I’m thinking of quitting. Just saying.

Hello guys, and girls. Sorry for being shady with my announcements. It seems like this life just hate me q.q Anyhow, finally~~~~~~ finished chapter 3 of bu ni mi with moderate difficulty and a lot of hair yanking. Damn I hate this writing style of the author which goes line by line. For god’s sake why can’t you just write with the author of Sayonara ryuu!! Paragraphs do a much, much better job of story telling imo but…..what the hell do I know. I’m just some dude struggling with my english as you can see through my grammar :P This is one of those novel that I enjoy reading but not so much translating. Don’t how long I can stay sane TLing this novel.

Also! Any attempted I made forming a team failed! Lone wolf is the only way I’m ever going to translate anything.

TLDR: Chapter 3 is finished, here, might just drop this series.

See ya soon. I hope.


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Lone TL seeking Dragon's blood.
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53 Responses to I’m thinking of quitting. Just saying.

  1. Kazekid says:

    If it’s a pain to translate then by all means drop it. If people want to read it so bad they can do it by themselves.

    I actually had a mini heart attack cause i thought that you were completely quitting translating. Glad to see that you only meant Bu ni mi

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  2. lygarx says:

    quitting in general or just quitting that specific series?


  3. Dende says:

    Eh, go ahead, no one is forcing you to do shit. I liked the series though so it kinda bothers me.


  4. chaosoulg says:

    Oh that’s good. Thought you were quitting translating completely. If it troubles you that much, you should just drop it. Thanks for all your effort.


  5. Kizarai says:

    Thanks for all the effort translating this novel!


  6. saitama says:

    I can proofread sometimes… so maybe I can help in bu mi ni… I like the story… contact me if you need help. :)


  7. ftxnexus says:

    Don’t make misleading subjects!! You almost gave me a heart attack dang it!


  8. prototypejuan says:

    good for me you should focus only in srjk


  9. rti1 says:

    You translate this for yourself And for your readers. IF you’re not enjoying it, don’t push yourself. Translate something else that you find easier to do, and you will be more engaged in it, the audience will be more engaged in it. Everyone wins.


  10. If you mean quitting Bu ni Mi, by all means drop it if you don’t like translating it. No point burning yourself out on something when it can be better spent translating something you enjoy translating more, like SRKJ.

    If you mean quitting translation entirely, PLEASE NO! SRKJ IS MY LIFE! Kinda…. I might keep breathing, but no promises.


    • Light says:

      I personally don’t really like SRKJ for the fact that the mc is an ass. He has the power to prevent thousands of people from dying by just finishing the war by himself but just goes ahead and lets them die fighting the enemy, all because he wants to enjoy his farming by not showing off.


      • Binhjamin says:

        You say that but taking care of everyone’s problem isn’t the right thing to do either right? If they really want to save their homeland, they had better prepared themselves to carnage and fight for it. Survival of the fittest. He’s an ‘animal’ don’t you forget. The mentality billion of years worth living as a dragon cannot compare to 16 years worth of human years. He himself prevented many of disaster as you can guess, killing billions of minions, destroying part of makai, siding with gods to fight evil, etc. What else do you want him to do? Babysit the world? Have you forgot that he was BETRAYED? Murdered by his friends?

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  11. Gabnary says:

    If it’s a big pain then you can drop it if you want. You have no obligation to translate it, and who knows, maybe when you’re bored you might pick it up again or something.

    I have yet to read Bu ni Mi but was about to but if it might get dropped I’ll just wait and see if you drop it or not. By the way, your English is very good, I don’t see any struggle anywhere in your sentences/paragraphs, no reason to disrespect yourself like that ;)


  12. lololomolomo says:

    you fucking scared me, i want sayonara ryuusei so much

    but there still isnt very much for bu ni mi, and i havent gotten that attached to the story yet

    so if you want to quit, sooner is better than later, thanks a lot for what you’ve done til now though


  13. does anyone know how many srkj chapters are out in Japanese and a link to them ?


  14. deadlybell says:

    do what you feel is best, if it takes more of your time than necessary then by all means drop it, put that time to better things like irl or another easier translation, we understand and we do not fault you in face i look at you in a better light due to this not many would be willing to admit that a series they are translating is annoying so you get props on that :D


  15. Jump says:

    First let me thank you for all the effort you put in translating and sharing it with us, even more so when it’s painful for you.

    Then, I agree with what Kazekid said, you should translate only if you feel like it. Translation is not your job nor an obligation, don’t let ungrateful leechers let you feel otherwise. If quitting is what you wish i will support this decision.

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  16. Asf says:

    Im only here for dran x diadora outcome anyway…
    Am actually happier you dump that distraction!.


  17. falinmer says:

    If you feel the need to quit then go ahead, I know I’ll miss the series but you’re doing this for free (or close enough as far as I’m aware). I’m sure everyone is grateful for your efforts to date and the reasonable people would support your decision. Ignore the nay sayers and just do as you feel necessary.


  18. Tom says:

    Thanks for the chapter if you are having such a rough time then drop it, I am enjoying the series but it is up to what you want to do.


