Here in the airport, nothing to do, thus I finished chapter two.

Now you might wonder what I meant by ‘finished chapter two’?

Well….long ago, when I was rusty with JP, I started TL. The rest speaks for itself.

What I mean is that the earlier chapters of Sayona Ryuu was incorrect/mistranslated, until today, mostly…. By no mean am I saying this is 100% correct because it’s NOT. I don’t have the confident to guarantee 100% correct translation. It’s not in my capability. However, I can can say that I tried my damn hardest to bring you the correct content so I ask for you forgiveness. Anyhow, the flight is about to start, so if you don’t mind, give chapter 2 a reread. Oh, I’ve also thrown in the illustration chapter 2 has :P

Now, I gotta hurry back to watch Age of Ultron!!!!!!!!!!! Hurry hurry hurry!

P.s. If my plane crashes I’m blaming you guys. D:<

P.p.s. The war god’s name, Aldes or Ardes? Which one do you like better?


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8 Responses to Revision.

  1. rizyun says:

    Ardes, like greek myth’s wargod Ares :D

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  2. Ardes. It sounds like an intimidating war god, but Aldes sounds like that pacifist god that tells you to get off his manicured lawn.

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  3. SigFig says:

    Pics = imagination vaporized


  4. shancier says:

    Ardes, in spanish it means “it hurts” well close enough… -_-


  5. Vanrald says:

    WEED…. no I mean ardes, sound much better


  6. goblinrou says:

    In my languange Ardes means burning. So yeah Ardes.


  7. hello goodnight thanks for your work I wonder when they will cap ++ the ( u ni Mi wo Sasagete Hyaku to Yonen. Elf de Yarinaosu Musha Shugyoubecause ) I’m waiting to hear when his waifu will realize that it is his reincarnated master .0.0 to laugh a while .0.0.


  8. dualxblades says:

    Age of Ultron was FUCKING AMAZING better then the first Avengers. Just holy shit I was fan-gasming the whole time while watching it.

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