SRKJ – Chapter 15 will be the next update to come out.

What the title says.

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Bu ni mi – Chapter 4 Finished

Refer to title, nothing much to talk about except that neither you, or I expected me to finished this chapter so soon.

 Bu ni mi chapter 4 here.

Till next time. Bye. ;)

P.S. Chapter 4 come with your favorite Estelion’s artwork so hurry in and clicks.

 My current banner is form swd3e2 on pixiv.

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I’m thinking of quitting. Just saying.

Hello guys, and girls. Sorry for being shady with my announcements. It seems like this life just hate me q.q Anyhow, finally~~~~~~ finished chapter 3 of bu ni mi with moderate difficulty and a lot of hair yanking. Damn I hate this writing style of the author which goes line by line. For god’s sake why can’t you just write with the author of Sayonara ryuu!! Paragraphs do a much, much better job of story telling imo but…..what the hell do I know. I’m just some dude struggling with my english as you can see through my grammar :P This is one of those novel that I enjoy reading but not so much translating. Don’t how long I can stay sane TLing this novel.

Also! Any attempted I made forming a team failed! Lone wolf is the only way I’m ever going to translate anything.

TLDR: Chapter 3 is finished, here, might just drop this series.

See ya soon. I hope.

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Got it.

Volume 2 was delivered to me 3 days after I left for vacation, if it wasn’t for my big heart neighbor, the package would have either got soaked by the rain, stolen, or shit on vandalized by the very same neighbor’s dogs. So, just got home, opened the ‘carefully packed‘ goods and took some pictures, here’s the sneak peaks.

Also, Volume 1 + 2 (buy it and support the author if you can!)

I apologize for taking an untimely vacation and was unable to give those who waited for Bu ni mi the next update m(>.<)m Another thing, I screwed up the contents(chapters) I’ve listed under volume one and I’ll be soon put them in the correct place. Also, I’m sorry, but the picture I’ve posted a couple days ago wasn’t me. It was my cousin who went with me and my other cousins on the boat trip into the mountain xD You guys didn’t have to be so means =.=”

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Help! How do you access google doc in Vietnam! Access denied!?!? FML! I tried changing the proxy to google’s public proxy but it doesn’t work! Fu*k you Vietnamese internet!


On vacation and internet sucks. The commies are strong here. Google was defeated but WP is still stronk. – Binh

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SRKJ Volume 2 Updates

Well shit. Didn’t finished reading LN volume one and now look where it had taken me, because I listened to someone else telling me where it ended =.=” damn you~ Why am I even still awake….

Screw it, here’s SRKJ volume 2 cover. The design seem to have changed a little, I wonder why….? Looking beast as hell though. Love the horn design, they look so cool, on both Antient Divine Dragon and Georg 💯👌 But maybe I’m diluting myself. Oh well I’m pump as fuk so to hell with it! Tell me what you guys think? Who wanna bet that the kiss scene will be in this volume?

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3 retpahC nrobnU – Why? Because I can.

It’ve been awhile. Sorry for all the lies I;ve been telling hope you forgive me now let’s go on to why I lied. In 3. 2. 1.


Yada yada yada. I didn’t feel like working.


100% satisfaction I assume. Great, moving on~

Here to bring you Unborn chapter 3. Enjoy. Yo, can someone make a post of unborn on reddit for me? I don’t know how to run reddit, more like I’m too lazy making post. All the code on reddit is a pain to type. I did it myself.

Progress is labeled on the right hand side, look at it and weep.

SRKJ volume 2 announced. Waiting for the pre-order. xD Fuk I really want to see volume 2’s illustrations. I swear to god if it doesn’t have my fav milf illustration, I’m gunna FLIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:<

*going back to hiding*

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Moved house.

I just moved to mu new how next to a beautiful lake and I’m busy with all the set up from my belongings to all the other stuff repuired to tl and such. The best case I’m looking at is that the next update chapter will be in 3 days.

Tldr When my pc connect to the internet, that’s when the next chapter will be up. Can’t reply, my body(muscles) hurt like I’ve been through hell. Q.Q

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Quick Thing

A while ago, the guys I worked with asked for a glossary/wiki type of page so I took sometime between breaks and made one. Here it is. I did it purely on memory and so if you sighted anything wrong, please post it in the comments section and I’ll get to it. Or if someone you could help me with the ones I did not get to, that would be grate as well, just post it and i’ll add them onto the page, preferably in the same format I had it.

TL:DR I posted a Wiki page for SRKJ, help me if you can pls.

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SRKJ – Chapter 14 Finished (Volume 1 Completed)

Before I give the chapter, I want to show you the changes to names and term. Here they are:

Maier ==> Mairahl

Aldes  ==> Ardes

Super-race ==> Superior Original

Ok, I’ve taken a couple days longer then expected but who cares xD Here’s the final chapter of volume one, chapter 14 of the WN. Also, I’ve added the illustrations cleaned by Tfate27. Feel free to look at them by re-reading from start to finish or click right about here. If you can draw, I demand from you fan art!

Let’s move on to the what I’m going to do now. Since I’ve finished volume of of SRKJ, I will now focus on finishing up Bu ni mi’s volume 1. I discarded the idea of side working on SRKJ. Look forward to the next Bu ni mi update this time.

Anyway, that’s it for me this time. Happy reading folks!

P.S. Please try and keep the Selia burns down, and jump to Diadora ship. While at it, consider jumping into That person’s ship as well C: You’ll know what I mean, ahem, soon enough xD

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