SRKJ Volume 2 Updates

Well shit. Didn’t finished reading LN volume one and now look where it had taken me, because I listened to someone else telling me where it ended =.=” damn you~ Why am I even still awake….

Screw it, here’s SRKJ volume 2 cover. The design seem to have changed a little, I wonder why….? Looking beast as hell though. Love the horn design, they look so cool, on both Antient Divine Dragon and Georg 💯👌 But maybe I’m diluting myself. Oh well I’m pump as fuk so to hell with it! Tell me what you guys think? Who wanna bet that the kiss scene will be in this volume?


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29 Responses to SRKJ Volume 2 Updates

  1. Whynn says:

    i think it’s along your predictions, hopefully more added to his group XD.


  2. Roflmeowz says:

    Looks fucking epic, im hype’d for you to get your hands on this for us all to read :D


  3. lemonade2 says:

    I wonder who the artist for SRKJ is. This guy deserves a medal


  4. Raoh says:

    do you think it looks like the MC from the iron knight manga? just bigger. . . .or is it just me?

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  5. hehaaw says:

    lol thanks, this is sure a pleasant surprise xD


  6. nielsjuh555 says:

    Ohmygod that looks awesome


  7. WindBlade13 says:

    Idk why, but I prefer V1 cover. Just seems more fluent or calm (I guess?) can’t really tell you why just like it better.


    • Binhjamin says:

      From the cover I’m guessing the battle will take place(warring time cover) then and it will go up until the turning point. Maybe. Maybe I won’t even get to see mah MILF D:


  8. iamsleepless says:

    Thanks for the chapter


  9. tarmizie34 says:

    Isn’t that knight is the dude that died in last volume when he fight with MC?
    He survived?


    • Binhjamin says:

      So apparently volume one did not end at the battle. It should have ended somewhere near that part where Georg was thinking about the impending battle. Someone told me that it end at chapter 14 and since I haven’t the time to actually finished the book, I took it for granted…. Georg survive or not I don’t know. He’s dead I presume.


  10. willtellr says:

    Kiss scene? Him? Kissing? That can’t be true. He would never do something like that with Selia or Christina or even Diadora. But if that thought ever crosses his mind, then sure, he’ll have fun with many this volume. Selia is so cute and those scales… mmm…


  11. goblinrou says:

    Kinda funny seeing Georg in the cover when we know he died vs Dran.

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    • willtellr says:

      But knowing how these stories go and that Dran is OP, even before the final battle it was obvious that Georg would lose. There was no other way it could have went. So reading the story was only to know how it happened and be marveled by the OPness of Dran.


  12. mr. mas :3 says:

    When is the next release? Just a passerby asking… who kiss who?


  13. christianns says:

    Dran already kissed by Diadora

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  14. lucaman says:

    which kiss?


  15. ColonelRogers96 says:

    Love the art. Dran looks beast.


  16. chobits says:

    i want to see Diadora in cover but its not like that. i hope she is in main heroine list this volume.


  17. Humphy says:

    those 2 girls aren kinda ugly in the illustrations..


  18. Amuris says:

    Since I can’t think of anywhere to put this, I’ll just say it here. Did you notice that someone picked up Yomigaeri no Maou?


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