Feeling bad.

Hi there, since my editor is on vaca(vacation), he doesn’t feel motivated enough to edit but I’m still offering him a thank you since he’s taking his time on vaca to do it :3 At this rate, I’m not sure when the translated materials will be edit so making assumptions now is difficult. However, since I feel bad about lying to you guys, I’ll post bits of the chapter as soon as they get edit. Hopefully it satisfies your thirst >.>

I’m sorry for deceiving all of you T_T

P.S.~ Spells are now in「…」If it is on its own line, then it is also a character’s dialog. Putting “「…」” is a little odd.


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13 Responses to Feeling bad.

  1. bedadari says:

    Please don’t feel bad about it. I think that both you and your editor deserved some break, even if that will end up late to update your release but i really think its alright.


  2. khan says:

    well you not really lying to us, cause you didt know this will happen before you say it. us lechers are a patient bunch when it came to novel


  3. Warshy says:

    Well, you said “at least a week” so it’s not lying ;)
    Don’t bother releasing it now, release it when you have confidence about it…you can slowly work on the next chapter while we wait, triple release doesn’t seems too bad ;)
    Good luck mate


  4. Haha says:

    People could even read butchered up google translate these days…
    I think you should post the unedited version.. and repost the edited verion after hes back/motivated.
    I think


    • bnguyen14 says:

      I used to do that until my editor said he wanted a more detailed version of the translation and then currently, it is full of notes and suggestions for an easier to swallow line. All in all, it’s a mess right now <.<


  5. fireutsie says:

    Thx for your updates :D
    And no need to feel bad, shit happens. As long as you don’t drop this project everything is allright.


  6. Kamito says:

    Well, from the few WN I read, I know that normally the chapters are short. But Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei has LONG chapters with LONG description (at least in term of WN) so I think 1 week is just about right to do a chapter (when you are human, if you know who I speak about). You add the fact you want to deliver a good work so the chapter need to be edited by an editor, and the releases will be espaced.
    TL;DR: Thanks for the translation !

    And sorry if my english is bad, but know that you have people who read you work in France too !


  7. freeze says:

    Thanks for the update, its easier to wait when you know whats happening. GJ on the translations i marathoned all the chapters a few days ago i cant wait (i can) to read the rest.
    A fan from belgium


  8. fuzor100 says:

    Late update, is better than no update. Please take your time, and thanks for the update. :)


  9. kirindas says:

    Thanks for the status update! Take your time and release a good quality work. It’s better that way!


  10. omgyourmom says:

    Senpai y u heff do dis.


  11. freeze says:

    How do you feel about making a twitter to give us small updates on the project and share stuff?


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