Alright, to be honest, I thought more people wanted WN than LN because of they want more chapters, but it was a little more than that. Both side was very close but ultimately, LN won. Anyhow, since I’ve got someone to helped me out with the text extraction, I’ll be doing the LN version(I didn’t get his alias but I still want to shout him a thank you) Thank you bro! I’ll be closing the poll as soon as this post goes live. Thank you for your inputs. :D

You think I’m done? Naw, I’ve got chapter 0 ready for all of you. It is by far the shortest chapter I’ve ever done, maybe a little too short lol, took me a total of…maybe 2 hours to finished, more or less :P Right, less me typing and shoving words into your brains, and more you reading, enjoy chapter 0 <== Linked.

Did you actually think I was done? Nope. Have the shortest for last :D I’ll be working on Bu ni mi vol.1 and vol.2 after I finished the current arc of Sayonara Ryuusei. Just because I want to kick start this series and give it more love.

That’s all this, the next update will be Sayonara Ryuusei chapter 13. The “final” showdown approaches.


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15 Responses to Updates

  1. lemonade2 says:

    Thank you for your hardwork~


  2. nevaritius says:

    Thanks !


  3. Reyfista Pangestu says:

    Will you redo ch 1 – 2 using LN source?


  4. ant says:

    yay, sayonara dragon life next.


  5. RobotLove says:

    Thank you!


  6. Hajiko says:

    How many chapters will there be after chapter 13 Till the arc end?


  7. Kensei Seraph says:

    Thanks for the hard work and the translation.


  8. kirindas says:

    Thanks for the hard work!


  9. bedadari says:

    Thank you for your work Binhjamin.


  10. RandomLecheer says:

    I think you didnt explain the WN proprely in the post with poll. You didnt mention that WNs are more free,there are things that authors are not allowed to write in the LNs because the companys dont allow the authors to do that but the WN are not restricted but such things,the authors can write anything no matter how violent,immoral or improper it is.
    Thats the biggest advantage of the WNs over the LNs which you didnt mentioned.


  11. Can we update our plan?

    We beat Tensaiz already :D


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