SRKJ – Chapter 11 Finished

Hi, just wanting to say that chapter 11 have been fully edited on G-Doc and I’ve posted it onto WordPress. Enjoy.


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19 Responses to SRKJ – Chapter 11 Finished

  1. muelproject says:

    okay, thank.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lemonade2 says:

    Thanks for the chapter!!


  3. kirindas says:

    Thanks for the hard work!!


  4. Sumguy says:

    What’s up with the equivalent of keikaku means plan? If you can translate it, don’t leave it in Japanese.


    • bnguyen14 says:

      It sound cuter in Japanese :3 I like cute things.

      Actually, what do you mean? xD

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    • Firo's Ahoge says:

      Who are you to tell him how to translate? If he wants to leave it as keikaku, then let him leave it as keikaku. You sound so demanding.


    • name says:

      It’s probably a nod to the phrase “Just according to Keikaku”. It’s a variation of the “Just according to plan” meme, and came from an episode of DN where the translator left it as the original but put a translator note explaining the word… which is redundant.



      • Firo's Ahoge says:

        I agree it’s redundant and that there are a group of people who get angry about it, but I feel it’s the translators call. The redundancy is to teach a new word, like many of the TL notes have taught me. In order words, I’m happy when I hear an anime character say keikaku, denpa, aneki, or yatsu, and I understand it. There are many words we take for granted like baka, onii-chan, sama, etc., that were all explained in the past with TL notes.


      • bnguyen14 says:

        Seriously, it was my own preference to use Japanese because I thought it was cute/sound better than english version. I went on ahead and tell everyone what it actually means in english thus making 2 versions, choose what you like. I am NOT planning to repeat the same note as I go, what I had already clarified in the chapter(s) b4 will not be clarify again. I couldn’t careless if its a phrase you’ve already known, because there are always someone who do not.

        I-i-it’s not like you all are Japanese speaker or anything, b-baka!

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      • anonymous says:

        how is explaining a word redundant? dont be so trite


  5. guest4321 says:

    Thanks for the chapter!


  6. TheFrostDude says:

    Thanks for the new chapter!


  7. Firo's Ahoge says:

    Thank you binhjamin and editors for this chapter! He’s such an ero dragon.


  8. Falinmer says:

    Thanks for the update of why you’re not translating, I’ve seen some other translators where when they’re slow they’ll just say they’re sick, and it happens too often. For those people I feel either they need to stop translating because it’s bad for their health, or they’re lying. I prefer your honesty and appreciate that you are willing to tell us when you are taking time off.


  9. u dont even have cyborgs or kung foo in ur story u poo lord how da fak r u getting so many followerz


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