Moved house.

I just moved to mu new how next to a beautiful lake and I’m busy with all the set up from my belongings to all the other stuff repuired to tl and such. The best case I’m looking at is that the next update chapter will be in 3 days.

Tldr When my pc connect to the internet, that’s when the next chapter will be up. Can’t reply, my body(muscles) hurt like I’ve been through hell. Q.Q


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Lone TL seeking Dragon's blood.
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22 Responses to Moved house.

  1. somedude01 says:

    *patiently waiting


  2. jorgelotr says:

    Living near a lake is nice. Good scenery, cool in summer, not too cold in winter, you can swim or go on boat, pure air… The only drawback would be the high humidity. Enjoy.

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  3. kazekid says:

    Congrats on moving to a new house! Don’t worry about it and take your time. There will always be things out of your control and RL is always your first priority.


  4. kv2stronk_comrade says:

    Why I posted this picture I have no idea…


  5. Kensei Seraph says:

    Recover well.
    We will wait as long as you need.


  6. Mason Kovac says:

    if you can get some i hear bio freeze is good for sore spots.


  7. lazy22 says:

    Congrats on the new place.


  8. Well congratulations on moving! I just wanted to say thank you for taking time out of your schedule to translate your current projects, and that you’re doing a great job!


  9. anydaynow? says:

    taking your sweet ass time arent you


    • Binhjamin says:

      *sipping coffee on the back deck* Your point is?


      • JustAnotherReader says:

        lol, great response… no reason to hurry if you have to force yourself. Sadly I think I’ve run out of stuff to read, but maybe it’s time for me to take a break too : )


      • Binhjamin says:

        *nipping hot chocolate milk* Just got my hands on to the next chapter of unborn, enjoying myself. F*ck it, allnighter today >=D


    • God Ginrai says:

      Whatever, as long as he gets around to it at some point, that’s all that matters. Just read any number of other light/web novel translations while waiting for Binhjamin to release.


  10. Random Anon says:

    There’s no response. It’s just a corpse.


  11. anydaynow? says:

    sorry didnt post for a couple of days had better stuff to do other than wait. don’t you feel pathetic not holding yourself to your own words? didn’t you say your self that you would post a chapter in 3 days? because its been a week now and i mean you enjoy these stories yet you dont listen to the morals the person writes (yes i know its just a light novel) but it still has meaning.


  12. Awe says:

    Wuhuuu in editing
    Wuhuuu I have test tomorrow
    Wuhuuu I can’t concentrated
    Wuhuuuuu f**k


  13. WeedGodOfWar says:

    ok I wait for your return mylord :D


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