100% Distracted

Until I’m stop being distracted, no updates.

Sources of distraction: Hellsing manga, Unlimited Blade Works Anime, Assassination Classroom Manga and Anime, Gintama Manga and Anime, start to read Madan, etc.

Bonus distraction:

Newly arrived LN: The New Gate, Demon Fist of Daydreamer, Spirit Migration, GATE – JSDF, I was Appointed to take care of a baby dragon, After the betrayal of the Hero.

Headphone: [Plugged in]

Volume: [40%]

*Scream* “Later leechers!”


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Lone TL seeking Dragon's blood.
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75 Responses to 100% Distracted

  1. nielsjuh555 says:

    “I was appointed to take care of a baby dragon”

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  2. henrywolf123 says:

    *leecher’s screams of agony echo throughout the entire LN kingdom*

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  3. Kygo says:

    Fumu, I see. This must be the so called life of an ordinary translator.


  4. RagingWrath says:

    Read berserk manga, you’ll be distracted for a while.

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  5. Calo Nord says:

    “I was Appointed to take care of a baby dragon”? Do you have a link? That seems pretty good but i can’t find it. Soooooo please?


  6. MXMach says:

    Just watch/rewatch Clannad, it will kill your anime-watching mood for a while, will leasen the idleness(?)


  7. xias1 says:

    Now, where did I put those shackles away again?
    The ones that bind its wearer to the computer and gives out electrical shocks until he / she translates a WN or LN chapter and releases it at least once a week.
    I seriously need to look through my storage again… XDD

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  8. merc says:

    Beeing a leecher, i have no qualms requesting that you translate those novels here, when you get back.
    It’s the least you could do… ;)

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  9. [] says:

    GATE – JSDF, where is the LN?


  10. uhhuhbud says:

    Read tokyo ghoul manga as a distraction too?


  11. Sathanus says:

    40%? Pfft, Go 100% cuz 40% aint gonna get you on like 100%


  12. lordaethis says:

    lol just aswell really i dnt need distractions from my revision for my finals….why am i doinga science degree my brain hurts hahaha


  13. kolick says:

    I wish i could read Japanese… Need more LN


  14. luckytaim says:

    You should start reading the Manga Berserk.


  15. Hajiko says:

    So no kunfu elf? :-(


  16. Riger says:

    What is ‘After the Betrayal of the Hero’? Tate no Yuusha? Shouldn’t be, though.


  17. Kensei Seraph says:

    Those are some good distractions.
    I guess we’ll just have to suffer the impatience… for now.

    Any chance you could do a synopsis/review/teaser chapter for I was Appointed to take care of a baby dragon and After the betrayal of the Hero?
    The names are intriguing and I would love to know more.


  18. Mark remedios says:

    YES if you really do gate jsdf I will be eternally greatful plus it does have plenty of dragon action it so please do it


  19. :sigh: Another down for the count~


  20. notder says:

    *Leecher scream* Noooooooooooooooooo


  21. Riondrial says:

    Haha, have some good distracting time :D


  22. Djajapena says:

    Gintama?!?! Nobody can escape from that “distraction”, dude.


  23. Haha says:

    I dont understand why did you start translating in the first place… isnt it just kinda a chore…?


  24. Marcus says:

    Just curious, any chance you could please post pics of the ln illustrations for gate, and spirit migration? I’m interested to see how the ln character designs differ from the manga. Also spirit migration is being translated over at https://tensaitranslations.wordpress.com/


    • Binhjamin says:

      I guess I’ll dig around and see if there are high def pics otherwise you’ll have to deal with bad camera pics.

      I know tensai is translating spirit migration. Heck, I was the one who linked him all the illustrations xD


  25. Marcus says:

    Thank you for your response. Personally, i’d be fine with camera pics. I only mentioned tensai because others seemed to be asking about what’s being translated from that list. I’ve tried scouring the net (to the best of my ability anyway) and pretty much only managed to find the spirit migration covers and what you linked lol. Would greatly appreciate the effort. Thanks again.
    P.S. Just curious, how many volumes of each did you get?


  26. makarich says:

    can you please give a link to After the betrayal of the Hero?


  27. Chaff says:

    F*** you!


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