Plan for Summer and Asking for Help

I’m sorry for the horrible grammar you’re about to see, don’t butcher me T_T

Hello! I’m back from my reading and watching marathon! I finished 7 LN, 3 manga series, and 5 anime seasons. Did it all in four days. Thank you for all the spamming on Este’s page, if you got lashed back by him, I’m sorry. He got issues so…… Yeah. You can stop or keep it up, Este’s will is that of a rabbit, it’s not hard but it’s fast, before you can bash him, he’ll run away and lash back later. Anyway~ I’m gonna draft out a plan for summer since it just started for me. Let’s get right to it shall we?

First thing first, I’ll take on a second job during the summer so I’ll have less time to do stuff BUT I’ll spend whatever time I have to TL. I’m done messing around since I had my dose of anime, LN, and manga >.> During the time between June – July, I’ll be taking 3 weeks vaca in Vietnam. During this 3 weeks, I will not be TLing anything. Afterward it will be back to 2 jobs and work on TL again. So, here are the outlines for the projects I’m doing.


I’m planning on finished chapter 14 within the next 7 days, give or take. Afterward, I’m thinking of taking a break off of the series and put it on hold. However, depending on how angry you guys feel after reading and wanting for more, I might not take a break and will continue on right away.

Bu ni mi:

While TLCing chapter 3, I got discouraged and not in the mood to finished it. I will though after SRKJ chapter 14 I promise. Then depending on if you guys want me to keep on doing SRKJ or not, I’ll be focusing on Bu ni mi and try to finished Vol. 1 as soon as I can.


Meh, it’s short, if I get the raw then I’ll work on it, if not then I’m hanging. :P

That’s how it’s going to be for the next 3 months until school start again, unless something like this happen….

As some if not most of you have known by now, I prefer to work alone and with the increased in projects + 2nd job, my speed will be down to earth, maybe even drilling into it =.=” Or so you all have been telling me, and nagging me non-stop. Soooooooooooo. I am now asking, if any of you have knowledge of Japanese, it doesn’t matter if it’s N1 or N5 but must have some kind of prior knowledge, and if you are interested in working on SRKJ or Bu ni mi, please feel free to send me an email at I’ll then send you a paragraph in JP for you to tackle and depending on how you do, we may or may not be working together. Note that I’ll pick this paragraph at random and it doesn’t necessarily will be one from the novel itself. I’m not god-like with JP or anything so don’t be discouraged maybe your JP is even better than mine, who knows? :P If I get a helper, then everything will be easier and the rate at which updates will be rolling out might increase to some extent. If you want to be an editor or a proofreader, send me an email too. I can always use a grammar nazi or two.

In 2 weeks time, I’ll update the plan again or maybe even sooner depending on the circumstances. Now, I’m gonna get more sleep. Probably won’t be replying for another 12 hours, maybe even a day. Good night! ~.~ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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33 Responses to Plan for Summer and Asking for Help

  1. Aki says:

    Normally i would be all over this, but i haven’t studied Japanese for awhile, so not only am i rusty, but i wasn’t very good at it to begin with.That’s why i thought i would start translating, and make a blog but it’s a lot harder than i thought.. ><


  2. somedude01 says:

    Yay, the legend continues!


  3. vehnriel says:

    Anime sprees are fun =w=


  4. jorgelotr says:

    I’ll bed an angry posrter for SRKJ, for sure.


  5. cursedreader says:

    who cares
    reasons .
    puro ka drama ambgal aman ng gwa mo!
    ps tang ina mu wlan pinoy d2 hahaha


  6. Haha says:

    Leeching rocks!


  7. MXMach says:

    *insert sarcasm here* *insert nonsensical reasoning* *insert unmotivational speech* *insert raging **** * *insert innuendoes* *insert insertions* *insert uncertainty* *insert other stuff that idk know what else to insert*

    PS:Idk but but be well and HV!


  8. Chii Aeonz Alpha says:

    Im like super angry riht now u better tl now


  9. ressa64 says:

    I can help you, by stalking your site and reading what you translate, I don’t really care for anything else than SRKJ, so…yeah. Of course, if I knew Japanese I would gladly help you since I’m not busy, but I don’t know Japanese so… *Stalker mode ACT*


  10. Vostok says:

    well, keep translating, I read both Bun Ni Mi and SRKJ. Thanks for keep working on translating.


  11. kRaVeN~! says:

    Hey I don’t care about BuNiMi&Unborn, i think you should drop them… hahaha
    Don’t care if you take a vacation but don’t stop translating SRKJ, I command you to continue translating SRKJ!!! (* >:( *)

    Anyway Thanks for your hard work~! I hope you don’t take a break on translating SRKJ~! ^_^


  12. ShieldFumi says:

    Yeah it is really irritating that you’ll only release one chapter of SRKJ before your vacation but thank god you’ll release Bu Ni plus you’ll finish the volume 1. I couldn’t ask for more :)


  13. Untitled says:

    I’m impressive that you manage to do all that in only 4 days.


  14. Kuro says:

    I like SRKJ but I would like if you translate more Bu Ni srsly. We already saw the greatness of SRKJ so maybe its time for you to show us the greatness of Bu Ni. Or maybe you can translate both . Maybe like you translate Bu Ni then after 2-3days you translate SRKJ then Bu Ni then SRKJ and so on.


  15. Chaff says:

    F*** you!


  16. TheFrostDude says:

    In my opinion, we have had a good read of SRKJ of how the story is and how each character is so many it would be better to focused on Bu ni Mi so we can know more about the characters and the story for that novel now. So my vote would be put SRKJ in the back burner for now and work on Bu ni MI until it catches up to SRKJ then see what to do then. :P
    Thanks for all of your hard work and looking forward for more of the awesome novels to read. :D


  17. mimi says:

    SKRJ 14 where are you? T_T😱😱


  18. Dai Le says:

    Trans tiếp SKRJ đeee :(


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