I won’t let you get away damn Sheeprabbit!

Este ignored me! D:< Guys, get over to his blog and start spamming it telling him to get back to work on  “Revived the Devil” or as he Tled it, “The Resurrected Devil King”!!! I found out that it’s getting a LN and the darn rabbit had been halting it forever :( Here’s the cover.

I want more naooo!!! It’s is very similar to Goodbye Dragon Life so for the fan of that, you should like the latter one as well. Go now, start spamming this page asking for more TL!!! GO!!!! Make sure to carpet comment the page like there’s no tomorrow!


P.s. Why are you still here? Gooooo!!!!

If you’re seeing this, Rabbit, get back to TLing it NOW! Oh, don’t ignore me next time.


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Lone TL seeking Dragon's blood.
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74 Responses to I won’t let you get away damn Sheeprabbit!

  1. littleshanks says:

    Est.dropped it and is letting a MTL group pick it up, they dislike translating it. :l


  2. Isn’t the rabbit a ‘she’?


  3. gabgasa says:

    I agree with you, I was finished reading all the TLted chapters of this last week, that is some good material


  4. RKain says:

    Hm… the same illustrator as Death March, hm? Looks nice.


  5. rin says:

    B-but if he works on Maou, then the other novel tls will be put off ;_;


    • Nydestroyer says:

      Rabbit needs to clone themselves into several eccentrics and teach them all to just gt into chinese then back in japanese then back into chinese and then bing translate it back into english and just post that to save time so they can translate every single novel you can think of.


  6. Master_tonberry says:

    How I’m randomly imagining the holy sheep rabbits reaction to be:

    “WAHH! UWAHHHHH! What do I do!?
    BINJAMIN IS LOOKING AT MEEEEEEEE! A-, A hole! I want to bury myself in a hole!

    And yes shamelessly stolen from the rabbit himself.

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  7. Mr. Lost says:

    Lol the provocation is hilarious.


  8. Mr.Man says:

    its getting a light novel, oh gods have you finally taken mercy on me, thank you for this gift


  9. shiro says:

    is this the opening of rabbit hunt festival?

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  10. Doodz says:

    You are contradicting yourself, you know? You dont want to be pressured yourself but you are asking us to pressure sheeprabbit. Though I also want to read “revived the devil” badly, sheeprabbit translate quite fast in the novel that he is interested in….pressumably Jashin average currently…..in that he spoils us leecher more wonderfully……lol


  11. roxyism follower 1 says:

    why not taking it up by yourself ?


  12. Magikarp says:

    The same illustrator as Death March?


  13. lygarx says:

    I would, but I am already behind on my numerous projects. We need more translators in this community. We need more man power.


    • SonodaYuki says:

      You wouldn’t want me on this. I’m no MTL, but they call me “The Butcher”.

      I’ve never released anything in my life? Well fine, but that’s what they would call me if I did.


      • lygarx says:

        Machine translation is only a guide. I mostly just use MeCab and JParser to interpret and separate the characters into their individual words and if the machines like Atlas or Honyaku, or some other stuff don’t work. I look up each individual work using multiple dictionaries and using context clues. A bit of practice and anyone can do it. It can be a bit strenuous, but once you get some more practice, you might even start to understand the language. Now a days I can rely solely on just converting it to romanji and using the other stuff as a checker and guide.


  14. steve says:

    Something Something Judo MMA Elves


  15. MrYoSo901 says:

    is that the same artist from deathmarch?


  16. Skoll says:

    Binh, behave, or I will go back to bugging you :P


  17. Astreon says:

    With great translating powers, comes great translating responsibility. So you both need to get back to work, for the world of leechers is couting on you.

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  18. Shiikun says:

    The MC looks like Satou’s shadow clone =-=… his Jii-san figure(?) is quite good though…


  19. lol says:

    that’s a bit let down,,
    how come i don’t find it good,,, :(


  20. ShieldFumi says:

    Wait. What!? Iris isn’t long hair? wTF I always tho she has a long hair. And Luru seems like Satou from Death March. Btw I think est bettr make this back to his(her?) priority . I like Burikko but this is much better because burikkos story is already past its peak but this and jashin is at its peak? Or their story is like »» to its peak . By peak i mean its interesting development.


    • ShieldFumi says:

      And you also Binh don’t get distracted ! Don’t betray our expectation when your saying you will release Bu Ni then the next day saying that you’ve got distracted. Is what I want to say but as always “Release at your own pace” :) Rofl


  21. LEECHER says:

    when are you gonna finish ch 3 of bu ni mi?? huh?! huh?! just kidding but seriously though its been weeks and its still in 50% not pressuring you or anything just asking
    and yeah im spamming the other guy too


  22. Chaff says:

    F*** you!


  23. josh72ebp says:

    this was something that was released today to you binhajamin
    also i got a question are all letter’s in jappanese have a english equal?


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