100 Years Of Martial Arts. WN or LN?

Hello, I just want to make this quick and say that I’ve notice several differences between the Web Novel of Bu ni mi and it’s Light Novel version. I tried to incorporate in some of the light novel’s element into the web novel and it didn’t look like it worked out very well. So now, the point of this post, do you want me to translate from the web novel or the light novel?

Advantages of the WN is that the text already there, I can TL faster and its bad point is that it is sometime confusing to read/TL. The advantages of the LN is that it is more fluid and consistent writing, less confusing I suppose however, I do not have the text extracted out so it will take longer to translate unless I can get someone to help me out using an OCR and making sure that the extracted text are correct, no missed recognized text or anything.

Although I can already guess what the answer is going to be, I’m just going to put a poll here and see what sup. And oh, chapter 3 I did it in WN format, I stopped adding LN aspect after chapter 2. Chapter 0 is still being clean to TL, I really wish I have someone to help with this. C:

Note: I can still TL the LN in the same amount of time as the WN if I have the text.


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56 Responses to 100 Years Of Martial Arts. WN or LN?

  1. fuew12 says:

    if i must chose i might chose LN as for LN same as Revision and have more context (revered to OSO) but in the is up to you to chose between those two


  2. nevaritius says:

    What do you need help with man ?


  3. RobotLove says:

    Even though your translation is slow because of your schedule you never disappoint with the quality. I prefer the light novel for quality since it’s more enjoyable to read. But that’s just one man’s opinion.

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  4. pepperisk says:

    that fifty-fifty after my vote. Frankly whatever you choose, as long as it remains consistent, would be best. That’s my opinion though


  5. Steve says:

    Do you need ALL of the text? Or can you read some without machine trans? Cause I find that the OCR function in Adobe Acrobat + Capture2Text is good enough, software wise, if you can read half the Kanji.


  6. prairieeagle says:

    whichever you can pump out faster please.


  7. kirindas says:

    I vote Web novel. It’s the safer choice I feel. There’s more crackdown on licenses these days. The light novel version of Dungeon ni Machi that was being translated by Solitary Translations received a cease and desist order for translating. Though their case might be slightly different since it was licensed in the United States. It would become a problem for you to take down the translation if Bu ni mi is licensed in the future.

    Web novels have less issues with licenses, so that’s why I vote for it.

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  8. bobertrobert123 says:

    Hmm… seeing how the votes are basically equal, I’m interested in what you thought would win

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  9. arahetta~ says:

    WN is better because there is no fear of it being licensed


  10. lygarx says:

    Web novel is legal and easier. No need for you to buy. Throw in occasional ln images if you can


  11. Vivec says:

    After reading enough translations you naturally begin rearranging words and reading in the meanings of whole sentences and paragraphs anyways. The WN shouldn’t really be THAT much worse than the LN once people reach that level.


  12. fumu says:

    Binhjamin i would prefer it if you would translate the LN because it is more fluid and is the final copy of the author’s work.

    Admittedly the downside is that sometimes author’s are pressured by their publishers to leave some material out.


  13. Isekai says:

    it is dificult to choose, LN is the final version, so it is better(if it wasn’t the editors would lose their jobs), but the WN is the pure work of the author, it might be some times insconsistent but I (just my opnion) THINK it is better because there wasn’t changes made to be sure the work would sell more, that is why I choose WN. Those are just my opnion and thoughts that maybe not true.


  14. contagiocuriositas says:

    I’ll vote for the LN. In most cases it is as Binhjamin said and the WN is but a draft, I couldn’t survive no Albedo in Overlord!!! On the other hand the story can sometimes diverge greatly as in Tate no Yuusha, for the worse that is… So as long as the story stays good and is the same I would prefer the propper seen-through by an editor version which should be a better read.

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  15. lowlaffles258 says:

    Just want to chime in, say that this is a reasonable discussion


  16. I have a question, how different is the LN compared to WN? Is it just more refined? Or will it be radically different like differences between Rise of Shield Hero, where the LN and WN tells things very differently. If its not radically different, I would prefer the LN. If its radically different, I would prefer to read both of them separately though.


    • Binhjamin says:

      There are various differences, I was told that the story telling in the LN is better than the WN, I heaven’t actually sit down and read both and compare them myself yet. However, just skimming through the LN I can already spotted very obvious differences from WN such as the years, the way the chapter is worded and divided, it have a different flow compare to the WN. The overall content doesn’t actually completely different from one another however.


  17. ressa64 says:

    I voted LN, because it seems like it is the so called ‘better’ version, also after I voted it was 288 votes for LN and 288 votes for WN… Wow


  18. Chuck Norris says:

    You should do the LN because it was handled by editors for us to understand the plot better and also LN has illustrations


  19. wic says:

    i say translate whatever you feel comfortable with, its just in general, LN tends to be way more detailed/more plot points, than the WN versions


  20. ahuralove says:

    Its better for you todo the wn on a legal point


  21. fuzor100 says:

    Go for WN. It’s safer and faster. LN should be for people who buy it to support the author. We the leecher better off with WN.


  22. TheKing says:

    That’s why i said the LN we so that we can donate so you can buy the book to support the Author
    Shame on all of the useless leechers!


  23. pain3128 says:

    Id say go with the LN, as good as im sure the WN is the LN is just more refined, also this would probably be something to decide one way or another pretty soon as that way you wont need to change as much if you decide to go LN.


  24. Joww says:

    I think the LN is a good choice, since i have some slight issues with WN
    It’s very raw and sometimes reeks of amateurs work
    But LN Version flow much better, since it’s been through the process of editing


  25. XXX says:

    When will the poll stop?


  26. roxyism follower 1 says:

    wn is okay sir. update more frequent that way. though there’s the disadvantage of having no relevant illustration it will be easier to translate with the text on the wn. just give the juice of ln and whatnot to someone who asking for the difference between them.
    also wn should be already far in the story arc rather than waiting the much more longer release of the ln series


  27. applemania says:

    Please do not mix. I think it is pointless to mix two different stories. Well if you force it, it will become completely different. Therefore i suggest take what ur comfortable with. I am lecher but i prefer one whom finish the job.


  28. Shance says:

    ou make such good work of the translation that it does not seem to have inconsistencies, whatever you want to do, but since(I think) the WN is way further, to do the Ln and change later, or get the ideas from both would be best. Though this comes from a shameless leecher without deeper knowledge so i could be completely wrong.

    simply do whatever you prefer in the end.


  29. Annon says:

    Correct me if i’m wrong (which I really might be) but don’t the LN versions tend to be a more toned down version of the WN? I had it in my head that the author can get away with more stuff in the WN and that the LN is a more refined, through the editor P.G 13 version (depending on the story obviously maybe the author doesn’t want more mature themes in this story). If it happens to be that the Web Novel has more mature content than the LN i’m all for the WN.

    Again I might be 100% wrong on this, and even if I’m right it may not be applicable to the story and or your viewers tastes.


    • Binhjamin says:

      As far as I know, there are no sexual explicit +18 content in here. It might be bloody and has lots of gores but no sex or anything. Although it might be true that LN is the more tamed version :P


  30. lygarx says:

    I thought this poll was for Sayonara. I didn’t read.


  31. GunSeraph says:

    Although it’s late I’d like to throw my two cents in as well:
    Do what you are most comfortable with!

    Personally I’d like the LN as it’s usually been looked over by an editor and improved upon, as mentioned by previous posts.
    What could be interesting:
    A TL Note at the end where you mention differences between the two versions, although you did mention that you haven’t actually read both yet. But I can dream, right?


  32. Asian says:

    You should close this poll LN already wins


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