Quick Thing

A while ago, the guys I worked with asked for a glossary/wiki type of page so I took sometime between breaks and made one. Here it is. I did it purely on memory and so if you sighted anything wrong, please post it in the comments section and I’ll get to it. Or if someone you could help me with the ones I did not get to, that would be grate as well, just post it and i’ll add them onto the page, preferably in the same format I had it.

TL:DR I posted a Wiki page for SRKJ, help me if you can pls.


About Binhjamin

Lone TL seeking Dragon's blood.
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3 Responses to Quick Thing

  1. ~Shiroyasha~ says:

    Then your intentional typo of “grate” which is supposed to be great~

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  2. jorgelotr says:

    Well, the spamming crusade has failed and Yomigaeri no Maou has been officially dropped by Oniichanyamete. Let’s keep a minute of silence.


    • zephyrial says:

      Day 11: We have five people left. We have no food and have resorted to cannibalism. I think that the last person we ate had some sort of bacteria. We’re all going to die.


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