SRKJ – Chapter 9

I got lazy typing the full title :3 anyhow, chapter 9 is now completed.

Moving on to chapter 10~


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17 Responses to SRKJ – Chapter 9

  1. adrian says:

    awwww yiiisss thanyou


  2. lemonade says:

    Yayyy thanks~~


  3. runsing says:

    SRKJ, my old elementary school has that exact same abv.
    thank you.. for bringing nostalgia, even if it not by intention :) of course for the chap too.


  4. TheFrostDude says:

    Thanks for chapter 9, no need to feel bad about the slow release. I’m just glad that some people are doing these translations out of their own time and labor so keep up the fantastic work.


  5. kirindas says:

    Thank you!!!!!


  6. arbre says:

    We support you! From far away though. Kinda like Gandalf “watching” over Fredo who’s walking in mordor with a ring.


  7. adrian says:

    Feliz Navidad


  8. freeze says:

    Can we get an update about the progress on chapter 10? not tryng to rush you guys just want to know whats going on if possible


  9. Warshy says:

    Go for a double release on 10 and 11 !


  10. Kanadaj says:

    Oh my god I want moarrrrr *jumps around happily*

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Firo's Ahoge says:

    Can I edit chapter 10 please?! Fumu.


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