Help! How do you access google doc in Vietnam! Access denied!?!? FML! I tried changing the proxy to google’s public proxy but it doesn’t work! Fu*k you Vietnamese internet!


On vacation and internet sucks. The commies are strong here. Google was defeated but WP is still stronk. – Binh


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77 Responses to WTF!?!?!

  1. Djajapena says:

    Umm… Have you try browsec plugin for chrome?


  2. You do (Not) know me says:

    Try Internet explorer it might work.


  3. Hajiko says:

    Well no Wonder since in some Asia countrys they don’t like google


  4. hehaaw says:

    I was gonna recommend to install dnscrypt, tho I dont know if it work on Linux, but I do know that it work on android…


  5. Not Binhjamin says:

    Binh… yeah should have noticed it


  6. elairz says:

    try chaning your DNS to Google’s DNS and


  7. Emait says:

    I can still access google docs normally…


  8. Silva Lau says:

    Use a Virtual Private Network, short for VPN.

    Try download Spotflux or HotSpotShield.

    If my friend from China can bypass the firewall, I don’t see how you can’t


  9. Probably be best to just pay for a VPN, though I don’t know how stringently Vietnam blocks those. For now try using TOR. It’s not fast, but it should be fine for editing Google Docs.

    Avoid Hola Unblocker at all costs. The strings aren’t worth their free service.


  10. a2dragon says:

    Turn off Fire Wall, or any Web defense


  11. anonim says:

    try hola internet add on for google/chrome


  12. What a douche says:

    Hope you get yellow fever so i dont have to wait for these novels to eventually be translated. Douche

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  13. anonmoose says:

    Try vpn gate


    • zaxthealien says:

      just use tor onion network:
      the easiest way is to use their browser.
      if you want to use it on other browers:
      if you’re using ubuntu, you can get it from apt repositories by typing on terminal:
      sudo apt-get install tor
      if you’re using fedora, just get it by using yum
      start the tor as service, then on your brower (any browser), set your proxy to socks5 on localhost port 9050

      btw, what kind of retards that can even think to block google drive???

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  14. ryua_slap says:

    i use zenmate (Addon for chrome and firefox) to access banned sites
    might as well try it if nothing else work. good luck


  15. Space Wardrobe, the pursuer of space bunnies and space girls says:

    Try using SoftEther
    I use it when i play japan only games
    It is pretty fast and it’s a japanese project so it works


  16. SomeDude says:

    Try ssh tunneling and proxifier or openvpn

    if you want to use openvpn download the .ovpn file from, its free. There are many site that provide the file for free but my favorite is from vpngate


  17. Chajiedu81 says:

    I read the discussion but it’s strange the last time i was in Vietnam google works well. I didn’t do anything special either. I use google in the north and in the south of the country at that time.
    PS. last time was a year ago.


  18. Vehnriel says:

    Use a VPN, the best one/easiest one IMO are the ones from, they also have instructions on how to set them up.


  19. shieldbro321 says:

    You can’t cause government censorship?


  20. Zeke says:

    I can download it for you if you open the doc to me o,o


  21. Marcus says:

    Also recommending softether vpn. Free and should work fine. Used it forever. Bypasses chinese firewall, should work there. Gl!


  22. muelproject says:

    is this solve already..??
    if not,,
    you may try using mozila firefox and install add on ‘anonymousx’


  23. MXMach says:

    I would have to ask a Chinese user to tell me how to bypass their great firewall of China… Maybe there is one in Vietnam?


  24. Before that, do this first: End of the link there’s edit. Change edit to pub or preview. See if it works.
    I dont think it’s blocked though, as I use it everyday.
    As for actual method, one of the belows
    1. Use anonynomX addon for firefox
    2. A basic method I like to use is change the hosts file (no extension) in windows, system32, etc…
    Open that file with notepad. Add these lines to the file
    save without changing its extension. The result should be a hosts file without extension as before.


  25. MangoLion says:

    btw, where are you vacationing at, maybe we can go out for coffee :P


  26. SigFig says:

    Heeeeeyyyy… I told you to link me to the gdoc of bu ni mi ch3 and ch4 so I can proofread~“~~


  27. Squiggles JP says:

    RIP ._. I only know of how to change the vpn to 8888 4444 ><


  28. why don’t you try to use DNSCrypt, its pretty good to unblock site restriction. I used it on my computer, now i can access all kind of websites which are blocked by my ISP in my country,
    and above all its an easy to use.


  29. C. says:

    I would like to ask a very simple question. Is this the reason Bu Ni MI hasn’t been uploaded? This question probably makes me sound alike a dick.


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