Hourou Yuusha wa Kinka to Odoru – Teaser

Posted a page for a light novel called Hourou Yuusha wa Kinka to Odoru. I found this out just recently, and it seems to be a fun LN xD You can check out the synopsis here. Again, I judge this book by it’s cover :3 Just tell me what do you think about it, I’ll a chapter sometime in the future to see how it is depending on the replies C:


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20 Responses to Hourou Yuusha wa Kinka to Odoru – Teaser

  1. Allyzter says:

    no offence intended in this comment but tbh i dont think this would be a good move…. afterall it seems the speed of chapters being updated is quite slow(?) and adding another LN might be unneeded stress….. my views on this topic are that i REALLY want to read both dragon and buni because they are both amazing stories and i really wish it would be updated faster haha but thanks all the same and goodluck :)

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  2. Berserker says:

    Seens fun.

    I would read that, but actually I read almost anything so that I can procrastinate xD


  3. TooBeefy says:

    Hmm… I say the synopsis is interesting tho the illustration should have been more original… But meh.. its not like it’ll hinder me from reading it


  4. GunSeraph says:

    If it tickles your fancy I’d say you should try to translate a teaser chapter.
    Not only will you learn whether or not you’ll actually like the story but you could also practice Japanese. Judging from the synopsis, this is more of a Robing Hood/Kurosagi type story with a fantasy setting (I’m guessing a shounen version of Spice and Wolf).

    And while I share the same sentiment as Allyzter and eagerly await the next chapters for both Ryuusei and Bu ni MI, I defer this to your judgment. Should you decide to translate this (even if only one chapter a month or quarter year) I’m intrigued by the synopsis alone.

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  5. BakAnon says:

    Hey there! I think it’s the first time I post, nice to meet ya. (What? Get to the point? Alright, alright… I was trying to be friendly here!)

    I also don’t mean any offense but having too many projects would slow you down and maybe even pressure you a bit… Ah, I say that because with each release I always starve more and more and, thought I’m not smashing my f5 button everyday (thanks you gravitation…), I come by everyday to see How Drake and Slava are doing. So please, do not add another addiction to that. It’s killing me.

    Otherwise my honest opinion would be. Do it! There is no such things as too many good stories!!

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    • Binhjamin says:

      Too many project will result in my death xD For the mean time though, I’m working on Sayonara Ryuu, a little more than half finished, hang in there~


      • BakAnon says:

        Hmm. I’m not asking you to die here.

        ….Maybe I do actually… I want you to do more and more and MORE (insert insane voice)

        But if you die, I’ll never get another chapter…. ara? Either way you’ll die and I’ll be screwed, huh…

        More seriously, I think you’re doing an amazing job and I’m grateful you made me discover those WN. I didn’t know about them and I’m really glad I do now. So yeah, take your time, take care of your health, and keep the chapters rolling!

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      • ser says:

        Don’t worry, we can rebuild you! Faster! Smarter! Stronger! WITH THE TYPING POWER OF A THOUSAND MONKEYS!!!


      • Binhjamin says:

        What is this treatment!? I’m not some kid who work at a sweat shop!? xD


      • david5cerda says:

        people are replaceable right?


  6. Whynn says:

    Honestly, all the ones you’ve translated were great imho and it’s amusing to see these post maou heroes deal with the after effects of the fight albeit discretely. It’s your choice, and most of us are happy for your timely releases and will be happy for your future endeavors in tling.

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  7. j says:

    Plz dear binhjamin


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