUCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheer yourself up by watching a video or something. I’ll take the leads, here:


See this:

Illuminatized by Uts.

Now you can’t unsee it.


Jokes aside, I’ve been busy preping for collage this past week, and before this past week, I was playing Fate/Grand Order like mad for two weeks until I fucked up and lost track of my account xD before that, I was just not into translating for some reasons :/ anyhow, I’ll try and get ch 15 done asap.

See you soon. ‘Soon.’ -Binh

Why the hell did I make this post? Can anyone answer? Thanks.


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Lone TL seeking Dragon's blood.
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33 Responses to Confession

  1. Freeze says:



  2. Somebody’s been on /r/monatageparodies…

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  3. jorgelotr says:

    Raff’s new name has a typo. Should be “Redemption”.

    Also, quite the hardboiled look, Diadora’s.


  4. Agranite says:

    I don’t blame you. A lot of us reader are either anime addicts and/or game addicts too XD

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  5. Kazekid says:

    this post is #2dank4me


  6. tedd says:

    What is that picture originally?


  7. killerwakka says:

    Why the hell did I make this post? Can anyone answer?

    Maybe because you wanted to tell us that you are still alive and continues to translate :)


  8. Dash323 says:

    What’s the theme of the collage you’re preparing for?


  9. ghost says:

    I too play that awesome game. Add me as friend when you got your account back. My ID is 246216406 with Lvl 42 Saber Lily as my waifu

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  10. PhantomPanda says:

    i feel so cheated………..
    i cant even play games anymore as i cant get the hype for them exept oldstyle runescape that is the only game i can play now.
    and ive been w8ing for chapter 15 nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…
    ahhhwell i just have to be a even more paitent boy/child to its done


  11. robertdo09 says:

    Old style runescape is good I play that every once in a while recently I’ve gotten into playing Elder Scrolls Online though


  12. Tanagashima says:

    wait whats this game your talking about? and is it in english? cause if its not i wont be able to read anything lol.


    • Binhjamin says:

      It’s NOT in english. There are a translation going for it along with guides on how to play the game. You can forget about understanding the story unless you know japanese, heavy Kanji, or read the far behind translation.


      • ShiroXx says:

        :| ?
        why do you care about story ?
        i dont read game story even if it is english (well other then what square enix and Nippon Ichi Software make i totally ignore others)


  13. hurahh says:

    It soon will be 5 month since the last chapter =/


  14. deadlybell says:

    *goes back to playing phantasy star online 2 in my full gilgamesh skin+weapon skin*


  15. MXMach says:

    Welp, can we ask if your waifu died again and you went into an epic crusade into avenging her and then discover your redemption into reviving her into the BETTER version which is Saber Lily?


  16. hurahh says:

    Arrested! Fumu~”


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