Bu ni mi – Chapter 4 Finished

Refer to title, nothing much to talk about except that neither you, or I expected me to finished this chapter so soon.

 Bu ni mi chapter 4 here.

Till next time. Bye. ;)

P.S. Chapter 4 come with your favorite Estelion’s artwork so hurry in and clicks.

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15 Responses to Bu ni mi – Chapter 4 Finished

  1. Gabo says:

    Real funny you son of a bitch…….. anywho, thanks for the chapter….


  2. Vivec says:

    Well thanks for the chapter. Sometimes you just feel like doing things. I haven’t particularly felt that kind of urge in too long though. I need to find something that’ll make me space out and binge to the detriment of food and water for like 12 hours again.


  3. Riger says:

    Thanks for the chapters, but I actually didn’t know about this one until I found it on aho-updates by accident. I have the two novels of yours I follow as my bookmark, and didn’t see Bu get updated, lol. I guess I now have two chapters to read, instead of one.


    • Riger says:

      Out of curiosity, why is the cat girl wearing something on her head that I’ve only seen tengu wear?


      • That’s Momiji from Touhou. She’s a white wolf tengu (you can tell she’s a dog and not a cat from the “wan”).

        “But wait,” you may think. “Aren’t tengu supposed to be crows?” Well, the word “tengu” literally means “heaven dog” and the word itself comes from the Chinese “tiangou”, a mythical dog-like creature. The more you know~


  4. Jamie says:

    Wow another chapter already. Thanks!!! Was worried the next one would never come >.< thanks for making my day ^^


  5. Jonathan says:

    it took a moment to realize what i was watching
    actually had still had no idea
    thx for the chapter


  6. …….You got me. Dammit.


  7. Yamikur says:

    jokes on you i love this song

    Liked by 1 person

  8. FoompaLoompa says:

    You ass.

    Thanks for the chapter though!


  9. wolfgirl10126 says:

    Lol. I clicked on the Rick Astley video and was like “Did I just get rickrolled?”, but then I clicked the next link and found the chapter. Then out of curiosity I went back and clicked the 1st link and got Wan Wan Moe.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Silva Lau says:

    Thanks for translating this…. really.. thank you.

    It’s one of my favorite novels even though there’s only 4 chapter thus far :(


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