  19. thejum says:

    Man, that sucks that things have been rough IRL and that forming a team fell through. But I imagine that just going it alone has to be demoralizing! Have you thought about just joining a team but working your projects alone? At least that way you would have people to grouse to or get help with a difficult section. You know, like a line wolf amongst other wolves. If it’s not a thing, it should be.

    Honestly, SRKJ was the reason I started following you, and I really enjoy it. But I totally understand if you feel like throwing in the towel. Just know that I – as well as others, I’m sure – really appreciate the hard work you’ve done.

    So yeah, thank you. And I hope things start looking up soon for you!


  20. lirg123 says:

    Does that mean theirs a slot open for simpler project?


  21. gguk says:

    yeah just drop it if get too hard. unless its comissioned works none would make nag about it.


  22. Tanagashima says:

    well you gotta do what you gotta do its a good series but if its a big pain to translate it then its your right to drop it. i am just glad you are not dropping translation of everything cause Ryuu is the one i would probably cry over. thanks for the work into doing at least this many chapters


  23. AsianOtakuGuy says:

    Amazing how this comes up the day after I came to your site ._.


  24. Hurrah says:

    Thanks and honestly wouldn’t really mind it I’m here mainly for SKRJ


  25. MXMach says:

    Ahhh so this is what you meant! Welp, its always a risk and somewhat expected, since one can’t live by putting effort into it and have teachers just rant about a stupidity and half + being a-hole!
    Thanks for your hard work!
    And just enjoy yourself, life is short, and this LNs are shorter…
    PS: *insert a-hole comment here*


  26. Silva Lau says:

    Well let’s hope someone else picks up Bu Ni Mi..


  27. God says:

    If you want to quit then fuck of you lazzy bum!!!
    Yaeh you faggot!!!!


    • lazy22 says:

      y the rage?


      • Loli Lich says:

        Well if he kept checking this site every day for the past five months since this was the only novel on this site he was interested in here. Only to find out that once it finally came out the translator says he’s thinking of dropping it It’s understandable that he’d be a little miffed like I am right now.


      • Ros says:

        But even so, rage isn’t the right choice. I mean, there are so many novels being half translated then abandoned, with no indication if they are just on hiatus or dropped. Binhjamin was nice enough to warn people that he probably (but not definitely) will quit the story shortly. That is more notice than some people give. Additionally, it isn’t because Binh is a mean person, but because he is having trouble with the grammar. Finally, he is alerting the community of his decision. Rather than torturing himself translating something that is tough on him, it is better he translates things that he enjoys. Maybe, one day when he is more confident in his grammar, he may choose to continue. Alternately, if he drops this, another group may eventually pick it up. You, god, could even learn Japanese (I think it is japanese), and read/ask Binh if you can translate it instead/thank Binh for his work so far. You could even go off and mope over the fact that your favorite series is not being translated. In fact, the only thing I would not recommend is insulting the guy who had not yet completely decided whether or not to stop working on your favorite project (my impression from the announcement) and taking away his remaining motivation to work on it.


  28. Taku says:

    This is a small shot but how about trying to contact unlimtednovelfailure? He is the best japanese novel translator to this date that releases huge amount of words a few times a month, from his previous posts he seemed bored with his current projects and I bet he wouldn’t mind collaborating with you. Please think about contacting him, I really want to read more of this novel ^^


  29. God Ginrai says:

    I can’t say I’ll be happy to see this series be dropped, but if you don’t want to translate it, that’s your decision. I just hope that someone else does pick it up if you do indeed drop it.


  30. Sinbad says:

    Don’t push yourself to the edge over Bu ni mi. Just focus on SRKJ ;)


  31. Blaxconiox says:

    Thank you for translating Bu Ni Mi so far, I’ve enjoyed it, and even though I know no foreign languages, if you need help with the english grammar of either, I am offering my services as a native english speaker. No other way to read such a great novel XD


  32. If you’re gonna dropped it, can you annouce who’s going to translated this some other time you post? I like this novel, but if you felt that it’s too tired for you then just quit it


  33. Brian says:

    Thanks for the new chapter and for all the time you have puting in translating. Like most I found your site to read skjr. Which I like a lot but was also happy to see bi mu ni as it sounds like a good story and unborn.
    I hope you do keep translating it( I have been on the whole reincarnation/ transported to another world LN for awhile and it was skjr and bi mu ni that got me hooked) even if it is only a chapter every know and then. If you want to focus on skjr for awhile go for it:) but again if possiable please do keep trans bi mu ni:)
    Keep up,the good work


  34. lunesave says:

    Bu Ni Mi was really the only thing that I looked forward too.

    A shame. But, one must do what he must. I hope someone else can translate it, I’m planning on taking some elective Japanese courses, but even then.


  35. ambi says:

    Thanks for the translation you have done so far. If it’s really painful to do you should just drop the series.


  36. Loli Lich says:

    Thanks for letting us know. If you do decide to drop it I’ll be sure to delete this blog from my favorites since I don’t care about that dragon novel.


  37. PLEASE ignore the ungrateful leeches. Thanks, I appreciate your work.


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